Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 108.2

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“Then… Okay, I'll follow you.” Qi Huan saw that Duan Sui and Thunder G.o.d both nodded at her, seeming to have agreed to her. They were relieved knowing that Miss Nine would not harm Qi Huan.

After all, Miss Nine's strength was terrifying. With her, Qi Huan basically had a strong support. Although she had made a promise last time that she would absolutely not make a move on others if they did not do anything to her, even with such a promise, no one dared to make a move on her boldly.

Last time she had the excuse that those three immortals had ruined her house, that was why she killed them. Was this even a valid excuse? Who knows what if an immortal accidentally breathed out a breath on her, and then she used this as an excuse that she was attacked, and killed that immortal? This promise was not so much to restrict Miss Nine, but rather to warn all the immortals to stay away from her.

Before Qi Huan followed Miss Nine, she glanced at Tian Wu, her expression a little disappointed.

Before leaving Ruo Shui City, Qi Huan didn't even have time to look for Mo Ye, but she always felt that she didn't need to look for him, he should find her on his own. That man was already so hard to find before he became a ghost, now that he had truly become a ghost, it was even more difficult to find him. Anyway, he wouldn't leave her, and she was not so clingy that she had to keep him by her side all the time.

“Why, do you think I punished him too lightly?” Miss Nine noticed Qi Huan's expression when they left. The smile on her face could be vaguely seen under her black veil.

“Not really.” Of course, Qi Huan understood Miss Nine's threats, she definitely had her reason for doing things. “I just feel a little disappointed. If I was strong enough before, so many things would not have happened.” It came down to strength in the end. Ever since she soared, except the fact that she could see more high-level deities, what was the difference between the deity world and the mortal world?

When would she truly be free from all this? Qi Huan was a little tired. She never wanted this life, but everything pushed her to where she was now.

If she could, she really wanted to elope with Mo Ye, find a small, secluded place, live her life with him, have two children… Is it possible to have children with a ghost? Qi Huan was a little bit distressed. This issue was very serious, and she decided to discuss it with Mo Ye some other day. Although Mo Ye shamelessly slept with her every night, he had never done anything. To be honest, sometimes when she woke up in the middle of the night and saw that man staring back at her with his eyes open, she really wanted to strip him. (TLN: oh wow.)

“Why are you in a hurry? You have already cultivated three pathways at your current age. I think that in the future, if you want to, you can easily take over the entire immortal world.” Miss Nine's voice suddenly became erratic, like thunderous sounds in Qi Huan's ears.

Qi Huan was stunned. She looked at her dumbly, not knowing how to react.

Miss Nine stopped on her tracks, she did not look at Qi Huan as she spoke to herself, “It is said that an ancient immortal left a book before his extinction. The book is divided into six parts. It is said that the book was later destroyed by the earliest nine respected immortals. But the truth is that although they had the idea to destroy it, they didn't have the strength to do so. The book was divided into six parts and spread to all walks of life. The book is called “Reincarnation of Liu Dao”.” Qi Huan's heart was pounding with excitement upon hearing this. She finally knew what she was cultivating. That name sounds scary, Reincarnation of Liu Dao, who or what is Liu Dao?

But why did Miss Nine say that she had cultivated three pathways? She had only cultivated “The Human Pathway” and “The Earth Pathway”. She still couldn't understand “The Heaven Pathway” so she hadn't started practicing yet.

“The Devil Pathway is not cultivated by you, right? Since ancient times, only The Devil Pathway can restrain The Monster Pathway. Why did you think you can hurt me with your devilish energy? I'm just curious, who poured all his cultivation level that is as powerful as those idiot Respected Immortals on you?” Miss Nine's voice was filled with curiosity, and there was also a hint of inquiry.

“All… Poured all to me?!” Qi Huan's heart jumped suddenly, all? Her lips trembled unconsciously, all? Mo Ye. Besides Mo Ye, who else would give her all their cultivation levels? She didn't know that he had actually given her all his cultivation levels in order for her to survive. If he hadn't become a ghost cultivator, does it mean that he would have died after giving her all his cultivation levels?

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“Of course. And luckily it was a perfect match. If it hadn't been deliberately mobilized, no one would notice. By the way, the devil cultivator who gave you all his cultivation levels, is he still alive?” 

“Are you sure that Tian Wu took away his heavenly soul?” After listening to Miss Nine's explanation of the heavenly soul, Qi Huan asked distressed while touching the little fox's soft fur.

“If he draws out my son's heavenly soul, it will definitely cause chaos. I can't possibly fail to notice it… Wait, wait a minute, is it possible that he took it out himself?” Miss Nine's eyes suddenly became very round at this question. The only way a chaos didn't happen was for the little fox to take out its heavenly soul itself but with her son's current strength, it would be impossible to succeed without external a.s.sistance, so how did her son lose its heavenly soul?

At first, her thoughts were very simple, but later, the more she thought, the more she realized that things were going in a direction that she could not predict.

“Hey, what are you laughing at?” Qi Huan walked to a corner of the cave while Miss Nine was talking to the little fox, kicked Mo Ye, and mouthed her question.

Mo Ye was floating in the air, underneath him was a comfortable and soft recliner, he was definitely enjoying the scene!

“Nope, nothing, it has nothing to do with me.” His smile and his ambiguous eyes were clearly telling Qi Huan, do you want to know? If you want to know then you have to pay a certain price!

This darn pervert! Qi Huan cursed him viciously in her heart.

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