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会狼叫的猪 - Pig That Can Howl Like A Wolf

Chapter 720 - Turned into a Crab and Ran Away

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Chapter 720: Turned into a Crab and Ran Away

Han Fei didn’t destroy the maze. He activated the Eyes of True Vision and finally found an extremely inconspicuous array eye according to the way the spiritual energy flowed.

When Han Fei went into the eye of the array, the array itself didn’t respond.

Han Fei grinned. The Hexagon Starfish was good at setting up arrays indeed.

Normal people would probably think this array was abandoned a long time ago when they got no response after finding the array eye.

But since Little White came here, Han Fei knew that the Hexagon Starfish must be under the array.

It took Han Fei a full half an hour to discover that it was a multi-layered array. The outer maze was just a disguise, and the real array was actually located in the Sea Vine Gra.s.s.

When Han Fei chopped up a piece of Sea Vine Gra.s.s, another array eye was exposed.


Han Fei appeared directly in a secret realm from the Sea Vine Gra.s.s.

What surprised Han Fei was that this secret realm was filled with spiritual energy, and even had spiritual springs, and there were many purple spars protruding from the ground as if he had walked into a prehistoric underground cave.

“Master Hexagon, here I am.”

Han Fei perceived around and found a piece of sand shaking in this small secret realm that was less than 3,000 meters in radius, and a tentacle emerged from the ground.

The tension in Han Fei’s heart immediately slackened. As expected, the Hexagon Starfish was here. Luckily, he was safe.

The Hexagon Starfish crawled out of the sand and shouted directly at Han Fei, “Starfish plans to spend the rest of his life here, and Starfish is not going out again.”

Han Fei was speechless. “Are you out of your mind? If this array is broken by others, then you’ll be like a rat in a hole and will only end up being caught. Where is Xia Xiaochan? Come on, let her come out. Is she ok?”

Han Fei glanced at the Hexagon Starfish and suddenly said, “Huh! You broke through, and broke through three levels in a row?”

Before Han Fei asked in detail, the Hexagon Starfish froze, and then with a swish, tried to run to the entrance of the cave.

But Han Fei had already pinched a stone in his hand. “You don’t want your essence blood?”

But the smile on Han Fei’s face was gone. Why is the Hexagon Starfish running?

Then he heard the Hexagon Starfish sob. “It wasn’t Starfish who lost her, but she dumped Starfish! It has nothing to do with Starfish!”

Han Fei scowled. “Come here. Tell me where Xia Xiaochan is! Why are you not together?”

The Hexagon Starfish floated in the water feebly. “She turned into a crab and ran away.”


Han Fei was dumbfounded. “Turned into a crab?”

“Yes, she turned into a big crab and ran away.”

“Xia Xiaochan turned into a big crab?”

Seeing the Hexagon Starfish nod, Han Fei frowned. Xia Xiaochan must have used Metamorphosis Water to turn into a crab.

Han Fei walked over and dragged the Hexagon Starfish over, saying, “Hey tell me what happened in the Undersea Chimney!”

The Hexagon Starfish didn’t know how he got here… All he remembered was that he was freaked out and ran wildly for his life.

The Hexagon Starfish said, “They just fought! They ran out to fight every day. This time, they went to s.n.a.t.c.h the Spirit Awakening Fluid, and… Then they started fighting each other.”

Han Fei was stunned. “Wait, what do you mean by ‘fighting each other’? Who fought whom?”

“Xia Xiaochan first fought fish, then mermaids, and then people. And then, Xia Xiaochan went mad and fought everyone she saw… Fortunately, she didn’t fight Starfish. Otherwise, I would already be a dead starfish.”

Han Fei’s face was black. “Fighting fish or mermaids is normal! But why did she suddenly fight people?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled around. “There was a woman who seemed to have sprinkled something on Xia Xiaochan, and then she went crazy.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. “Make it clear, which woman? What did she sprinkle on Xia Xiaochan?”

Han Fei had a bad hunch. So Xia Xiaochan went mad not because of Spirit Awakening Fluid, but because of a man-made cause?

The first person Han Fei suspected was the woman named Shui Ran. She was Xia Xiaochan’s captain and one of the team leaders this time. She was most likely to frame Xia Xiaochan!

The Hexagon Starfish rolled his eyes and said, “Those women all look the same, Starfish couldn’t tell who was who.”

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Han Fei said with a cold face, “I’ll give you another chance to organize your language. Which woman was it?”

But now, Yang Ying was also on his death list, right at the top.

However, Han Fei didn’t have the time to solve Yang Ying now. The woman only had two choices now. One was to pray that he could not find Xia Xiaochan or die outside, and the other was to quickly find a way to slip away while he was not on the Scattered Star Island.

At this moment, Han Fei’s top priority was to continue looking for Xia Xiaochan. Since the Hexagon Starfish said that Xia Xiaochan turned into a crab and ran away, it meant that Xia Xiaochan had come to herself.

Han Fei asked, “How did you get here? Xia Xiaochan turned into a crab and brought you here? When did Xia Xiaochan sober up?”

This time, the Hexagon Starfish replied very quickly. He said, “She was crazy only for a moment, and after fighting a lot of fights, she pa.s.sed out. Then I put her into one of my gates. Then, we were chased by a group of sea monsters for a long time. That’s why I’m here.”

Han Fei said, “So you brought her here? Then when did she turn into a crab and run away?”

“As soon as she woke up, she became a crab. She stayed here for a day in the shape of a crab, and then she said she wanted to go out to have a look… Starfish certainly didn’t want to go out! Then… Then, she didn’t come back.”

“Wait, wait a minute… You said Xia Xiaochan became a crab after she woke up? It’s so safe here. Why did she become a crab?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes rolled around. “I don’t know!”

Han Fei really wanted to slap the stupid Hexagon Starfish. What the h.e.l.l do you know? All you know is to drink Spirit Awakening Fluid! Except for that, you know nothing.

Han Fei stared at the Hexagon Starfish. “Hand over the Spirit Awakening Fluid.”

The Hexagon Starfish’s eyes paused and immediately rolled again. “Starfish has drunk it all, without a single drop left.”

Han Fei sneered. “OK, open your door and let me go in and take a look.”

The Hexagon Starfish was certainly unwilling to do this. Han Fei grabbed him with a hand. “Do you want to become a pentagon starfish? Hey, the Spirit Awakening Fluid belonged to Xia Xiaochan, and you just temporarily kept it. However, you secretly drank tens of thousands of kilograms, and still you want to pocket it all?”

“Starfish didn’t drink tens of thousands of kilograms…”

Han Fei scoffed. “If not, how could you leap three levels in a row?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes kept rolling. “Starfish only drank about ten thousand kilograms…”


Han Fei just wanted to pat this guy to death. d.a.m.n it, “only” drank about ten thousand catties?Isn’t that enough for you?

Han Fei said with a cold face, “I’ll count to three. Are you taking what’s left out or not?”

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