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Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Invitation From Ming Huo

Duan Sui asked Qi Huan a few questions, and then he took her to find his group of unscrupulous disciples and grandchildren, leaving Shui Ling and the other Respected Immortal whom he was playing chess with.

When Duan Sui returned with Qi Huan, Xu Kong Zi was sitting by the pool and fishing. He didn't look over until Duan Sui shouted at him. Qi Huan was completely stunned when she saw him.

Who is this person? I don't even know him…

“Ancestor, you…Qi Huan? Why are you here?” Xu Kong Zi stared at Qi Huan with a look of astonishment. He couldn't find Qi Huan for a long time, who knew, she would come to find him instead.

Qi Huan stared at Xu Kong Zi's face blankly. Why couldn't she believe that this was her shifu? She recalled the old orange-skinned man who had been with her for more than ten years, and then looked at the young man with red lips, white teeth and peach blossoms skin in front of her. It was hard to believe that the two were the same person.

Although Qi Huan knew that after soaring, theoretically, one could become younger. If Xu Kong Zi did not become younger, perhaps Yu Long'er would not fall for him anyway, but this change was too exaggerated!

Qi Huan recalled the time when she saw Xu Kong Zi in the Song family, that time she was still complaining about time traveling because she didn't meet any handsome young man after traveling, and when she actually met a handsome man, the man was a bit old, then she complained that she travelled a little too late.

“Junior brother, junior brother… hey? Huan Zi?” Before Xu Kong Zi and Qi Huan recognized each other, Xu Ling Zi, who was holding a big golden fish that was jumping around in his hands, came over. Seeing Qi Huan, Xu Ling Zi was stunned that he dropped the fish in his arms to the ground.

Xu Ling Zi hadn't changed much, but he had lesser wrinkles on his face now. He still looked like Maitreya Buddha when he smiled, Qi Huan could still recognize his smile.

“Senior Uncle, he is fake right…My shifu… It is absolutely impossible that my shifu will become like this!” After seeing Xu Ling Zi, Qi Huan hurriedly pulled him aside and whispered softly.

Xu Ling Zi was stunned for a moment, then patted Qi Huan's head sympathetically, “He is real, he is indeed your shifu. Truthfully, I also don't want to accept this fact.” Nowadays, when he stood beside his Junior Brother, others even thought he was his son, and it made him very sad because they were obviously only a few years different.

After Xu Ling Zi's enlightenment, Qi Huan finally believed that this handsome man, who looked a little younger than her, was indeed her shifu.

If she had seen Xu Kong Zi's appearance last time, maybe the both of them could have hit it off, even if they didn't fall in love, at least she would have some eye candy during those years in Qing Yun Mountain. 

Xu Kong Zi looked at Qi Huan innocently, blinking at her with watery eyes, “Huan Zi, am I that ugly? Or should I change back to the way I was before?” He touched his face, it felt pretty good. So far, he hadn't been dismissed by anyone, why did his own apprentice look like she was about to cry seeing him?

“Forget it, keep it like this.” Her shifu hadn't found a wife for thousands of years. Qi Huan didn't want him to change back to that old face and scare everyone away. If he really reverted to his old appearance, perhaps he would be single for life.

They sat together and recounted the past. Duan Sui waved to Xu Ling Zi and beckoned, “Ling Zi, this fish…where did you get it?” Duan Sui poked to the dead golden fish on the ground with his finger.

“I caught it from the pond. I had been fishing for a full day, and even used the entire bottle of my high-grade pill.” Xu Ling Zi said with aggrievedness.

As a result, Duan Sui's eyes popped out, he exclaimed, “You idiot, you caught a golden carp from Ruo Shui City, and you still have the face to complain.” This golden carp was the only living thing that could grow in Ruo Shui. Once the carp had cultivated for more than 100,000 years, it could be transformed into a dragon and protect the city with its body. Although it couldn't leave the city, it was a spirit beast with terrifying power. It would not fall under the wind even when dealing with ordinary immortals.

The golden carp looked a little young, and the scales on its body had not yet grown but it was caught by Xu Ling Zi. Fortunately, it had not grown up yet. If Xu Ling Zi unfortunately encountered an adult carp, he had probably become fish food!

Upon listening to his ancestor's serious explanation, Xu Ling Zi kicked the carp into the small lake beside him without hesitation, pretending that nothing happened, and then walked away with his hands behind his back.

Duan Sui turned his head and glanced at the golden carp that had slowly become alive again in the small lake. He glared at it and warned, “If you dare to report this, I'll cook you.” The phrase about juniors following their seniors was indeed true. Duan Sui, such a dignified Respected Immortal, actually threatened a carp whose cultivation level was not even First Heaven. This showed that the Qing Yun Sect's style was handed down from the ancestors.

The little carp stayed for a while, then dived into the water with a swish and never dared to come out again. Duan Sui also happily ran back to find an old friend to play chess.

Qi Huan talked to Xu Kong Zi for most of the day. They chatted about the things that had happened over the years, and Xu Kong Zi couldn't help but sigh that Qi Huan's luck was really good.

Then, he took her to visit some other elders of the sect. By “visiting”, it was basically, Qi Huan greeted them, and then cheated a few valuable welcome gifts from them. Anyway, this was what her shifu had taught her.

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Fortunately, the elders were not stingy. Qi Huan was the only female disciple of the Qing Yun Sect who had ascended to the deity world. Therefore, they were still very generous to her. They stuffed her with all kinds of magical tools and elixirs, accidentally filled up her entire storage ring. Qi Huan's mouth crooked upwards at this sight.

She always felt that something was not the same, without him behind her.

“This way please.” The guard didn't speak much. He just stretched out his hand in an invitation gesture, and waited motionless for Qi Huan to walk on her own.

Qi Huan took a deep breath and comforted herself silently, Don't be afraid. It's just a man. It's not like you've not seen a man before in your life. As long as he was a normal being with two eyes and one nose, nothing will happen to you!

As they approached the palace, Qi Huan felt the moisture on her body immediately evaporated. It seemed that the heat on Ming Huo's body had really risen a lot after they had parted ways for 300 years!

At the beginning, she could use her little fox as an air conditioner but now that the little fox had been kidnapped, she really didn't know how to use the Five Elements Spell to cool herself. What's more, it was probably of little use even if she knew the Five Elements Spell.

Against the scorching heat that enveloped her body, Qi Huan gritted her teeth and approached the closed palace gate. Pushing it open with both hands, a cool wind blew from the hall to Qi Huan's face, making the heat from her body dissipate by half.

After closing the door, Qi Huan looked around and found no one. The hall was a bit dim. Although the seven pearls embedded in the ceiling of the main hall emitted soft light from different angles, they were not as bright as the sun.

There were no extra furnishings in the hall, only layers of white gauze hung down the four walls. There was not even a chair for guests. The only piece of furniture was a table covered with special ice in the middle of the hall. The cold air in the hall seemed to be radiating from the ice table. This kind of special ice was a treasure produced in extremely cold places in the deity world. Normal immortals used this material to refine magical tools. Just a small piece of this ice was able to enhance magical tools by one level. Qi Huan had only seen such things in the Thunder G.o.d Temple.

That's why she could recognize it at a glance. This entire table was made of that special ice!

Qi Huan stared at the table from a distance for a long time, and suddenly found that there seemed to be something on the table.

It was a thin sheet of paper. She walked over curiously, and she was surprised to see a drawing of a woman smiling brightly on the paper. And that woman looked just like her. Qi Huan touched her face, feeling confused.

Is…Is that me?

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