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Chapter 1866 - It Hurts (1)

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Chapter 1866 : It Hurts (1)

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A sword swiftly charged at Zuo Qingxian from behind, aiming at a vital spot.

Zuo Qingxian’s stomach lurched when he felt the sensation of death wrapping around him.

At the critical moment!

Zuo Qingxian moved as fast as he could and shifted to one side.

Whoosh —

Feng Wu’s sword brushed past Zuo Qingxian’s head.

Some of his hair fell to the ground, and Zuo Qingxian looked over his shoulder.

“Xiao Wu!” Chaoge cried out in excitement.

“Feng Wu?!” Zuo Qingxian’s eyes shone coldly.

The next second, he grinned maliciously.

“Today is my lucky day! I’ve been looking for you everywhere, and here you are, right in front of me!” Zuo Qingxian stared at Feng Wu and snorted. “This is great!”

Feng Wu kept her face emotionless and pointed the Fallen Star Sword at Zuo Qingxian.

She struck out without another word!

Zuo Qingxian smiled coldly. “Feng Wu, you’re just a petty Spiritual Elder! How dare you try to kill me?!”

He struck back at Feng Wu.

Terrifying power poured out of his hand!

Zuo Qingxian sneered.

What was this Spiritual Elder thinking? Did she think she was going to be his match?


Their power clashed and exploded in mid air.

Zuo Qingxian fell back one step, while Feng Wu fell back several.


Her back smashed into a wall.

Zuo Qingxian’s eyes widened in disbelief when he saw this.

How was that even possible?!

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In the world of cultivation, there was a common understanding.

“I didn’t know you had a Level 1 weapon.” Zuo Qingxian stiffened.

Because it suddenly occurred to him that Feng Wu used to have a Level 5 weapon. How did it become Level 1 so suddenly?

“Your sword has a sword spirit and can upgrade itself!”

Only this type of sword would be called a spiritual sword.

Feng Wu still remained silent and stared at Zuo Qingxian.

She charged at him again.

“Well, what a precious thing you have! You’re only a Spiritual Elder. You don’t deserve such a great weapon!

“Rather than having you waste it, why don’t I take it from you?” Zuo Qingxian said greedily.

Feng Wu had a murderous look in her eyes.


Zuo Qingxian’s palm met Feng Wu’s Fallen Star Sword again.

How intimidating was this power!

Zuo Qingxian fell back two steps, while Feng Wu stumbled back until she smashed into the wall again.

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