God Level Demon


Chapter 84 - Must Have Pulled Some Strings

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Chapter 84 – Must Have Pulled Some Strings

“It’s a secret.”

Xia Ping smiled. He exchanged this food from the system using hate points. The food was quite cheap, one hate point per plate.

Of course, he won’t explain this to the girls.

“A secret?” Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin were extremely curious. They couldn’t understand how this guy brought food from the airship, which had such strict security.

Xia Ping nodded: “Yes, it’s a secret. Of course, if you don’t want to eat it, I won’t force you.”

“I’ll eat it.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin both stated immediately. Since they have been hungry for a while now, it doesn’t matter how Xia Ping got the food. What’s important is to fill their stomachs first.

Thereupon, they picked up the food and ate it. Xia Ping grabbed a mutton leg and tore at it.

The actions of Xia Ping and them were immediately discovered by the people from Zhengde High School.

A student exclaimed, “Look, that scoundrel took out a bunch of food from his backpack. My G.o.d, there’s mutton, beef, ham, pizza, and hamburgers. What the f.u.c.k, there are even drinks. Are they here for an excursion?”

His face turned a bit green from envy and jealousy.


Another student shouted, “Didn’t the captain say that we aren’t allowed to bring any food from the airship? Previously, several students tried to smuggle out a few things, but were caught by the teachers and got an earful.”

“Besides, when leaving the airship, there was still a laser scan. There was no way to hide any food. How on earth did this guy bring food from the airship?”

He stared at Xia Ping and the girls eating, in a daze.

“Isn’t the answer obvious? The guy must have pulled some strings.” A fat student said angrily, “By leveraging the power and wealth of his family, the teachers gave this guy special treatment and allowed him to sneak out food.”

Someone questioned the fat student’s theory, “But isn’t this guy a student from 95th High School? The students from that school are all poor. Where did he get the money to buy off the teachers?”

“Who knows what’s going on. Maybe this guy’s father and the captain know each other, which led to him receiving preferential treatment. Otherwise, where the h.e.l.l did the food come from?”

The fat student shouted.

“Indeed, if the captain was bought off, it would explain everything.”

“It seems the captain pretends to be upright, but in fact is just trash that gets bought off.”

“This is the reality of the world. Those without money and power are stifled by the law, while those with money and power are outside the reach of the law, breaking all kinds of norms and rules without repercussions.

“The world’s morals are worsening day by day. How can someone conduct themselves like this? They should be struck by lightning.”

The students from Zhengde High School gnashed their teeth, bursting with anger. They were driven off the airship without bringing anything. Only by hunting savage beasts and picking wild fruits can they have food.

This guy, however, brought a bunch of food from the airship. He doesn’t have to work hard to enjoy delicious food. This is beyond shameless.

Moreover, the students from Zhengde High School have always led pampered lives and usually don’t even sent foot in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, the food they made cannot compare with food prepared by a chef.

In other words, the roasted meat is edible. But it isn’t something you’d use the word delicious to describe.

At this time, delicious aromas, which seem to contain a dozen plus spices, wafted over from Xia Ping’s side and a.s.saulted the nostrils and stimulated the taste buds, making the students from Zhengde High School blow their tops.

The food Xia Ping brought was evidently cooked by high-level chefs.

“Big brother Han, now that they have food, it seems that what we’re doing is just whistling in the wind.” A student from Zhengde High school said with great frustration.

They wanted to force the three to starve and bow their heads. However, they couldn’t have expected that the other party brought food and didn’t need to hunt at all.

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In the end, what they did became a joke.

“Don’t worry.”

Xia Ping has an indifferent look on his face: “Let’s continue to go deeper into the jungle. I don’t believe that they’re that strong. Once they encounter powerful savage beasts, these people are toast.”

It takes a lot of effort to clear the surrounding savage beasts. However, the deeper you go into the jungle, the more formidable the savage beasts will be.

Even though the students from Zhengde High School are strong elites, but when faced with increasingly stronger and numerous savage beasts, they will reach their limit.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin nodded, thinking that sooner or later these people won’t be able to persevere.


Suddenly, Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. His spirit force detected a shadow, which appears to flicker in the trees in the distance. It is approaching at a rapid pace and resembles an ape.

The shadow was evidently discovered by the people from Zhengde High School, as well.

“It’s a beast, kill it.” Han Shan ordered.

A student immediately took out bow and arrow, nocked the arrow, and pulled the string in a rapid succession. With a swoosh, the arrow ejected and hit the shadow in an an instant.


Unexpectedly, the shadow issued a miserable scream, and blood splashed about.


The shadow was not a beast, but a person?

Suddenly, the expressions of the students from Zhengde High School changed. They realized they got themselves into trouble.

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