Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 111

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Not far from Qi Huan's room, Miss Nine frowned, staring at Qi Huan's house. She always felt that there seemed to be something imperceptible in the house that she created for her, but she just didn't know what it was.

“Maybe it's just my illusion?” Miss Nine looked a little confused, then she shook her head and returned to her room.

During the two days waiting for Little Yin to come, Qi Huan shut herself in her room and studied The Heaven Pathway with Mo Ye. Those weird words in the book were really a legend for a reason because she just couldn't understand them even with Mo Ye teaching her. Although there were dozens of strokes in a single character, Qi Huan still admired the uniqueness of the words because one word could be interpreted into ten words.

“Who invented such confusing words…” Qi Huan lay on her belly shamelessly with her small hands supporting her cheekbones, looking down at the hundreds of weird words Mo Ye had listed for her with definitions.

She had to admit that she had been with Mo Ye for a long time, but she was still very surprised that although he was a devil cultivator, he understood immortal books that had been circulating in the immortal world, how embarra.s.sed she felt as an immortal but couldn't understand immortal books!

“Don't daydream.” Seeing Qi Huan staring blankly into s.p.a.ce again, Mo Ye, who was sitting by the bed, patted her little head.

“It's too hard to remember, it's impossible for me to study this.” Qi Huan rolled over and complained. After she became an immortal, her memory had improved a lot but she just couldn't understand these words. Could it be that she had no talent for this? It had been an hour but she couldn't even remember 5 words.

She kicked the piece of paper to the ground, and lay on the bed, pretending to be dead.

“Sure, if you don't want to learn this, no problem…” Mo Ye's slender fingers rubbed his chin, the corners of his mouth raised, and he looked at Qi Huan with a sly smile, “We can do something else on the bed…” Qi Huan jumped up from the bed upon receiving his blazing hot gaze.

“It's okay, I need to study, I shall study now.” Hearing Mo Ye's threat, Qi Huan rushed down her bed and grabbed the paper. This man was really shameless, but he was also very strong, so she dared not challenge him.

After studying endlessly for two days, Qi Huan could finally understand a part of “The Heaven Pathway”, and at the same time she also understood why Mo Ye gave her the water essence.

“The Earth Pathway” is a foundation, while “The Heaven Pathway” is a complete modification and sublimation. According to the books, the four spirits should be transformed into real living and thinking spirits. Does that mean that she must cultivate four spirits in her body!

Although the four spirits she cultivated with innate spirit objects were similar in appearance to the real four beasts, their strength was worlds apart. Only the four essences refined by the four great beasts could fully strengthen the four spirits. Of course, the risk in it was also quite big. In order to balance the abilities of the four spirits, four elementary essences must be gathered.

This kind of thing, even if she wanted to find it, she may not be able to find it so easily!

Qi Huan was lying in a daze with her legs up against the wall, staring at the water spirit in her hand. If only she could be like others, learn cultivation step by step. Why was her cultivation journey so difficult? She needed this and that. Back then, she was just lazily looking for the thinnest book to practice cultivation. Who knew that after finishing one book after another, she actually had been practicing the Six Pathways Of Reincarnation. Does that mean she has to study all six books?!

So difficult! She felt like a mountain was suddenly pressing down on her body… No, it wasn't a feeling, something heavy was indeed pressing on her body.

She opened her eyes…

A fox was sitting on her belly eating carrots?! “Little, little fox?!” Qi Huan looked surprisingly at the little fox crouching on her stomach, holding a carrot with two small paws and gnawing at it.

“You, you, you're back?!”

“Oh, my body doesn't have that stinky old Tian Wu smell anymore, so I came back.” 

“And you can talk!”

“Why not? We've all soared, and we're in the immortal world now.” 

The little fox stared at the carrot for a long time, “This carrot is so unpalatable.” Then, he threw it away.

A snake that suddenly appeared jumped from the ground, caught it, and snapped off the carrot, swallowing it easily.

Little Yin, who had been missing for a long time, also came back. It seemed that the two had gotten along well. It was really surprising that Little Yin, who loved carrots like they were his life, would actually give his beloved carrot to the little fox. Usually he would still drool at Qi Huan in the middle of the night, wanting more carrots if Qi Huan only gave him one carrot. I wonder if he threatened the little fox like this or not?

“Your heavenly soul left by itself?”

“The stupid snake helped me pull it out. Hey, it looks exactly like my real body, and it's also very convenient.” The heavenly soul of the nine-tailed celestial fox was not much different from its true body. As long as the nine-tailed celestial fox was fully cultivated, its heavenly soul was already pretty stable, much stronger than a normal immortal's soul.

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Heck, he could even eat carrots! And yet, so many people were worried about him, this little fox really had no conscience. If Qi Huan knew that the little fox not only could eat carrots, but also went to Tian Wu's garden and gnawed away all the heavenly plants that had been grown in the garden for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps she would be more than surprised then.

“I went to Hei Xuan City. The beast's shelter was lost already.” Little Yin placed the restless little fox in his arms, sat cross-legged on the ground, and talked to Mo Ye.

“Hmm…Xuan Wu is dead, I'm afraid the others won't live long, it is indeed true that the Six Pathways are going to collapse.” Mo Ye lowered his eyes and whispered to himself.

“I heard that there have been some accidents between the Heavenly Devil World and the Underworld, but it seems that they have been suppressed.”

“Thunder G.o.d should be aware of it soon…” Mo Ye looked down at Qi Huan, should I put Qi Huan back in the Thunder G.o.d Temple? At the beginning, he refused to let Qi Huan go to the Thunder G.o.d Temple, because if Qi Huan cultivated the power of thunder completely, the two of them would become natural enemies and would never be able to approach each other.

But at that time, in order to keep her alive, he could only choose to put her there. He knew that with her ability to control thunder, Thunder G.o.d would definitely not let her leave. And Qi Huan would no doubt become the next Thunder G.o.d after him.

But right now, things seemed to be more serious than he thought. The Six Pathways had actually begun to slowly deteriorate, just like the prophecy. At the latest for 3000 years, as long as all the four sacred beasts die, perhaps that would be the end of the Six Pathways.

Should he face the Six Pathways catastrophe alone, or should he take this woman to fight with him? If he asked her this, she would probably scold him and then lock him up close to her so that he would never leave her side. Qi Huan was afraid of Mo Ye leaving. Although she never said it, Mo Ye could feel it, but then again, wasn't he also like that?

“If one day, I become enemies with the Six Pathways, will you follow me?” Mo Ye hesitated before asking.

Qi Huan was stunned for a moment, and answered simply, “No.”

“Tsk, you're really ruthless.” Mo Ye chuckled lightly.

“If you die, I will make sure the Six Pathways is dead too.” Qi Huan said to Mo Ye. No matter what he had to face, she would not accompany him, because she was just going to be his burden. She would never let Mo Ye die because of her.

“Qi Huan, are you there?” Miss Nine suddenly interrupted the two of them. Little Yin and Little Fox looked at each other, then both looked up at Qi Huan.

“Yes, wait a moment.” Qi Huan pushed Mo Ye's arms away, opened the door and walked out.

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