God Level Demon


Chapter 88 - Parting Ways

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Chapter 88 – Parting Ways


At this time, a coa.r.s.e voice came from the communicator: “Baldy, what’s the situation on your end? Give me an answer right this moment.”

Everyone held their breath, feeling anxious. They didn’t expect the gangsters to have accomplices.

“What’s the matter? Baldy, why aren’t you answering? Did something happen? Do you need support?” Feeling that something’s strange, the owner of the voice paused, and then asked again.


Xia Ping quickly stepped forward and stomped hard on the communicator, breaking it into pieces. The stranger’s voice disappeared at once.

“s.h.i.t, these gangsters have accomplices. Now that their companions are dead, they will come to take revenge.” Jiang Yaru thought of the consequences, a dignified look on her face.

A student from Zhengde High School uttered with fear, “Let’s report to the teachers. This is no longer a trial by fire, but a criminal case. If things go on like this, we will all be killed.”

“Report to the teachers, get serious. Didn’t you just it? The watch can’t transmit the signal. As such, there’s no way for the teachers aboard the airship to learn about what’s happening here.”

“Not necessarily. The other party’s radio jammers must have a certain range. As long as we leave this range, we can use the watch to contact the teachers.”

“Who knows how big this range is. Don’t forget, we have already been targeted by those gangsters. They can catch up with us at anytime and anywhere. I’m afraid you will be killed before you can leave this range.”

“Right, these gangsters are no ordinary criminals. They are armed to the teeth. Furthermore, they have grenades and sniper rifles. They can eliminate us from a few kilometers away.”

“If we don’t run away, then what? Do we stay here and wait to die?”

The students are frightened and at a loss of what to do. As mere students, they have never encountered such a dangerous crisis, have never been chased by gangsters.

The people present couldn’t help looking at Xia Ping, at the guy who killed the cutthroats and saved them. After all, the opinion of the strong is worth listening to in such times.

“There’s no need to run.”

Xia Ping stated flatly, “Even if they don’t come, I’ll go kill them myself.” He is clear about a certain principle. In the cruel jungle, whoever turns their back to a bear will die first.

Conversely, whoever makes themselves big and makes loud noise will chase the bear away and keep their life.

“Crazy, you’re crazy.”

Han Shan looked at Xia Ping as if he were a madman and said, “Do you know who they are? They’re from the Band of the Cheetah, a gang that committed all kinds of heinous acts. There are still dozens of these cutthroats left.”

“They are all 8th layer or even 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm powerhouses. Furthermore, they’re armed to the teeth.”

“Five to six such cutthroats alone are enough to wipe us out. Yet you actually want to go kill them?!”

“You were only able to kill these cutthroats because they underestimated us and were careless.”

“Once they truly start taking you seriously, you’ll be a cornered rat with nowhere to escape.”

“I won’t accompany you in your lunacy. I’m going to retreat, return to the airship, and report to the teachers.”

He basically voiced the thoughts of a lot of people. When faced with such vicious gangsters, few would have the courage to stay. Just running away will be hard. Yet this guy still wants to go kill the gangster. If this isn’t seeking death, then what is it?

“Forget it, let’s go our separate ways. Don’t follow us.” Too lazy to argue with them, Xia Ping waved his hand and left with Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin.

“Wait, we’ll go, too.”

At this time, three or four girls from Zhengde High School left the group and followed Xia Ping and them.

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“Luo Lan, are you guys crazy? You’re going to follow these fools? Do you want to die?” Han Shan and company were stunned, unable to believe that these girls made such a decision.


At this time, on a mountain peak, members of the Band of the Cheetah have grave expressions.

Looking at the communicator that emits a busy signal, the leader Lin Bao’s face turned gloomy. He can’t contact his men. From this, it can be imagined that his men must not be doing well.

“Boss, the connection with baldy’s side is gone. They must be done in.” A man with a knife scar gritted his teeth and said.

Lin Bao clenched his fists: “I told him not to make trouble, but he didn’t listen to my advice and went to look for school girls to have fun. As a result, something happened.”

“Although those people are young students, but they are still martial arts powerhouses. There must be some prodigies among them. Anyone who underestimates them will lose their life.”

He’s really angry. He’s not only angry that baldy disobeyed his orders, but also angry that someone killed his men.

“Boss, we must take revenge.” The man with a knife scar gritted his teeth and said, “We can’t allow people who killed our own get away scot free it. A debt of blood must be paid in blood.”

“Moreover, once those students escape, they will surely report everything to their teachers. By then, if a large group of people comes at us, we will be finished. We must kill those students.”

“Kill them all!”

He emanated murderous aura from all over his body.

“Take a team with you and go kill them.”

Thick murderous aura oozed out from between Lin Bao’s teeth.

“Yes!” The man with a knife scar was pleased.

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