Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Who Was Knocked Down?

“I would like to hear it.” Mo Ye wasn't any surprised even though he was at a disadvantage, instead he was just smiling dumbly.

“Spill it, where did you go?” Qi Huan glared at him fiercely. You dare to pretend to be stupid with me, I'll let you know how good I am.

“Are you curious?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows, his smiley expression was especially annoying.

“Are you going to tell me or not.” Qi Huan felt that she had the upper hand, but then she also felt as if there was something important that she had forgotten, but she couldn't remember it.

“Um… Sure, I have no problem telling you, but… I'll tell you after a kiss, hehehe.” Mo Ye grinned, his expression was very rascal.

“You will tell me?” Qi Huan made it clear that she didn't believe him. She didn't want to be of a loss if she was taken advantage of but didn't get the answer she wanted.

“Or, I could kiss you. I don't mind suffering a bit.” You see, you see this shameless ghost!

“…Hmm, how about you tell me first?” Qi Huan put her little face in front of Mo Ye, and negotiated in a cute voice. She didn't know why but after Mo Ye returned, she felt that he had a kind of lethargy, something that tickled her heart, making her so curious…

The sheep is in the tiger's mouth.

Mo Ye's blood-red eyes narrowed, and a strange colour flashed in his eyes, “No, I don't believe you will keep your promise.”

He said in a very determined voice, which showed how much he understood her.

“You are too much. I can guarantee in the name of our Qing Yun Sect's ancestor, I absolutely…”

Before Qi Huan finished speaking, Mo Ye blocked her with a single sentence, “Are you sure that you Qing Yun Sect people keep y'all promises?”

…He's right, the Qing Yun Sect taught all sorts of things but they never taught their apprentices to keep their promises…

“Then what do you want!” Qi Huan pursed her lips, she was really dissatisfied now!

“How about… you come closer, bring your ears over and I'll tell you.” Mo Ye's voice became softer and softer. Qi Huan was still thinking whether or not she should believe him at this time, so she didn't pay attention to his weird expression at all. When she was about to go close to his body, she was very horrified to find that the Air Cutting Silk that was wrapped around his body was untied by itself, and it quickly wrapped around her four limbs.

Eeeeeeeeee~ Wuuuuuuuuu… She finally remembered it, wuuuuuu… She finally remembered the important thing that she had forgotten. Mo Ye was the one who taught her how to control the Air Cutting Silk, so this thing was basically under his control!

And yet she was so stupid to use it to deal with Mo Ye, oh~ is there anyone else more foolish than her!

Qi Huan's body was firmly tied to the bed, her four limbs spread out into a “大” shape. She looked at the man looking at her with erratic eyes and was getting closer and closer to her. Her once proudness began to weaken, “I-I-I was just kidding just now… …I have no other intentions~” Gosh, who would believe her! Even she herself didn't believe what nonsense she was babbling now.

“Don't worry, of course I believe whatever you said just now.” Mo Ye's face was less than five centimeters away from Qi Huan, and their breathing sound and heartbeat could be clearly heard in their ears. She thought she had the upper hand; she thought she could knock Mo Ye down this time, but she did not know that she had far underestimated Mo Ye's potential, and facts proved that she was the one knocked down in the end.

“So… how about you let me go, and we'll calmly talk about this?” Qi Huan persuaded with a sweet smile across her face, it's a pity that she was not very accustomed to using her beauty to trick people. However, her sweet smile instantly disappeared when Mo Ye's hand started moving around on her body.

“I think it's easier to communicate this way.” Body language is common in all walks of life. “Look, how well we get along.”

Mo Ye's hand recklessly stroked Qi Huan's snowwhite legs, he could clearly feel her slightly trembling body under his palm. Although she was ready to overthrow him, it didn't mean that she was not afraid! She had lived for so many years, but never had she ever been touched by a man!

“But, but, but I, I, I think… Ahhh, you ****” Mo Ye took a strong bite on her chest, she was in so much pain that she almost shed tears, and her blood oozed from his deep teeth marks. Mo Ye even lowered his head to lick off the blood from the wound, his hot breath huffed onto her chest, making her heartbeat beat uncontrollably. Soon, the blood stopped oozing out from her wound, but the deep teeth mark still remained on her body, as if… it was his special mark on her.

“You are mine.” Mo Ye raised his head. There was nothing else in his eyes except Qi Huan, “You are mine.” He repeated as he pressed his lips on Qi Huan's.

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Suddenly, his head shot up as if he thought of something, then he said very seriously, “No more bites.”

However, he still felt very heartbroken. He had such a coveted food on the table, but he could only smell it and not eat it. Do you know how that feels?!

Mo Ye's words made Qi Huan blink inexplicably, went out to help me? “You went……”

Before Qi Huan could finish her sentence, she suddenly felt some coldness on her chest. That was because… Mo Ye had removed her hands from her chest, and her tight-fitting sheer silk nightgown had somehow turned into pieces of torn cloth…

“You, you, you, you…” Qi Huan was so nervous that she was almost suffocating trying to find her breath.

Wuuuu, it's over, except the last thing, he had basically done everything, wuuuu, he had taken advantage of me, wuuuu…

Mo Ye struggled to force himself not to look down at her, he couldn't take another glance at her, otherwise he would definitely not be able to control himself. Holding Qi Huan tightly, his heavy and somewhat rapid breathing gradually calmed down, and finally… phew, it's over, it's all safe. Qi Huan secretly rejoiced, but at the same time felt a little disappointed, feeling a little regrettable.

Mo Ye snapped his fingers casually, and the Air Cutting Silk that tied her up like a Chinese knot turned into a rectangle cover, covering Qi Huan's fair body. Mo Ye turned over and hugged Qi Huan in his arms, and at the same time, a blue droplet exuding a strong water spirit appeared in his hand.

“This is…” Qi Huan looked at the water droplet in Mo Ye's hand, she couldn't help swallowing her saliva. Just feeling the richness of it, the little blue dragon in her dantian had already begun to move around excitedly.

“Water essence.”

“You went out to get this thing?” Was it so easy to get something this rich? Qi Huan frowned and looked up at Mo Ye, somewhat worried.

“Hey, it's a very cheap deal, that person had to give me something, because in exchange, I have to get something for him and no one except me can get it.” Not everyone could see that old dragon, it was because Mo Ye was a ghost, that was why he could see him.

Presumably, that old dragon had already noticed his ident.i.ty when he appeared, but it's very strange, why did he still willingly give him this thing? Didn't he know to never trust a ghost?

“Then it is mine now.” Qi Huan gladly accepted the water essence.

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