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Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: Eight Divinatory Trigrams All Over The Place

This time, Qi Huan was going to Ruo Shui City. Although Ruo Shui City was the same as Ming Huo City, one of the four major cities of the Immortal Realm, this city was more than 20 times the size of Ming Huo City, and the city owner was also among the nine Respected Immortals, and the owner was the only female.

When they were still far away from the city, Qi Huan could vaguely feel that the originally quiet deity world was suddenly full of liveliness. Sometimes when resting in the city along the way, Qi Huan could also hear other deities talking about the big event.

She heard that no one was allowed to go to Ruo Shui City without invitation. She guessed that most of the people there should be of the upper statuses of the immortal world, making her wonder if the Respected Tian Wu was there or not. Although she couldn't fight against Respected immortals, Mo Ye could. He just needed to find a corner to make a move on that person, as long as he was not noticed, there should be no problem. Qi Huan had learned this trick from her shifu Xu Kong Zi before he took off, and she was always ready to carry forward the trivial tactics.

Although she could see various immortals rushing to Ruo Shui City from other cities along her journey, no one came forward to greet the Thunder G.o.d. This showed that the people in the Thunder G.o.d Temple were mostly not well-known. If it hadn't been for Mo Ye to tell Qi Huan, she would never have known that those people's cultivation levels were at least at the Immortal Emperor level. Of course, she had discovered one thing. Those immortals with successful cultivation levels were quite careful.

Although they didn't fancy Thunder G.o.d, they didn't have the courage to step forward to provoke him, so Qi Huan, who had the lowest cultivation level, just accepted their side glances. Occasionally, they would provoke Qi Huan because of her low cultivation level. Their cultivation level was high, they could make a move at her from afar, and Qi Huan wouldn't be able to block it with her small body and weak cultivation. As a result, she didn't even need Mo Ye's help because Lei Gong could easily notice that someone else was targeting them, so before the other party could make a move, he had already thrown a dozen thunders without mercy at them, scaring them away from Qi Huan.

Before arriving at Ruo Shui City, Lei Gong had already attacked more than a dozen people. Those people all saw how terrifying Lei Gong's eyes were. Anyway, he didn't care about those people, and those who were scared by him were furious at him but they didn't dare to make a move at him. Qi Huan guessed that Lei Gong's notoriety was already well-known because of this, even Thunder G.o.d couldn't manage him, so he just turned his head away and a.s.sumed that nothing happened. These two were really brothers.

Because this cloud was driven by Thunder G.o.d and Lei Gong themselves, so they were about to reach their destination in no time. They stopped tens of thousands of miles away from Ruo Shui City. To immortals, tens of thousands of miles was a short distance.

At the same time, Qi Huan also discovered that most of the people had stopped around the same place, no one continued rushing forward. To be honest, she didn't know what was special with Ruo Shui City. Last time she went to Ming Huo City, there was a prairie fire outside the city that, according to legend, would never extinguish. Could it be possible that there was Ruo Shui near the Ruo Shui City?

Qi Huan hadn't seen Rhuo Shui before, but she knew it from watching TV. The reason Zhu Bajie could become a Marshal was related to Rhuo Shui. She heard that that day, even the immortal would be drowned in it, and even feathers couldn't float on the surface of the water.

“Second Uncle Lei, why don't we keep moving?” There was a small city at the place where they stopped, but there was nothing there other than the various teleportation formations. Qi Huan was really surprised to see a city full of teleportation formations.

“Ruo Shui City is surrounded by sky and Ruo Shui. Didn't you see that there is not even a bird near this city? Flying won't get you there. You can only teleport into the city from here.” Lei Gong led Qi Huan to a teleportation formation while explaining to her.

“If there is a lot of water in Ruo Shui City, everyone will suffer because of the flood, no?” Since it was so dangerous, why have the meeting there in the first place? It can't be that they have some kind of conspiracy, right? Qi Huan whispered to herself.

“That's not true. Ruo Shui City will not change its location unless Ruo Shui City is gone…” Lei Gong did not explain the specific reason to Qi Huan. There were still many secrets that Qi Huan didn't know in this deity world.

Qi Huan was not too curious though because the more she knew, the more danger she would encounter. The immortals in this world were cold-blooded than those in the mortal world. They were ruthless in their avenues, and they were basically cold-blooded people. Qi Huan didn't want to mix with them.

While looking for the teleportation formation, Qi Huan unexpectedly met an acquaintance, Yu Long'er. They had never seen each other since the last time they were in Ming Huo Palace. If it hadn't been for the fire fox in Yu Longer's arms that caught Qi Huan's attention, she would have basically forgotten this person.

She had a bad memory anyway, and she hadn't seen her for 300 years. It's good that she still remembered her name.

Yu Long'er was not alone though. The person next to her had long eye-catching fiery red hair, but his appearance was not the same as Qi Huan thought. There was a deep scar on his face from his left eye to the corners of his mouth. (TLN: Is this prince zuko from ATLA? lol) Although he didn't look too shabby, they still looked quite scary at first glance. Is this person Ming Yan, the son of True Lord Ming Huo? Qi Huan really wanted to know what had happened in the past three hundred years. What happened that even the appearance of the son of the True Lord Ming Huo was disfigured?

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“Why, do you know him?” Qi Huan's eyes kept looking over at the two that Mo Ye, who was walking behind her, couldn't help asking. An unpredictable smile appeared on his face.

He heard his father say that Qi Huan was thrown by the Respected Immortal Tian Wu to defend the formation, but when True Lord Ming Huo broke into the formation, she was no longer there. Since she didn't return to the Immortal Realm, that meant that she had entered the Killing Divine Sea. Is it possible for an immortal to survive in the KIlling Divine Sea?! Ming Yan still remembered that his father even blamed himself a little when he informed him about Qi Huan.

That was the first time his father had shown so much emotion. He didn't even show such an expression, even when his fiancee was killed by his enemy years ago. He was still so cold back then. This time, Qi Huan hadn't done anything, but he was blaming himself when he couldn't find her?!

Although his father never mentioned Qi Huan since then, Ming Yan knew that he hadn't forgotten this woman whom he only met once, otherwise, why would he order people to station at the Killing Divine Sea for such an almost impossible chance to see her again?

“Is it so surprising that I am alive?” Qi Huan raised her eyebrows. She didn't have a good impression of Ming Yan since day one, but when she saw him this time, it seemed that there had been some changes, even his once frivolous appearance almost no longer existed.

“True Lord told us that you have entered the Killing Divine Sea, he thought you…” Yu Long'er smiled bitterly and shook her head. Because she had a good relationship with Ming Yan, she also heard a little bit about True Lord Ming Huo. In fact, she was quite envious of Qi Huan, if a man would do this for her, she would be willing to die.

Qi Huan felt a bit awkward, her hairs were standing even, looking at them looking at her weirdly.

“I was lucky. I was saved by someone, and then I practiced in the Thunder G.o.d Temple for more than 300 years.” Qi Huan didn't tell them about the Heavenly Devil Realm. It would be better for this kind of thing to be kept in only her heart forever. She didn't want to suddenly become a public enemy of the deity world.

“Little Huan Zi, what are you doing standing there? Come, come.” Lei Gong's loud voice spread throughout the city, and everyone turned their head over to Qi Huan, making her feel so embarra.s.sed, “Second Uncle, wait a minute, I saw some friends.” She waved her hand to Lei Gong.

The onlookers almost popped their eyes out because if Lei Gong was the uncle then, was Qi Huan Thunder G.o.d's daughter? They all knew that Thunder G.o.d hadn't married, how did he suddenly have a daughter? This suspicion immediately raised excitement and gossips in the deity world. One day later, everyone was saying that Thunder G.o.d had some secret relationship with other women.

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