Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 114

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When Qi Huan left with Duan Sui12, they didn't see Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong anywhere. They heard from Shui Ling that something big had happened in the Thunder G.o.d Temple, so they left first, but they left a message for Qi Huan, saying that they would go to Ming Huo City immediately after they handled the matter.

However, Qi Huan felt that Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong seemed to be hiding from her. They just gave an excuse to leave without even seeing her!

No matter what the deal Thunder G.o.d and Ming Huo had made, it had nothing to do with her anyway, as long as she didn't want to, no one had the right to influence her.

On the way to Ming Huo City, Ming Huo was very calm, he did not do anything deviant at all. Only occasionally, when Qi Huan met his eyes, she could see the excessively hot light in his eyes.

Yu Long'er stayed with Qi Huan all the time during their journey, while Ming Yan was very unhappy. Every time he looked at Qi Huan, he looked like he was looking at an enemy. He would also occasionally walk around her, as if he was monitoring her.

Whether it was being asked to by Ming Huo or volunteering, she didn't do anything shameful anyway, so she would just let him watch. She was also unhappy at first but she slowly got used to it.

To build up an entire sect was not an overnight matter. Even if immortals had great powers, it still took some time to build an empire. With Duan Sui's ident.i.ty, the place he lived in must be at least as big as Ming Huo's palace. A palace of that size would take at least a few months to build. Therefore, during this period, Qi Huan had to live in Ming Huo's palace again.

Qi Huan never knew that getting up every morning would also be such a frightening thing. This time she got to choose where to sleep. She had avoided all the rooms with Ming Huo's name on the sign, and finally found a small courtyard in the corner of Ming Huo Palace. However, this didn't stop Ming Huo's persistence to see her. Every morning, she would be woken by him, he would carry a basin of water for her to wash her face. This kind of treatment was giving serious mental pain to Qi Huan.

This morning, Qi Huan slept dimly. Hearing a knock on the door outside, she got out of bed mechanically and put on her clothes. According to her past experience, if she did not move fast, Ming Huo would break into her room. She couldn't say anything because she was sleeping in his palace after all. He even dared to shamelessly say that he was afraid that Qi Huan was kidnapped by some random person, so he barged in to check on her.

In the palace where two great immortals live, who would randomly come in to kidnap people? Is he too bored of living? Besides, she was not rich, it was pointless to kidnap her, even kidnapping Little Fox would make more sense.

“Come in please.” The door was pushed open, but the person who came in today was not Ming Huo, and that person didn't have a washbasin in his hand, so it seemed that he was not here to serve her.

Qi Huan looked strangely at Ming Yan bringing an enchanting woman in a purple dress into her room. Qi Huan neither stood up nor spoke to the two. Since they had come to see her, of course, they should talk first. She didn't know them so she had nothing to say.

“This is my mother.” Ming Yan introduced the woman to Qi Huan calmly.

“Oh, nice to meet you madam.” My goodness, I don't even know your mother, and besides, why did you bring your mother here? I have nothing related to her!

“My mother wants to talk to you.”

“Talk to me? What's the matter?” Qi Huan felt a little bit funny. Was he here to show off his mother? But that woman really didn't look like she could be Ming Huo's wife. Although Ming Huo had many sons, it is a pity that he did not have a wife. Qi Huan accidentally heard this gossip, she did not deliberately inquire about Ming Huo's personal affairs.

“Yan'er, you go out first.” Ming Yan's mother looked like a gentle woman, her voice was soft, and the smile on her face was very infectious, making people feel warm looking at her smile. It's a pity that Qi Huan now did not trust anyone's appearance anymore. Anyone who seemed to be a good person could stab her from the back and watch her die.

The things she had experienced in the Heavenly Devil World had become an indelible shadow for Qi Huan. She didn't believe that the people in the Immortal World would be different from the Heavenly Devil World!

Ming Yan glanced at Qi Huan, walked out reluctantly, and closed the door.

“h.e.l.lo, my name is Dong Yu4. I am a disciple of Dongliu Palace.” Dongliu Palace is Immortal Emperor Zi Xiao's territory. Qi Huan vaguely remembered that Mount Shu seemed to belong to Dongliu Palace. Hmm…does that mean that we are enemies?

“My name is Qi Huan. Please, have a seat.”

The two women sat down, but no one spoke for a while. The atmosphere in the room was awkward. In the end, Dong Yu took the lead to speak, “I heard that Miss Qi Huan, you're Ming… Respected Immortal Ming Huo's guest?” Dong Yu's words made Qi Huan feel even more awkward and speechless. If you want to ask, just ask directly, don't beat around the bust and make everyone panic, how uncomfortable!

“Yes, I'm just staying here temporarily. We will move out when Duan Sui Palace is built.”

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“Actually… this place is also very good. Normally, there are no people coming in and out of Ming Huo Palace, no one will disturb…” Dong Yu smiled, the expression on her face was a bit bitter, not everyone was qualified to live in Ming Huo Palace. When Dong Yu heard that Qi Huan moved in, and that Ming Huo even let her choose her own place to live, in Dong Yu's opinion, this was a great favor.

“Hmm? What did you hear? You heard that there is another woman here, so you come and have a look?” Ming Huo explained for Dong Yu.

“Yes.” Dong Yu looked at Ming Huo's emotionless eyes in horror, her whole body trembling involuntarily. She wouldn't be surprised if Ming Huo killed her now.

“Hey, so lively.” As soon as Qi Huan opened her door, she saw this scene in front of her. She leaned on the door frame and looked at Ming Huo and the two kneeling on the ground with interest.

What the heck are they doing? Some kind of family punishment in front of my room?

Seeing Qi Huan at the door, Ming Huo closed his eyes, and the flames in his eyes returned to its original color. He glanced at Ming Yan, who had been kneeling down beside him, his voice was soft as he ordered, “Yan'er, take your mother down to rest. “

“Yes.” Ming Yan responded as if he had accepted an amnesty order and hurriedly picked up Dong Yu and left Qi Huan's residence.

“You're up so early today, why?” After Ming Yan and Dong Yu left, Ming Huo acted as if nothing had happened, and smiled towards Qi Huan. Qi Huan was amazed by the rapid change of his expression.

Should she feel lucky that Ming Huo never looked at her with that horrible expression?

Although she had a smile on her face, the look he had when he looked at Dong Yu just now made Qi Huan feel frightened. She only felt a chill deep into her bones.

“Aha, I slept too much, I think my bones are getting crisp.” Her stay in Ming Huo Palace was truly an unprecedented depravity. She even slacked a lot in practicing cultivation, even though, in her opinion, it seemed that it didn't matter whether she cultivated or not, because if she wanted to further cultivate The Heaven Pathway, she must have all four elemental essences. She had one now but she didn't know where to look for the other three elemental essences.

Perhaps she could only wait for Mo Ye to come back and ask him, why do I always have to ask others about my practice? Qi Huan twitched her lips. Mo Ye always refused to tell her anything. He must be doing it on purpose!

That man was not only vicious, treacherous and cunning, but also very scheming. He was basically a villain. But thinking of him always made her mood improve a lot. They had parted for several days now, and she had begun to miss him again, even in her dreams, she would dream of him. Gosh, why am I such a sucker in love!

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