Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 109

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“Uh…erm…” Qi Huan looked at Miss Nine. She didn't know how to address her. She was the little fox's mother after all, so it seemed a little inappropriate to call her Miss Nine.

Seeing Qi Huan's awkwardness, Miss Nine touched her son's black fur, and said, “Call me Madam Nine.”

“Very well, Madam Nine, I have something to do for a while, so I'll go out first.” Qi Huan glanced at Mo Ye's direction and explained to Madam Nine.

“Sure, sure.” Miss Nine didn't ask Qi Huan what she had to do, instead, she just answered casually while watching her little fox.

Outside the cave was a desolate scene. Looking up from a distance, there were only a few yellow dirt bags, and then there was the desolate dry land under her feet. There were no plants or creatures nearby Ruo Shui City. The creatures in the deity world needed water to survive but the water in Ruo Shui City was stagnant water so it could not feed any creatures.

“Spill it, where's the little fox?” Qi Huan cast a blank glance at Mo Ye who came out behind her. Seeing his innocent appearance, she couldn't help clenching her fists, if it wasn't for him…

Mo Ye watched Qi Huan forcefully suppressed the flushed expression on her face full of anger, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help rising into a smile.

“Why do you think I would know? I have been in the underworld all these years.” Mo Ye touched his chin, his eyes became more sly. Ooh, look, she's angry again! He really liked the way Qi Huan looked when she was angry, she looks really…energetic. As long as she was alive, he didn't mind even if she snarled at him every day. The way she looked when he saw her pale face lying silently in his arms that day… 

“Hmph, don't you have supernatural powers!” Qi Huan snorted unhappily. It seemed that since the first day they met, he could always do everything, it really annoyed her that he was so powerful.

“That's true…” Mo Ye readily accepted Qi Huan's compliment, “However, why should I tell you? I demand a fair exchange. If I told you where the little fox's heavenly soul is. What benefit can you give me?” Mo Ye turned his head to the side and looked at Qi Huan with a smile. The light in his eyes made Qi Huan's heartbeat speed up inexplicably.

“Erm…” Qi Huan rolled her eyes and then nodded clearly, “How about I give you my most valuable thing in exchange for the little fox's whereabouts?”

“Most valuable thing?” The smile on Mo Ye's face spread to its widest, “Okay, you said it, the most valuable thing it is!” Mo Ye really didn't know what the thing was, but to his understanding, other women's most valuable thing was usually… He really hoped that Qi Huan had the same thoughts as those women now.

“Of course, so do you agree?” Qi Huan's smile was sly, she would never break her promise, she just didn't know whether Mo Ye would accept it or not.


“Then tell me where the little fox's heavenly soul is?” Qi Huan asked directly since Mo Ye didn't seem to be afraid of her lying.

“With Little Yin. Little Yin will come over in two days.” Mo Ye smiled a little bit evilly. Aha, she is still a bit too innocent. Doesn't this little woman know that she can't just simply make deals with devils? She's cheated!

“Are you telling me that even if I didn't ask you, Little Yin will show up in time?!” Qi Huan asked with gritted teeth.

“Yep, you can say that. I didn't expect you to be so impatient.” Mo Ye shrugged, looking innocent. He did nothing, it was Qi Huan who took the initiative.

“Youuuu…! Fine, you're good.” Mo Ye did nothing, because he had dug the hole long ago, waiting for her to jump in stupidly, but okay, let's see who will suffer by then, hmph!

In order to witness the exchange, Qi Huan temporarily stayed in Miss Nine's cave house. Although this cave house didn't look any special, Miss Nine's cultivation level was incredibly high after all, so she just had to make a small hole to open up an entire city in it, a s.p.a.ce that belonged to her.

So that was what she did for Qi Huan. She specially opened up a s.p.a.ce for her. She even wanted to decorate it more luxuriously, but before she could do anything, Qi Huan took out a bunch of furniture, washbasins, recliners, mirrors, dressing tables, wardrobes, etc, from her storage ring. It was as if she was going to be living here for eight or ten years.

Seeing Miss Nine's astonished face, Qi Huan also looked quite embarra.s.sed, “Aha, it's just a habit, I'm used to moving.”

“Oh…” This habit was really peculiar. Miss Nine couldn't help but look at it a few more times. Those furnitures were not very cheap. That basin was also a rare magical tool in the eyes of ordinary immortals, but it seemed to just be a normal basin to Qi Huan.

One night when Qi Huan woke up in the middle of the night, she opened her sleepy eyes and found that Mo Ye, who she had used as a bolster for herself, had disappeared.

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Recently, Mo Ye seemed to be more and more like a normal person. His ghostly characteristics were slowly fading, especially his body temperature. Nowadays, when she hugged him on a slightly cold night, she would feel as if she was hugging a hot stove. What if one day, everyone, not just her, could see him again?

“Before I die, I hope you will inform the master here to let her move out of Ruo Shui City.” After his death, the stagnant water here would no longer be controlled, and many people would die.

He was old and couldn't figure out whether the person who should protect the people had arrived or not, so the safest way was to let everyone escape first. The four major cities of the immortal world would all become dead cities in three thousand years.

“Very well. Goodbye, Blue Dragon.” A weird light flashed in Mo Ye's blood red eyes. Would he abide by the agreement? Who knows! He was a ghost. It didn't matter to him if everyone in the deity world died. He had always stood in opposition anyway.

When Mo Ye quietly returned to Qi Huan's bedside, she was lying face flat, and her thin blanket was pulled to her chest, undulated with the rhythm of her breathing.

Mo Ye stared at her sleeping face for a long time, and then carefully got under the blanket. When he was about to go to bed, Qi Huan's eyes suddenly opened, and a red cloth, like a flexible snake, wrapped tightly around Mo Ye before he could react.

“Air Cutting Silk?” He lowered his head with difficulty, looking at the red cloth that was wrapped around him, and then he looked over at Qi Huan. How clever, she knows how to use this thing against me.

“I remember you once told me that Air Cutting Silk seems to be able to tie up ghosts…hehehehe.” Qi Huan sat up halfway, with her hands wrapped around her chest, feeling proud of herself. He is finally tied up, hehehe.

“Oh… it really makes sense to say that it comes from doing evil and not living.” For fear that he would have a chance to break free, Qi Huan also tied his neck, fingers, and even his toes firmly.

“Come here.” Qi Huan hooked her fingers, and the Air Cutting Silk dragged Mo Ye to Qi Huan abruptly.

Pushing down Mo Ye, who was unable to move, Qi Huan stood on the side of the bed, holding her blanket, looking at Mo Ye condescendingly, with a treacherous look.

Hmph, you dare to sneak out while I am asleep. Who knows what shameful deeds you've done behind my back, this is totally unforgivable! How can you do bad things without involving me!

“Do you know where you are wrong?” Qi Huan smiled triumphantly and proudly. 

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