Half-Tried Deity


Chapter 105.1

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Chapter 105: Meet Ancestors (Part 1)

“Are you going to Ruo Shui City?” Although Yu Long'er and Ming Yan were also very surprised, Yu Long'er endured her curiosity while Ming Yan didn't ask rashly because he wasn't close with Qi Huan.

“Yes, my second uncle said he's going to take me to meet our ancestors of the Qing Yun Sect.” Qi Huan smiled and asked, “How about you two? Are you two going there too?”

“My father was promoted to Respected Immortal a hundred years ago, so he is also invited.” Although Ming Yan's tone was very calm, the triumphant expression on his face was so obvious that one might misunderstand that he was the one that was promoted.

“Oh.” Qi Huan nodded to express understanding. If it was three hundred years ago, she would definitely look up to people of Respected Immortal status, but today, three hundred years later, she didn't really care about that status anymore. Her two uncles were both Respected Immortals anway, and one of them was even the First Respected Immortal. However, no matter how she sees it, he looked just like an ordinary person, there was nothing special, not like he was any smarter or what.

“Then I'll go first. I will look for you, Long'er when I reach Ruo Shui City.”

Before Qi Huan finished speaking, Lei Gong came over again, cleared his throat, and said, “Hey you silly girl, if you don't be quick, I'll leave without you. They don't give me spiritual power for nothing.” One needs spiritual power in order to open the teleportation formation. In order to show his ident.i.ty, Lei Gong specially selected a teleportation formation with a very spectacular scenery, so he had to use more spiritual power.

The longer Qi Huan dragged, the more spiritual energy in his body was sucked away. Although he could quickly replenish his body, he was still quite upset!

“Okay, okay, I'm coming~ Tsk, so pushy. Long'er, don't forget to find me.” Qi Huan gave Yu Long'er a sound transmission jade talisman, and then hurriedly ran into the teleportation formation.

She saw countless fireworks lit up in the air, but before she could appreciate it carefully, she was transported to an aqua blue city.

Lei Gong forgot to explain to her. That spectacular fireworks scenery was to show off to others, for others to appreciate it. They had no chance to see it when they entered the transportation formation…

As soon as they walked out of the teleportation formation at Ruo Shui City, Qi Huan saw a woman with an aquamarine veil, walking towards Thunder G.o.d. Her aquamarine skirt followed behind her like layers of waves.

“This dress…it must be very valuable!” Qi Huan commented. Thunder G.o.d, walking at the front, staggered when he heard her comment. Then, he quickened his steps to keep a distance from Qi Huan. He thought she knew how to behave a little at other people's place, guess he had overestimated her.

Although only one person came to meet Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong, only one with a certain status could come forward to welcome Thunder G.o.d himself. And this woman was that person because this woman was the Ruler of Ruo Shui City, Lord Shui Ling.

When Shui Ling walked over, she took a quick glance at Qi Huan, and then quickly shifted her gaze back at Thunder G.o.d.

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“Brother Thunder G.o.d, I thought you wouldn't come.” Shui Ling was very intimate when addressing Thunder G.o.d. Seeing his smile, Qi Huan a.s.sumed that their relationship must be very good.

After a few hundred years, Qi Huan would become the heir of the Thunder G.o.d Temple. When the time came, he would take his wife around the world, and maybe go find some troubles. If he couldn't beat others, then he would bring his old brother to fight together… This was Lei Gong's lofty ambition.

“Second Brother Lei, you're still very young, haha, alright, let's all not stand here and talk, come follow me, we will go back and talk.” Seeing more and more coming around, Shui Ling nodded at those people and then led Thunder G.o.d and the others back.

Because there were always people around, Qi Huan couldn't say anything to Mo Ye on the side. She could only pretend that she didn't see Mo Ye, but Mo Ye was obviously acting cheeky right now.

This guy was being too much now. A ghost could obviously float around, but Mo Ye deliberately lay on Qi Huan's back, making her feel as if she was carrying a mountain on her back as they walked for twenty-five thousand miles.

“Dude, you are too petty.” She had just said that she knew Lord Ming Huo, not like they had done anything together, and yet, he (Mo Ye) dared to “bully” her like this? Qi Huan couldn't help mumble to herself.

“Hey…I'm giving you pressure…so then you can keep moving…” Mo Ye hung on Qi Huan's body and smiled, enjoying the warm fragrance from her body. That time he thought about turning into an Immortal Ghost because he dug out his heart that supported his spiritual strength to let Qi Huan have a drink of his core that he had put painstaking effort from childhood to cultivate, so even if he continued to cultivate as a Devil Cultivator, he would not reach his previous level. Thus, it would be better for him to turn into an Immortal Ghost. And it happened that the secret book that should have been destroyed was in his body when his core “died”. Thinking of his decision now, he suddenly felt that his decision was really very wise, at least now he could follow this woman all the time and righteously-solve her troubles.

The latter sentence was a momentary excitement when Qi Huan knew that Mo Ye's cultivation could be equal to Thunder G.o.d…

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