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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: I Am Also Very Confident In Myself

After receiving the signal from his Senior Brother, Ling Yun Zi left his seat calmly and walked towards Qi Huan.

“Tsk tsk, why are you so stupid, you can avoid it by stepping a half step to the right, why did you rush forward? You don't think your body has enough yet, does it?!” Qi Huan, who was watching the compet.i.tion seriously, didn't notice that someone was behind her.

Ling Yun Zi stood quietly behind Qi Huan. After hearing Qi Huan's words, he was a little surprised. He didn't know that his Senior Uncle was so insightful about the compet.i.tion. All her judgement was spot on.

In fact, this was due to Qi Huan's nearly ten-year gaming experience. It was absolutely impossible for her to go up to PK for real, but as a hardcore gamer, Qi Huan was really skillful whether it was in micro-management or PK games. 

“Stupid, stupid! Do you think your flying sword is a decoration? Attack him with it! You are in a compet.i.tion with her, why do you pretend to be a gentleman…” The people on the stage were enthusiastic, while Qi Huan at the bottom of the stage, was also very excited. Ling Yun Zi still stood calmly at the spot, and if anyone turned their eyes over, he would stare back at them.

The disciples of this sect knew that Qi Huan had a high status, so no one dared to cause any troubles with her. Although the disciples from other sects were dissatisfied with Qi Huan's evaluation, due to Ling Yun Zi's powerful aura, no one dared to confront her.

In the end, the Mount Shu disciple lost to the Qing Yun Sect's inner disciple by one move. Hearing the crowd cheers, Qi Huan twitched her lips. If this was in the game, such players would be easily taken down.

The second game was a compet.i.tion between Sanyang Palace disciple and Qing Yun Sect disciple. This time, the candidate from Qing Yun Sect was Ou Yang Lin. Sanyang Palace, on the other hand, sent a “diamond”.

“I heard that Sanyang Palace are Taoist cultivators…I really can't think of what kind of Taoist robe suits this person.” The “diamond” was a dark-faced young man, but his body was a bit too big. Ou Yang Lin was only about 1.6 meters tall, but this man was roughly half a body taller than her. Let's not bother about his strength first, this man was basically a humanoid weapon to be here!

Qi Huan was speechless. It was true that anything was possible in this world. It seemed that besides her, everyone else was not very surprised. It seemed that everyone was quite good at controlling themselves psychologically. No wonder the people in the sect didn't respond to her short hair. Having this thought, Qi Huan touched her bare head, her hair had grown a lot by now, but it was still far from looking elegant, her hair… She had once seduced a handsome man with her long hair!

Qi Huan was still mourning her long hair when Ou Yang Lin had already started attacking that “diamond” brother on stage. Regardless of his size, his movements were still very flexible. Despite this, he was still not Ou Yang Lin's opponent. After all, his strength was one level lower than Ou Yang Lin. If you are not a ghost or a demon, one level is an insurmountable obstacle.

Just when Ou Yang Lin revealed a smug look and was about to give the man a last blow. Her feet were suddenly unstable, and she fell heavily on the trial platform in front of everyone.

The whole trial field was silent at first, then loud laughter burst out immediately. The immortal cultivator fell down during the compet.i.tion, that was so embarra.s.sing!

Watching Ou Yang Lin run out covering her face, a faint red light flew into Qi Huan's sleeves. Ling Yun Zi who had been standing beside Qi Huan, stiffened and looked up at his Senior Brother who was looking at him in the distance. He shook his head helplessly.

The others were far away, so they didn't notice it, but Ling Yun Zi was just beside Qi Huan, and her ability was not very strong yet so he could easily notice Qi Huan's little movements.

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Originally, Qi Huan intended to embarra.s.s Ou Yang Lin even more. But because Ling Yun Zi was here, she changed her mind temporarily. She had never been a useless person, on the contrary, she was absolutely decisive. If anyone offended her, she would show no mercy.

After leaving her house, Ling Yun Zi led Qi Huan directly to a small teleportation formation in the center of w.a.n.g You Peak. There was another teleportation formation between the seven main peaks in Qing Yun Mountain, but Qi Huan's strength was too low to open it. Well, this was her first time experiencing high-technology in the cultivation world for free.

A burst of seven-colored lights flashed, Qi Huan and Ling Yun Zi had appeared at Xi Shen Peak.

This main peak was the only peak in Qing Yun Mountain that housed no one. It had always been regarded as a holy place by the Qing Yun Sect, because at least ten immortals had transitioned here. At the same time, this place had also experienced countless blood baptisms. The process of becoming immortal was by no means as simple as one could imagine. In the Qing Yun Sect, the number of people who failed to transition was more than ten times as to those who were successful.

At this time, the observatory was crowded. Ling Yun Zi brought Qi Huan to the position closest to Xu Kong Zi. On her left were two old folks from Xu Kong Zi's generation who had already transitioned, and on the right was Qi Huan's celestial brother in his deity stage, and a row of Junior Nephews in their yuanying stage behind her.

“Ish, I feel a lot of pressure to be my shifu's only disciple!” Qi Huan sighed.

“Huan Zi, I have confidence in you.” Xu Yang Zi squeezed out a smile on his dry old face, and patted Qi Huan's shoulder.

Qi Huan almost fell to the ground, fortunately, her Senior Brother Hua Xian Zi was quick to react and caught her first.

“I'm very confident about myself, too.” Qi Huan replied shamelessly, stunning Xu Yang Zi instantly.

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