Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1432: A Ball of Storm

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Chapter 1432: A Ball of Storm

There were already way too many ghostly immortals in Astral h.e.l.l. In the past, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord was a well-known presence in Astral h.e.l.l, and there were many who knew him. But among the ghostly lords present, not many knew who he was.

Therefore, declaring his name raised a very lackl.u.s.ter reaction.

"Who is that yakking away!"

"Sick in the head."

"Go away!"

No matter how loud Wu Yu's voice was, it was drowned out by other louder voices.

After all, there were just too many ghostly immortals around.

However, they did not dare to stand where Wu Yu was, because they might be inadvertently hit by the ghostly immortals who were attacking the vortex.

The situation was absolute chaos, and some immediately turned their attacks on Wu Yu, annoyed with the nuisance. Everything was possible.

Wu Yu laughed coldly, and pulled out the Lasting Blood Banner, waving it like a flag in striking fas.h.i.+on. With an even louder voice, he boomed: "Father, it's me, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord! I'm not dead! Let me in quick!"

And then he shouted: "I am the son of the Chakravarti Ghostly King!"

Many people took note of this now.

The Lasting Blood Banner and White-Eyed Ghostly Lord's countenance indeed jolted many to Wu Yu's ident.i.ty. Although no one really paid attention, but they had heard that White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had been killed by immortal lords, and his body not found.

Many ghostly immortals had even clapped at the report.

"He says he's the son of the Astral h.e.l.l master!"

"Doesn't that mean that we can threaten the Astral h.e.l.l master if we catch him?!"

"Catch him!"

Wu Yu's appearance had only stirred the confusion up even more. All the immortals near Wu Yu immediately reacted. Those further away saw the commotion, but did not know what was happening.

Within the huge vortex, they could clearly see what was going on outside.

Something was happening, and things were confusing. That much was clear.

Tens of thousands of ghostly lords near Wu Yu had given up on attacking the immortal design. They turned to capture him. He did not believe that the Chakravarti Ghostly King would not have spotted this.

After all, White-Eyed Ghostly Lord was the son he thought dead, back among the living. It must shock him.

Against these tens of thousands of ghostly immortals, Wu Yu was not even close to being tested. He could slip into their ranks at any time, becoming one of them, and could also use Fulgurating Shadows. Even if there were many people, he did not even break a sweat.

"The son of the Astral h.e.l.l master!"

"Catch him!"

There were indeed very many ghostly immortals outside taking up the call. Because now everyone knew what was going on.

The more curious they got, the more people started to shout "Astral h.e.l.l master's son". As everyone started shouting it, those within the vortex could hear those words appear every once in a while.

Wu Yu had already expected that the Chakravarti Ghostly King would pop into view before long.

Of course, as he expected, within 30 breaths' of time, a gash suddenly opened in the vortex, and out rushed a person towards Wu Yu.

"Chakravarti Ghostly King is here!" Many people cried! To them, this was their chance at the prize!

Within the immortal design, Chakravarti Ghostly King was a key person. If they could capture him, then they stood a better chance.

After all, their wild attacks were leading them nowhere.

Even if they succeeded, they would take a very long time.

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The swarms of ghostly lords tried to capture the h.e.l.l master!

Suddenly there was a light in front. Wu Yu burst through the last layer of vortexes, and appeared on a sealed star.

He ignored everyone there. He only had eyes for the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere epochal immortal design.

Wu Yu immediately felt the strong winds upon his arrival, and this was the outermost area as well. The strong winds had already formed a dense gust of silver blades that howled and tore into all in their way.

Just like the Prismatic Thunderball, the closer one was to the Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, the more numerous the silver windblades were. And in the center of the star, there was a sphere, surrounded by billions of the silver windblades. They did not look like they were moving very quickly, but a closer look revealed that they were actually flying so quickly they formed an illusion. But no two windblades ever collided. This was testament of how complicated the epochal immortal design was. Every silver blade's trajectory had been designed.

A silver sphere, bristling with blades, howled in the middle, while wind and silver blades whirled around it. It was like being on a mountain of knives. To be able to stand where Wu Yu was was already an indication of his strength.

Lingering closer to the Prismatic Thunderball would be a different experience.

The lightning had been rough and scorching, whereas this wind was keen and incisive. A moment's carelessness, and your skin would be split, your flesh sliced.

Of course, seeing this Maelstrom Silver Dagger Sphere, Wu Yu was sure that there was a similar object within.

He was not worried. He had already entered smooth, and next he would deal with these people, securing his right to be here. This way, he would have a chance. That was the difference between him and Gu Huo Immortal Lord or Mo Yuji. The two of them could not possibly do what Wu Yu had - to stand openly before so many ghostly kings and h.e.l.l masters.

By Chakravarti Ghostly King's side were his familiar retinue. They were all loyal and trusted followers, and then there was one other special person. Of course it was Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord. After many years apart, she had grown even s.e.xier and alluring. But in sharp contrast to her enchanting body was her sour face. Wu Yu knew how much she had hated White-Eyed Ghostly Lord, who was her greatest rival. Back then when White-Eyed Ghostly Lord had gone missing and died, she had celebrated for a long time, despite losing the Prismatic Thunderball.

However, Wu Yu was standing well and alive before her now, and looking just like before, arriving in a heap of trouble. Naturally she was full of suspicion and spite. She blurted out: "Weren't you dead? Why hasn't your spirit dissipated yet? Don't you know how much trouble you've created for father?"

She immediately started grilling him when she entered.

Besides the Astral h.e.l.l members, there were also other elite beings around. Wu Yu looked around and knew that the strongest of Astral h.e.l.l were all gathered here. Chakravarti Ghostly King probably wanted to save face before all these people, and so bid Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord be quiet.

"Yes father." Amethyst-Eyed Ghostly Lord immediately responded. As angry as she was, she could not say it now. After all, their father did not wish for the sibling quarrel to be exposed. There were many outsiders here, and she was content that she was the one their father truly favored.

"Congratulations to the Astral h.e.l.l master. Your beloved son is returned." Others began to offer their congratulations. Of course, their register was rather reserved. After all, they were all competing against each other now.

Chakravarti Ghostly King stood before Wu Yu, sizing him up with a cold eye.

Could it be that he suspected Wu Yu's ident.i.ty?

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