Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 115

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“Would you like to go out for a stroll?” After Ming Huo finished speaking, he saw that Qi Huan had no reaction at all. At this moment Qi Huan was thinking about Mo Ye, so she totally ignored Ming Huo. Qi Huan smirked while thinking of her lover, totally not noticing a “wall” ten centimeters in front of her.

Suddenly raising her head, she saw Ming Huo's face looking down at her in the spring breeze, she couldn't help shivering, and pulled out a stiff smile, “Yes, ol' Respected Immoral?” Weren't Respected Immortals busy all day long? Why was Ming Huo so free to pester her all day?

“I said, I just happened to be free today, I can take you out for a stroll, didn't you say you don't want to stay here all day?” Qi Huan's reactionary mood was still very high, she almost raised a small flag that said “objection; under house arrest”.

In Ming Huo Palace, no matter where she went, Ming Huo's personal guards followed, were they not afraid of Ming Huo getting injured? Seeing that he was so unhappy, why weren't any crazy women dragged him to self-immolation! Qi Huan really felt very embarra.s.sed, some women in the deity world were really that crazy.

And that Dong Yu4, why did she come look for me, why don't she go to Ming Huo, ishh~ Why do a woman want to cause trouble to another woman!

“Can I refuse?” She wanted to attack, she wanted to stay away from Ming Huo, not going out with him alone. What was the difference between that and the phrase a sheep entering the tiger's mouth? She was not a newborn calf, she was afraid of death.

“Of course.” Ming Huo's eyes filled with the light of spring, shining out waves of light, but Qi Huan just didn't want to look at him. He continued, “It's just that, I'm worried that Duan Sui12 Palace might suddenly collapse tomorrow??…”

After hearing Ming Huo's words, Qi Huan suddenly raised her head, with anger and shame in her eyes, how dare he threatened her with this. If it weren't for her ancestor to leave the place for some urgent matters, she would never compromise.

Qi Huan had no choice but to weakly follow Ming Huo. They walked out of Ming Huo Palace in the eyes of several others.

Qi Huan had never heard of any beautiful scenic spots near Ming Huo City because she could only see a prairie fire as long as she walked out of the city's gate. It was said that a monk who did not become immortal would die if he touched that flame. She didn't know if it was true or not, she had never seen anyone leave the city anyway.

“Respected Immortal, you brought me out here to see the fire?” Standing on the city wall, Qi Huan tried to look as far away as possible instead of looking down. Even as a deity, she was still afraid of heights.

Qi Huan wore a deity attire and a clear shirt specially sent to her by Ming Huo. Her blue gleaming tulle was more conspicuous against the red fire. Apart from looking pretty, the only use of this dress was probably to avoid fire. At least, now that Ming Huo walked up to her, she wouldn't want to kick him away.

“Of course not.” Ming Huo chuckled. Before Qi Huan could react, he grabbed her waist and the two fell directly from the city wall. Qi Huan's screams were louder than the previous one. When their feet touched the land, Ming Huo could feel his ears buzzing. As expected, the strength of the female could not be underestimated.

When Qi Huan's feet landed on the ground, she felt that the sky was spinning, and she probably couldn't stand up at all if Ming Huo hadn't grabbed her waist, her legs were soft.

“Respected Immortal, you're having fun?” Qi Huan calmed down after a long time, finally feeling her heartbeat again. She raised her head and stared at the innocent Ming Huo.

“Although the way to get in here is not very good, but… are you not satisfied with the scenery here?”

After Ming Huo said that, Qi Huan realized that after jumping off the city wall, they were not outside Ming Huo City, instead, they came to a valley. The valley was full of birds and flowers, and all kinds of fairy gra.s.s and spirit fruits. All over the place, there were palm-sized jade unicorns amongst the flowers, looking at them curiously.

“Where is this place?” Without the blazing heat of Ming Huo City, everything looked peaceful and natural. This was the most ideal fairyland in Qi Huan's heart. It is a pity that everything she saw after her ascension was very disappointing.

“Tiannan enchantment, the residence of the legendary divine bird Suzaku2.”

“Suzaku lives here?” Qi Huan was stunned for a moment. The Suzaku that Mo Ye said could condense the fire essence? It actually lives here!! But why did Ming Huo bring me here?

As if he could read Qi Huan's thoughts, Ming Huo looked down at her, and asked, “Don't you want to see the legendary Suzaku?”

If it can give me a drop of fire essence, I'm willing to offer it good luck every day. Qi Huan was non-committal, they were already here, how could she refuse? Even if she refused, would Ming Huo send her back? Knowing that it was impossible, what other options did she have then!

She followed Ming Huo through the gra.s.s, bypa.s.sing a stream and then walking and walking and walking…, she felt as if she was walking the Long March. She didn't know how long it had been, but she still hadn't seen the Suzaku at all. Qi Huan glanced at Ming Huo secretly, did he lie to me?

“Why, tired of walking?” Feeling that the steps behind him were getting slower and slower, Ming Huo stopped, turned with a smile and asked Qi Huan.

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Qi Huan didn't like being held by his hands. So after struggling for a long time, Ming Huo had to compromise. He walked in front and Qi Huan followed behind. It was not time yet, so Ming Huo listened to Qi Huan, not wanting to frighten her.

Looking closely at Qi Huan, who was still in a daze, the corners of Suzaku's mouth rose slightly, and she nodded almost invisibly, and soon turned her gaze to Ming Huo, “Not bad. Whatever you like.”

“Your name is Qi Huan, right?” Suzaku walked in front of Qi Huan, and asked. Qi Huan was too surprised to get up. She wanted to get up but was stopped by Suzaku, “It's alright, have a seat.”

“H-H-h.e.l.lo.” Although there was also a bird called Suzaku in her belly, these two were basically two different concepts. The beast in front of her was a real beast. The one in her belly only knew how to sleep and argue with the other three beasts, in addition to eating clouds. It would probably take several thousand years for those four in her belly to be cultivated into actual beasts.

“It is also fate that we met. I have nothing to give you. But I will leave this little thing for you as a souvenir.” Suzaku opened her palm and placed a fiery red thumb-sized bead in Qi Huan's hand.

The bead didn't seem to have any brilliance, but Qi Huan's heartbeat speeded up involuntarily. Recently, she had been pretty lucky. She hadn't looked for it yet, but the fire essence presented itself in front of her.

The little fire bird in her dantian whose hair had not fully grown began to flutter its wings when it saw the fire's essence. It couldn't even fly and yet, it already wanted this precious fire essence. Why were all Qi Huan's friends like this?

Although she really wanted to grab the fire essence,… she shouldn't simply take things from strangers. She didn't want to accidentally fall into a trap, because if that happened, she couldn't cry for help even if she wanted to.

Seeing Qi Huan hesitated, Suzaku glanced at Ming Huo with a smile, took her hand and put the fire essence in her palm, “It's just a little gift, don't think too much.”

You keep saying that, even if I didn't think about it at first, I have to think about it now! Qi Huan yelled in her heart. Gosh, what's this all about? Suzaku, you can be a G.o.ddess for all I care, but do you know how frightening it is to give someone you just met such a valuable thing?

“My mother wants you to keep it, you just keep it.”

Ming Huo's gentle voice sounded in Qi Huan's ear, and Qi Huan turned her head over.

She wanted to say to him, this is your mother and not my mother, but unfortunately, she didn't dare to say it in front of Suzaku.

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