Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 112.2

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When Qi Huan returned to Ruo Shui City, the city was silent, and there was no light at first glance, as if it was a dead city. Qi Huan touched the sleeping Little Fox on top of her head, and Little Yin who was posing as a hairpin, and then she sighed silently. It would be a great blessing if she could also fall asleep anywhere like the two of them.

Although she felt bad to disturb other people at this time, he really had no other place to live, and she really couldn't think of a better place to stay than in Shui Mansion.

She walked slowly on the empty streets, the chill wind penetrated her thin clothes, causing her to shiver involuntarily. At this time, she really missed Mo Ye's warm embrace! Ish, you've just walked for less than ten minutes, and you're already missing him, oh girl, you really have no cure, Qi Huan thought with a little annoyance.

When Qi Huan walked to the gate of Shui Mansion, she was surprised to find that the door was actually open, and the person walking towards her was actually Respected Immortal Tian Wu, but he seemed to be much older than when she saw him a few days ago, there was also a lot of silver strands in his black hair.

Of course, Qi Huan also saw her sect's ancestor gloating unabashedly, “Tian Wu, I won't send you anymore, hey, it's good to die early so then you can reincarnate earlier!”

Err… that's really straightforward. Her ancestor was even more vicious than her shifu and elders. Qi Huan wiped her sweat, no wonder Qing Yun Sect had enemies all over the world, whether it was the mortal world or the immortal world.

It was all because of the sect's members' vicious mouths, if even their old ancestors were like this, let alone other disciples.

“Duan Sui12, don't be so proud, I will s.n.a.t.c.h it back one day.” Tian Wu turned his head and stared at Duan Sui viciously, and walked away. He paused when he saw Qi Huan. When he saw the tired fox on Qi Huan's head that was even drooling, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

If it weren't for offending Miss Nine, how could he end up like this. As a result, not only he didn't get anything, even his own ranking as Respected Immortal was also s.n.a.t.c.hed by Duan Sui. No wonder so many immortals in the deity world didn't dare to offend the nine-tailed celestial fox. He was the only foolish one.

“Little Huan Zi, you are back, come in quickly.” Seeing Qi Huan, Duan Sui's face became kinder, and he hurriedly pulled her over, and at the same time kicked the door closed, shutting out Tian Wu's offensive face.

“Did Miss Nine trouble you?” Duan Sui took Qi Huan's hand and scanned her up and down. He checked her and saw that she was looking alright, and her complexion was not bad, so he a.s.sumed that Miss Nine did not harm her.

“No, Miss Nine just wants to entrust her son to me.” Qi Huan explained with a smile, although she had only met with her ancestor a few times, they weren't even quite close, she still felt a deep warmth when she was with elders from her sect. Qing Yun Sect was just like her home, a real home. No matter what she did, right or wrong, in the eyes of these elders, she would always be right.

Unreserved love and unpaid belief, maybe this was what G.o.d gave her as compensation for her 23 years of boring life.

“This fox…?” Although Little Fox had turned all his nine-coloured tails into white, it seemed that because he had been away from Qi Huan for too long, he started snoring when he slept. Hearing the fox's rhythmic snoring, Duan Sui was also attracted by Little Fox which seemed like a decorative item on Qi Huan's head.

“Uh…” Qi Huan nodded awkwardly. This little fella that she raised didn't have the st.u.r.dy temperament of Miss Nine at all, it looked soft and easily bullied.

“Really? He looks like Miss Nine, and he also has nine tails…” Duan Sui stared at it and thought for a really long time before finally coming to this sentence, but this sentence was basically pointless, he might as well not say it, all celestial foxes had nine tails!

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Ancestor, you don't have to be so embarra.s.sing, as long as everyone understands then it's okay. Qi Huan groaned weakly. The reputation of the nine-tailed celestial fox was ruined by the little fox in her hands.

“I want her, I don't need to use force. As long as you promise, you won't block me in the future, then I don't need you to fulfill your promise that year.”

Thunder G.o.d looked at Ming Huo's flame-burning eyes, tapping his fingers on the table rhythmically, but it was difficult for him to calm down.

After a long while, he slowly nodded, “As long as you don't harm her, I will acquiesce.”

“Very well, goodbye.” Ming Huo looked at Thunder G.o.d for a while, then turned and left.

After Ming Huo left, the tumbling heat wave in the palace also gradually subsided. Lei Gong, who had been standing behind, suddenly stepped out. He frowned and his face was full of displeasure, “Brother, you shouldn't agree. He will only bring trouble to Little Huan.”

“I have been looking for the next generation of Thunder G.o.d for hundreds of thousands of years. In any case, I can't let Little Huan leave the Thunder G.o.d Temple. I owe Ming Huo last time, I will have to repay him eventually. Besides, he only needed a promise now.” Thunder G.o.d was also tired. He didn't understand why Ming Huo was so persistent in getting Little Huan alone? There were so many other women in the immortal world who were so much more beautiful than Little Huan. What on earth did he like about Little Huan?

“Hmph, as long as this kid dares to harm Little Huan, I will kill him first.” Lei Gong said with a gloomy face.

Thunder G.o.d shook his head and kept quiet.

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