God Level Demon


Chapter 86 - Teach You a Lesson

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Chapter 86 – Teach You a Lesson

It’s over, it’s over, this is the end!

The students from Zhengde High School despaired. They are the children of bigwigs and have bright prospects and excellent credentials. But for these outlaws, it’s all worthless.

These cutthroats are fundamentally reckless, so there’s no way they would be scared of the other party’s background!

In other words, if necessary, these cutthroats will not hesitate to kill them.

“d.a.m.n it, it’s all that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Ping’s fault! We’re in trouble because of him! If this guy didn’t wander around and go deep into the jungle, we wouldn’t have met these cutthroats!”

The students from Zhengde High School are both angry and regretful. If they knew beforehand, they would have ignored the b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Ping. They wouldn’t have been led into this despairing situation and fallen into the hands of these cutthroats.

They can be considered extremely lucky if they escape this ordeal with their lives.

After all, they are students! They aren’t the opponents of the armed to the teeth 8th layer or 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm cutthroats! If they try to resist, they will be slaughtered.

Han Shan is deeply regretful, his face deathly pale. If he hadn’t insisted on following the scoundrel Xia Ping around, he wouldn’t have entered this dangerous place.

Now, because of this incident, the students from Zhengde High School will have to die on this uninhabited island. So what if they have wealth, power, and bright prospects?

Once you’re dead, only a dead body remains, nothing else.

“He-he, it appears that you are finally aware of your situation.”

The bald man laughed: “To meet us here, you’re really unlucky. No, it should be said that you’re lucky. After all, even if you have money, it’s hard to find teachers like us.”

“This chance to give you a lesson will benefit you immensely.”

The other cutthroats gazed at the students with ferocious looks on their face and cold gleams in their eyes.

The students from Zhengde High School aren’t amused. Now that they fell into the hands of these cutthroats, they only feel endless despair and panic.

“But first, let’s give the high school girls a lesson. This is a lesson for adults. I’m sure it you will remember it for the rest your lives.”

The bald man greedily looked at the several girls from Zhengde High School. Girls from private schools like this are beautiful and have a dignified demeanor. Most importantly, they exude a youthful air. Women who habitually play around with men can’t compare with them.

These cutthroats usually stay in hiding and lead a dog’s life. Where do they have the chance to meet such women? Now that they got a chance, their eyes flashed with fierce glints and filled with endless thirst.

The girls from Zhengde High School immediately turned pale and trembled. They are well aware that if they fall into the hands of these cutthroats, they will be subjected to terrible torment.

They looked at the male students next to them with pleading eyes.

The male students, however, lowered their heads to avoid the other party’s gazes. Although they feel guilty. But after witnessing the terror of these cutthroats, they don’t dare to stand out.

When Han Shan stood out, he got his leg shot. This is a lesson that burrowed into their hearts.

Although they are fellow students, but their relationship isn’t necessarily good. At least it hasn’t reached the degree of close friends. They are just acquaintances. As such, there’s no way they would give their lives for the other party.

Not to mention that even if they gave their lives for the other party, it may have no effect.

The girls despaired, and their eyes revealed the shade of helplessness. They are no longer as arrogant and haughty as before.

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“Boss, I think the two girls in the front are pretty good. One of them is particularly bright and beautiful. At the time, my high school’s school beauty was just like this.”

“They aren’t women you can touch.”

Jiang Yaru was stunned. She didn’t expect Xia Ping to step out at this time. In should be noted that the people from Zhengde High School, who usually regard everyone as beneath their notice and are insufferably arrogant, became d.i.c.kless from fright, wishing they were ostriches and could hide their heads in the sand.

But now this lecherous and shameless guy surprisingly stepped out.

The students from Zhengde High School sneered secretly. Although this guy stepped out, but it’s of no use. After all, when Han Shan stood out, he was humiliated by the gangsters. Despite all this, this guy still wants to play the hero. How stupid.

Han Shan’s heart filled with contempt. He isn’t optimistic about this guy’s ending. If he offend these cutthroats, his head may be blasted away.

“Give you face?”

Upon hearing this, the bald man laughed loudly, “Who the f.u.c.k do you think you are for me to give you face? The president’s son? Why don’t you give me face?”

“Furthermore, you said that they aren’t women I can touch. What if I touch them, will you try to bite me, you son of a b.i.t.c.h?!”

When his words fell, he looked at Xia Ping with disdain. He extended a hand to catch Jiang Yaru.

At this moment, Xia Ping took action abruptly. As if a poisonous snake, his hand became a sword that tore the air.

Snake Fist — Viper’s Sortia!


Suddenly, his hand pierced the bald man’s chest as if it were tofu. With a pop, the bald man’s heart was blasted apart like a watermelon.

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