Great Demon King

Ni Cang Tian - 逆蒼天

Chapter 882: Coincidence?

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GDK 882: Coincidence?Even though the members of the House of Han had all evacuated the Han Residence, the demonic formations surrounding the Residence remained operational. Every once in a while, dying shrieks of agony and helplessness would play from the demonic formations.

Larikson and Hofs were both trapped in a formation that attacked them psychologically. When their worst fears struck their minds, they would have to use every bit of their willpower to resist. In such a situation where their divine souls were under constant attack, Larikson and Hofs had no extra time to even find out what was happening to their underlings. They put all their focus on resisting their worst nightmares.

Having reached the late-stage highG.o.d realm in their cultivations, both Hofs and Larikson had minds much more tenacious than that of an average G.o.d. They had been able to resist the onslaught of their worst nightmares, albeit barely. Meanwhile, those midG.o.ds around them with weak minds were driven to insanity. They were unable to resist the psychological attacks and ended up killing themselves.

Time flew. A few days pa.s.sed without a moment's notice. The yuan energies in the Han Residence were nearing exhaustion and the demonic formations weakened before shutting down one after another. A number of fatigued Hushveil City divine guards re-emerged from the formations. They were just inches from death but survived by mere luck.

Gradually, the yuan energies were completely exhausted. The power source for those demonic formations around the Han Residence was finally all used up.

The thick mist that shrouded the Han Residence had vanished long before that. Every region and structure in the Han Residence was laid bare under the bright sun.

Those buildings were surrounded by towering stelae and plants which were covered with people who had died under horrifying circ.u.mstances. They were Hofs' divine guards from Hushveil City. Some were without limbs or heads, or were deformed or twisted beyond their natural range of motion. Some bled from every orifice and their bodies looked as though they had been freeze-dried.

There were a thousand Hushveil City divine guards that came to a.s.sault Fort Lasberg but by now, less than three hundred were left. Moreover, those three hundred who luckily survived were all tired and drained of energy.

Hofs took a moment to process the scene of utter devastation around him. A mixed feeling of sadness and rage swelled from his heart. This was definitely not the outcome that Hofs desired. Feeling completely lost and helpless, his mind was vacant and he did not think of pursuing his targets.

Those divine guards from Hushveil City who were incredibly lucky to survive seemed as though they were bordering on insanity. Their eyes were hollow with fear and horror. At the moment, they were all huddled closely together and trying their best to recover some divine energy.

Larikson was very astonished. He did not expect that those bizarre energies would kill so many of Hofs' men. However, Larikson did not feel the least bit of sadness because none of his highG.o.ds had been killed.

“Kinu, go with your men and search around. See if those from the House of Han are still inside,” Larikson kept silent for a moment before he commanded in a cold voice while winking at Kinu.

Kinu had served Larikson for a long time and could decipher Larikson's actual instruction. He nodded knowingly and immediately began executing the command. They started flying towards the tall and large buildings and began a thorough search.

With the strength that Larikon possessed, after the demonic formations stopped functioning, he could instantly sense that there was no one in the Han Residence except themselves. His real goal wasn't to look for any remaining members of the Han Family but for any remaining treasures.

Hofs, still drowning in grief and pain, came to his senses upon hearing Larikson's command to his underlings. He knew what Larikson was up to. Suppressing the anger in his heart, he shouted, “Search the Residence! Kill anyone you see and bring everything valuable back here!”

Those exhausted Hushveil City divine guards immediately got up to execute Hofs' command with frowns. They flew all around the Han Residence at high speed like a swarm of bees around their nest.

Ten minutes later, Kinu and those Hushveil City divine guards returned with disheartened faces. It was obvious that they had come back empty-handed.

“My Lord, not a single person, energy crystal, nor black crystal coin was left. Those d.a.m.n members of the Han Family took everything with them!” reported Kinu upon returning to Larikson.

Phoebe and the others had started moving their a.s.sets since receiving intel that Larikson and Hofs were going to attack them. It was obvious that they wouldn't leave the two with a single valuable item. By now, the only valuable item left in the Han Residence was the demonic formation that had run out of energy. Unfortunately for Larikson and Hofs, they did not know how to utilize demonic formations. Even if they relocated everything in the Han Residence, they would never be able to use it as a defense.

One man's treasure could be another man's trash. To Han Shuo, Sanguis, and Bollands, who were well-versed in demonic arts, the materials in those demonic formations were very useful. But to Hofs and Larikson, those items were completely useless.

“They couldn't have gone far. Hmph, I'm sure that Wallace must have deployed his forces as well. Those f.u.c.kers won't be able to leave the City of Shadows that easily!” Larikson coldly groaned and continued, “They must be running for the Death Dominion. After them!”

With so many of his troops now dead, giving up was no longer an option for Hofs. Even if not for himself, he had to murder every last one of the House of Han as justification for the remainder of his divine guards. Besides, those of the House of Han could be escaping with a mountain of black crystal coins. Hofs would never let Larikson enjoy the wealth alone.

Although many of his troops had perished, Hofs was still confident that he could defeat the House of Han. There were still many highG.o.ds on his team while there wasn't a single highG.o.d expert in the House of Han. Hofs was certain that if he could force the House of Han to fight square on, he could claim victory with just those few highG.o.d in his team.

“Pursue them!” Hofs commanded his troops. The attackers who had suffered great losses in Fort Lasberg went on another march, rus.h.i.+ng in the direction of the Death Dominion.

*** Inside a bottomless valley a great distance from Fort Lasberg, Ralph was wearing a dark face as he waited for the latest scouting information.

A shadow shot across the sky before it stopped in front of Ralph. He knelt on one knee and respectfully reported, “My Lord, I have received intel. Those of the House of Han are indeed heading for us!”

Ralph was elated. He put on a cold grin and said, “Excellent. Our waiting here has not been in vain.” After taking a short pause, Larikson asked, “Right, what's the situation like over in Fort Lasberg? With Larikson and Hofs attacking the Fort, even if the Han Family has managed to escape, they should have suffered great casualties, right?”

The man shook his head and replied, “We do not know the exact situation in Fort Lasberg. Before Larikson and Hofs came, all the civilians were forced to leave the Fort. We have tried inserting some scouts but they could not enter the Fort. They only heard the tremendous rumbles from those energy crystal cannons.”

“Hehe, that is wonderful. The House of Han seems to have gone all out to resist!” Ralph put on an evil grin and continued, “But against a thousand Hushveil City divine guards and a large number of highG.o.ds, even if the House of Han wasn't exterminated, I reckon there would only be a few who have managed to escape!”

“Your Lords.h.i.+p is indeed the wisest. I believe that those riches the House of Han has gathered all these years must be on those escaping few!” flattered the divine guard.

“It is the City Lord who is wise!” Ralph praised Wallace respectfully before he instructed in a cold, evil voice, “Get ready, block in the path of their airs.h.i.+p, intercept them, exterminate the remainder of them! Hehe, we are going to s.h.i.+ft all the blame onto Hofs and Larikson. By then, even if Bryan returns, he will only go after the two while we will stay clean!”

Larikson understood that his troops were still shocked by Han Shuo from the last compet.i.tion between the Seven Divine Guard Corps. Even though Han Shuo had disappeared for a few years, they were still afraid of Han Shuo. Ralph had said so to puff up his divine guards' confidence so that they wouldn't be constantly worrying about the consequences when butchering the members of the House of Han.

And it seemed that Ralph's method was very effective. His divine guards seemed energized and motivated after hearing that they wouldn't have to suffer any consequences or worry about Han Shuo seeking them for revenge.

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*** While Ralph and his divine guards were getting into position for an ambush, Phoebe and the others on the airs.h.i.+p were on high alert, constantly monitoring their environment as they travelled. While leaving the City of Shadows, they tried their best to avoid the civilians and other beings. They were worried about running into bandits.

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