Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Xiao Xiao Mutong - 小小牧童

Chapter 605 - Wu Jiang

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Chapter 605: Wu Jiang

Hundreds of people suddenly surrounded the Baicaotang. The shopkeeper in the medical hall was so scared that he ran out in a hurry. When he saw Hu Feng’s, he immediately recognized him. He and a little girl came to the shop before.

“This, young man, are you going to buy medicine?”

Hu Feng said: “I heard that the two captured villagers who had escaped came back and are being treated here. Is that true?”

The shopkeeper busily nodded his head: “They are here, they are being treated, shall I call them for you?”

Hu Feng waved his hand, “No, I’ll go by myself.”

Everyone waited outside, only Hu Feng and Zhou Gang went in.

Doctor Song was giving a man medicine. The man’s leg was badly injured, and it seems that it was bitten by a fierce beast.

Hu Feng recognized the man, it was Wu Jiang in Huangtuo Village.

The other one was Wu Jiang’s wife. They originally had a child, but he didn’t saw the child. He’s afraid that it has been killed.

When Wu Jiang saw Hu Feng, Wu Jiang became excited: “Hu Feng, are you Hu Feng?”

Hu Feng nodded his head: “I am, where is my father? Where is Bai Zhi?” He asked.

Wu Jiang busily replied: “After we killed all those heartless beast, we fled to return to the village, but we got lost in the forest. We walked several days before we got off there. At that time, we didn’t know where we are. We didn’t know if it was the Chu or Xiye Country. Bai Zhi suggested that we should go separately. A large group of people can easily attract attention or being targeted.”

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“So you left separately?” He raised an eyebrow.

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