Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 112.1

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Chapter 112: A Promise (Part 1)

“Madam Nine, what's the matter?” Qi Huan closed the door and asked calmly.

There was a faint sadness on Miss Nine's face under her black veil, she nodded gently, “Yes, I'm leaving, I want to ask you something before I leave.”

Leaving? Qi Huan was stunned for a moment. Why was Miss Nine leaving suddenly? Could it be because of Little Fox…

“I thought, since you have stayed with my son for thousands of years, you will probably not leave him alone so I'll trust my son's body to you.” When Miss Nine was talking, there was a little tear in her eyes. Although she was reluctant, she still put the small body in Qi Huan's hands.

Qi Huan was a little surprised by the sudden change. She took the little fox's body hesitantly, and looked down at the little fox whose breath was steady in her hands. She hesitated for a while. Should I tell her that Little Fox's heavenly soul is back?

After a while, Qi Huan sighed slightly, probably… she already knew it, otherwise she wouldn't give her Little Fox's body.

“I understand, I will take care of him.” No matter what the reason was the conflict between the mother and son, it was their family's affair. What Qi Huan could do was to take care of Little Fox as much as possible.

Miss Nine left. She didn't see Little Fox from beginning to end. When she left, Little Fox buried his face in Little Yin's shoulder, and he didn't speak for a long time.

“Let's go, too.” After Little fox's heavenly soul returned to his body, the body that had retreated back to its initial state gradually emitted nine colours of light, wrapping the little fox's body in it, and slowly, the light was absorbed by the body. His s.h.a.ggy long tail dragged on the ground, and his black hair turned into Qi Huan's favorite white, as he lay lazily in Little Yin's arms.

Habitually wanting to jump back into Qi Huan's arms, Little Fox protruded his front paws and just as he was about to jump, he was quickly grabbed by Little Yin. Little Fox scratched Little Yin's arm with dissatisfaction, leaving four clear blood stains on his arm. Little Yin glanced at him and smiled silently.

Mo Ye leaned on the bedpost, staring thoughtfully at Little Yin and Little Fox.

After Miss Nine left, Qi Huan and the others didn't stay there any longer. She didn't know what rank Tian Wu was amongst the Respected Immortals, and she didn't know who was the strongest, so the most important thing to do now was to ditch the place first.

The immortal world was so big. It was impossible for Qi Huan to pinpoint the location of the Thunder G.o.d Temple.

“I can only send you here, wait for me, I will be back soon.” Standing in front of the teleportation formation, Mo Ye embraced Qi Huan from behind, licking her sensitive earlobe with the tip of his tongue, and spoke vaguely. Qi Huan's jade-like earlobes soon dyed a faint pink color, and her face was also dyed blush.

“Hmph, it's not like I'm keeping you, hurry up and go.” Qi Huan turned her face to the side awkwardly. She really didn't know what this man was thinking, why must he go to the underworld. She really didn't want to separate from him, but he didn't want to take her with him. He said it would be a burden if he did. Although what he said was true, his words hurt her self-esteem. Qi Huan felt very upset thinking about it. Her self-esteem was very strong, okay! 

s.e.xist, hmph!

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“Be good, okay? Stay away from Ming Huo, a'ight?” Mo Ye took a heavy bite on Qi Huan's neck, and before she had time to scream, he stretched out his tongue slowly and l.u.s.tfully, emotionally licking her neck back and forth. He didn't enter Shui Mansion, it didn't mean that he didn't know what happened there. It seemed that Ming Huo was his rival in love! Hmph, well, he would teach him a lesson, he was always cruel to his enemies!

That time, she bit him due to dissatisfaction, she still remembered his silly expression at that time. It really didn't match his image, but it did make him look quite cute.

She had never cared whether he was a deity or a devil, even if he became an immortal ghost now, or that he may become a public enemy of the Six Pathways in the future, Qi Huan only knew one thing: He is her man, and she will use her life to protect him.

Stepping into the teleportation transformation, a blue light flashed, and her figure disappeared into the empty city.

After Qi Huan disappeared for a long time, an exquisite black shadow appeared at the entrance of the teleportation formation where she had stood on, a faint wry smile appeared on the person's stunning face.

“Hmm… so he has really become an immortal ghost… Hmm, I don't know if it's right or wrong… But how far can you two go?” The faint voice came from a black-clothed woman's mouth, but it was quickly lost in the wind.

Glancing at the direction of Ruo Shui City again, Miss Nine raised her hand and hung back the black veil on her face, turning around and disappearing beside the teleportation formation.

These things had nothing to do with her, she just needed to watch her son grow up. What did the Six Pathways have to do with her? Heaven is compa.s.sionate, no one has shown mercy on her anyway.

(TLN: From now onwards, “Six Pathways” will be translated as “Liu Dao”, and the book “Six Pathways of Reincarnation” will be translated as “Reincarnation of Liu Dao”. Sorry for the inconvenience, thanks!)

“Liu Dao! My “The Monster Pathway” has been annihilated, they deserve it, they deserve it! The destruction of Liu Dao…” There was no one around, only this sentence which was filled with resentment, floated in the air, but no one could hear it.

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