Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Kidnapped By A Masked Man

“Great Senior Uncle.” Qi Huan suddenly heard Ling Yun Zi's voice.

“Oh, Yun Zi, weren't you sending off the head of Mount Shu, why are you back already?” Xu Kong Zi turned his head and glanced at the messy Ling Yun Zi, and asked in surprise.

“I found a large number of devil cultivators in the forest hundreds of miles away from Qing Yun Mountain, and the leaders of all sects who came to observe the ceremony are trapped in the forest.”

“Presumptuous, those devil cultivators are really deceiving! Let's go see!” Xu Kong Zi suddenly became angry. Usually he would be the one causing trouble to others, when did it become the other way round!

“Shame… Shameless, he actually left me here alone again…” Qi Huan cried without tears upon hearing the sound of the door being kicked open and then closed again.

It was okay if she was completely unconscious, but now she was like a vegetative person. She could hear others, but she couldn't move. This was basically a torture!

After thinking nonsense for a long time, Qi Huan decided that it would be better to study the cloud in her belly, so that she could protect herself if her body decided to randomly absorb thunder and rain again one day.

Qi Huan looked into her dantian while carefully mobilizing the Taiji pattern in the middle of the dantian. She didn't expect that the Taiji pattern would still be the same as before.

On the other hand, the thunder began to become restless. As the spirit energy from all parts of Qi Huan's body poured into the dantian, the piece of thunder suddenly exploded, and then a series of small purple lightning flashed and poured into Qi Huan's odd meridian and eight channels.

“Oh no, I feel my body…!” Qi Huan suddenly felt that she was a dangerous person. The meridians throughout her body didn't feel any discomfort from the influx of thunder, but the small purple lightning grid had covered all her acupoints.

“Why is it that people's cultivation is safe and stable, but mine have so much trouble?”,thought Qi Huan. Although she didn't know the reason, her cultivation level had jumped directly from the early stage of zhuji to the latter stage of zhuji, but Qi Huan did not feel happy at all.

She didn't want to be special, or different from other cultivators. She had already absorbed a sky thunder to improve her cultivation. She would never do this kind of thing for a second time. Therefore, she insisted of staying indoors on rainy days.

After those thunders scattered all over Qi Huan's body, everything seemed to quieten down. Qi Huan also slowly fell into deep sleep because of excessive spiritual energy consumption.

After a long time, a deafening roar sounded, waking Qi Huan up abruptly. Before she was completely awake, she suddenly felt the whole house shaking.

“Earthquake?” Qi Huan was shocked. Although she was still blurred, she reacted quickly. She threw away the thin quilt and rushed out of the house. In the process of escaping, she hadn't forgotten to take out the flying sword that was used to “protect” the house. It was her property anyway.

When Qi Huan ran out, she began to regret it. There was no safe room outside, it was basically just filled with the ruins of the hilltops. Even though w.a.n.g You Peak only had straw houses that weren't very st.u.r.dy, those houses had endured winds and rains for hundreds of years. How could the houses be knocked down by a mere earthquake?

“Huan Zi, run!”

“Huh?” There was a loud roar in the distance. Before Qi Huan could react, she felt that she swished up to heaven.

“Oh my G.o.d!!” Looking down at the ground, she was swiped further and further away from the ground! Qi Huan was shocked that she didn't bother to look at the person next to her, she just jumped directly into the person's arms.

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“Get down.” A low and extremely magnetic male voice rang in Qi Huan's ears.

“Who says so! Which eye of yours sees that my cultivation level is low!” Although she had only cultivated for less than five months, she had already reached the later stage of zhuji. Even if one had cheated, one couldn't get to her stage as fast as she did. And yet, this man dared to say that her cultivation level was low.

“Both eyes.”

“You are near-sighted…” Qi Huan couldn't see the man's cultivation level anyway, but it was certain that his cultivation level  was so much higher than hers.

“Hey, let me down, OK?” After flying for a long time, Qi Huan felt that she was far away from Qing Yun Mountain, and she couldn't help feeling a little worried. She was afraid that she could not find her way back!

“No.” The man shook his head firmly.

“Hey, hey, n.o.ble hero, I'm just a low-level disciple of Qing Yun Mountain, and I haven't offended you. I haven't even pinched an ant to death. Why are you kidnapping me?” Although Qi Huan had never seen how a devil cultivator looked like, she more or less could make out that he was a devil cultivator. Although this man didn't have any dark devilish energy on his body, just by looking at the blood red mask, she knew that he was not a good person. In addition, she heard what Ling Yun Zi said when she was in a coma, so she guessed that his man was a devil cultivator.

Although there was no balance between good and evil, this kind of concept could only be implemented when Qi Huan had great ability. Now she could pretend to be weak, it wouldn't be a problem, she believed that her shifu and the elderly wouldn't mind.

“Heh.” The man chuckled softly, “Qing Yun Mountain's low-level disciple living on w.a.n.g You Peak? Since when did you guys change your custom?”

What the heck? Are you so free? Why do you study the customs of our cultivation world? Qi Huan secretly stared at the man, and gritted her teeth. In the realm of cultivation, those who can live on the main peak are usually heads of various sects and respectable elders, at the very most, some personal disciples are able to live there as well, such as Qi Huan, herself. It's just that usually the place where the masters live was luxurious, and the place where the apprentice lives is simpler, but Qi Huan and Xu Kong Zi are just the opposite.

It is because the castle that Qi Huan lived in is too exaggerated, so that's why she was noticed immediately when she ran out.

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