Heaven's Devourer

Chapter 1344: Blue Sea of Fire

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At that moment, the star was still very far away, but they could see a sea of blue fire in the center of it. It was a crystal-like sea of fire that tumbled and roiled. And above this sea of fire, there were many immortal lords locked in battle!

The star was all barren and stark, full of nothing but rock. It was impossible that such a brilliant sea of fire would be there. A Mark of an Immortal King must have triggered such a change!

And looking at the commotion at the sea of fire, it was likely that the grade of the Mark of an Immortal King was fairly high! This was also why they realized that it was uncommonly crowded with fighters and searchers as they neared!

The blue star did not have a sea of fire at first; some searcher must have triggered a mechanism that caused it to appear. If the sea of fire was still burning and people were still fighting, it suggested that the Mark of an Immortal King was still there and not yet spirited away.

This was their second chance so far!


The Ancient Ink Camp sped forward.

There were a full hundred immortal lords here. It could attract many people, firstly because the commotion was extremely flashy, and secondly because the sea of fire might have appeared a few days ago already.

Amongst the 100 immortal lords, there were many experts, and 7-realm immortal lords like Xu Zidong could only be considered mid-tier here. There were quite a few 8-realm immortal lords, and even some 9-realm immortal lords. There were a lot of people fighting above the sea of fire, which suggested that there were even more people searching for the Mark of an Immortal King within the sea of fire.

Seeing the situation, Xu Zidong immediately said, "This Mark of an Immortal King must be of a fairly high grade. Everyone, do not risk your lives. If the situation seems dire, immediately withdraw. Given our strength, even if we get this Mark of an Immortal King, it is likely that we will not be able to hold on to it."

"That's right. Take it as partic.i.p.ation points. We're here to gamble. If it really lands in our hands, flee as fast as we can. After all, Wu Yu's escape technique is fairly incredible. If we can get this Mark of an Immortal King, we can hide for the next 100 years and it will still be worth it." Qing Yuli laughed.

They were rather relaxed this time, because the sheer scale of the fight had attracted many experts. They felt that their chances were slim. Although they would fight for it, the highest priority was to protect their lives. They would definitely not engage in a fight to the death here.

Wu Yu thought it over. "I can cover my tracks during movement and dedicate all my efforts to contesting it. After all, no one recognizes me either, so I think I will split from you for now. So that if I succeed, others will not eye you all."

They were naturally envious of Wu Yu's size-changing and escaping mystiques. They also believed in them. Actually, Xu Zidong knew that even without them, Wu Yu could roam the Endless River of Stars freely.

Therefore, he nodded. "Sure. Go do you. But stay safe."

They had already arrived in the sky above the sea of fire. Actually, the number of battles was considered few, and everyone plunged into the sea of fire to search. It was only a few factions who wished to shoo away those who were just arriving.

This blue fire was like some sort of immortal kernel. It was full of energy, and other immortal lords would definitely have to use their autonomous realm power to protect themselves. Surprisingly, it was Wu Yu's body who could slip in with ease.

"You lot! Scram! Don't come here!" As the Ancient Ink Camp neared, they saw a bald and big-chested 8-realm immortal lord appear near them, threatening Xu Zidong and the others.

Wu Yu had already vanished from their side.

"And if we come here?" Xu Zidong said.

"Then you will all die! This is the place we found! You think your measly strength gives you a shot? Such a high tier Mark of an Immortal King... you couldn't protect it even if you got it. I will give you three breaths of time. If you don't leave, I'm going to start killing!"

He also had a few searchers with him, who were clearly his allies. He was warning them now. If he actually started fighting, it was likely that at least a few of the Ancient Ink Camp members would die.

"We will go."

Xu Zidong was frustrated and could only retreat. It seemed like this Mark of an Immortal King was not theirs to claim. There were a few factions searching here, but only because they were fairly equal in strength and had reached a balance. Those who were too weak were not even qualified to join the contest.

Of course, at this time, Wu Yu had already shrunk himself to the smallest size with the Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth and thrown himself into the sea of fire! He had no autonomous realm power about him and therefore was completely stealthy. No one even noticed him.

But this sea of fire was too big. Searching for a Mark of an Immortal King, and a high-grade one at that, would definitely be something special. How difficult would it be?

There were no Endless Immortal Soldiers here. They might have already been defeated.

Xu Zidong and the others could only watch from afar.

"Can Wu Yu succeed?" Yang Wenlan asked.

"How could he?" Ye Yi shook his head. "I reckon there are at least 10 9-realm immortal lords inside, and more will definitely come."

"This sea of fire is too vast. With such a fire burning, his clones cannot be deployed. Therefore, the chances are close to none. But there is no fear for his life. He can escape pretty quickly," Xu Zidong said.

It was not that they did not believe in Wu Yu, but that they believed in the difficulty of the situation. Wu Yu had run circles inside for half a day but still did not find the Mark of an Immortal King. What he did find, however, was the bodies of two freshly killed immortal lords. These two bodies were 7-realm immortal lords, a man and a woman, and they looked freshly killed. Clearly, those below 8-realm immortal lord level were not even qualified to fight here.

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They were already dead and their immortal spirits had dissipated. Wu Yu had not devoured for some time now. Just by himself, he would not have been able to defeat this level of immortal lord.

Therefore, no matter how unsatisfied or angry they were, many still rose from the sea of fire at this time, choosing their lives. Even the baldie from before hung his head and left the sea of fire quietly with his allies.

"Those that report the ident.i.ty of any who have yet to quit the sea of fire will be rewarded!" At this time, Wu Yu heard a familiar voice. He felt that he was dreaming. Wasn't that Nangong Wei's voice....

He looked towards the heart of the eternal phoenix contingent. He saw that there was a small-sized eternal phoenix who had the most regal bearing in the group. Even her phoenix form looked exactly like Nangong Wei's. Every last feather was the same as what Wu Yu recalled, only she was completely different in terms of quality.

Who was she?

10 breaths of time were up.

She said indifferently, "This is your chance. Go. Any who have yet to leave, cut them down immediately."

About half of the eternal phoenixes immediately dived into the sea of fire. There were indeed some who had been unwilling to leave. They were doomed.

"Well then, Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord, we will be leaving first," someone said.

The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord shook her head. "Before I get the Mark of an Immortal King, no one is allowed to leave. Who knows if you have already gotten the Mark of an Immortal King."

Her eyes swept past all of them, including the Ancient Ink Camp.

And then the remaining eternal phoenixes flew up, surrounding them.

Xu Zidong said, "No worries. We don't even have a Mark of an Immortal King, and we did not even go in. It's fine even if she searches." He was a little cowed by the eternal phoenix tribe, and the only thing on his mind was getting away.

The eternal phoenix tribe had everything under their control, and the others were removed from the contest for the Mark of an Immortal King.

They were bullies, but no one dared to protest.

"Anyone who gets the Mark of an Immortal King, hand it over immediately, or there will be killing." The Dancing Flame Phoenix Lord again swept her gaze across them.

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