Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 105.2

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Chapter 105: Meet Ancestors (Part 2)

Daring to love him was the fate of a gold medalist! This was how Qi Huan comforted Mo Ye at that time when his mood was low. They would protect each other like precious jewels.

“You are too heavy.” Qi Huan complained, isn't a ghost weightless, why is Mo Ye seemingly becoming more and more human now that even his body was having some temperature.

“I believe that under my pressure, you will move forward courageously.” Mo Ye touched Qi Huan's face with his hand, but he did not intend to let her go.

“You just wait, I will go learn some tricks from a ghost hunter, and then teach you a lesson, I tell you!”

“…Are you sure? You even drew a Dao Qing Xin Talisman wrong… are you really sure?” Mo Ye's sentence was obviously ridiculing Qi Huan which almost made her violently hit him on the spot. Gosh, why did he have to say such a shameful thing! He's really…!! She had obviously burned all the wrong symbols that time. How did this cheeky man know?

She couldn't win him in talking, and she couldn't beat him. Qi Huan walked silently for a long time, and finally pulled Mo Ye's arm that was hanging on her shoulder, and bit down sharply. It was quite a bite, but it didn't cause any bleeding. So it seemed that she was just walking normally, but it still attracted some side glances from others, because no one could see Mo Ye except for Qi Huan herself.

“Little Huan Zi, what's the matter with you?” Seeing Qi Huan's strange movements, Lei Gong looked confused. Why did this girl look so lost after entering the city?

“Ohh, nothing, nothing, I'm good.” Qi Huan smirked.

Lei Gong didn't think much about it. He pulled Qi Huan's arm and walked forward quickly. Qi Huan almost stumbled being dragged by Lei Gong. On the other hand, Lei Gong suddenly felt that Qi Huan's strength had increased because his pull actually didn't bulge her one bit. He even thought she was playing with him deliberately. He tugged hard one more time. Fortunately, Mo Ye reacted quickly and immediately let go of Qi Huan. As a result, he saw Qi Huan's small body flew in a beautiful arc, and smacked directly into Lei Gong.

“Hahaha! You think you're stronger than me!” Lei Gong laughed.

“…” Qi Huan frowned. With gritted teeth, she turned her head and glanced at Mo Ye who was smiling at her in the crowd.

The other immortals had already arrived at Shui Ling's mansion earlier, so the Shui mansion, which had always been quiet, was very lively at this moment.

Naturally, the people who came were not only Respected Immortals, some of them were family representatives that came over after hearing the news. Those who had apprentices brought along their apprentices, and those who had children also brought them along, but only a small minority brought their disciples, grandchildren and so on.

When Thunder G.o.d asked about the Respected Immortal Duan Sui (founder of Qing Yun Sect), Shui Ling just looked at him helplessly. She knew that Qing Yun Sect liked to travel in one big family, but she really didn't understand why they had to bring along their disciples, children, grandchildren and so on altogether.

“Brother Thunder G.o.d, you know the Respected Immortal Duan Sui?” She had never seen Thunder G.o.d interested in any Respected Immortals before, so she couldn't help being a little curious. Although she was very helpless with Duan Sui, she had to say that the apprentices and grandchildren he brought with him were one-to-one in strength and apt.i.tude. The apprentice and the disciple were at least of the Eighth Heavens and the Seventh Heavens cultivation level. One of his three great-grandsons who soared from the mortal world had already reached the Fifth Heavens, and the other two who soared later were also in their Fourth Heavens level.

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Of course, Shui Ling knew that it was possible to have such terrifying strength, but she just didn't expect a sect to have seven or eight immortals of this kind of strength because one would need at least hundreds of thousands of years to cultivate to such levels. Qing Yun Sect was that terrifying.

Their majestic immortal appearance of the two really made Qi Huan proud. Although she could see deities everywhere now, those two were still one of the highest-ranking deities, they were just too different from others. In Qi Huan's heart, deities should have white beards and white hair, standing on cloud with their clothes fluttering.

It was a pity that she only knew Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong, then with her, it was only three of them, which in her opinion, wasn't really the coolness or majestic feeling that she had expected.

“Oh, h.e.l.lo Respected Immortal Shui Ling, what brings you here?” Seeing Shui Ling and Qi Huan, the two old men who were playing chess stood up. Although their appearance was quite old, they were honestly not as old as Shui Ling

“Respected Immortal Duan Sui, this is your disciple from Qing Yun Sect, I brought her here.” Shui Ling smiled and pushed Qi Huan to the old man in the pale blue robe.

“Ah?” Duan Sui was also a little dumbfounded. When did his disciple soar, how come he, as the sect's ancestor, didn't even know it? What were all those kiddos doing down there, ish. “Hey little girl, is that good-for-nothing your shifu?”

“Uh… Xu Kong Zi.” Seeing the unhappy expression on her ancestor's face, Qi Huan answered softly, feeling a bit guilty for betraying her shifu.

“When did he pick you up as his apprentice?” Although he had confirmed that Qi Huan wasn't lying, he still felt a bit strange, because he wasn't clear with her cultivation method. Her method was definitely not following the cla.s.sics that were handed down generations by generations in Qing Yun Sect.

“When my shifu went down the mountain to practice his dujie cultivation, he found me and took me to the mountain gate… and then he soared in less than twenty years.” Qi Huan added, to fully express her dissatisfaction, because she had really never met such an irresponsible shifu!

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