God Level Demon


Chapter 80 - A Long Time

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Chapter 80 – A Long Time

“You, very well.”

Han Shan stared at Xia Ping, an extremely gloomy expression on his face: “You are the first person to talk to me in this way. The trial by fire takes a long time, doesn’t it? Let’s have fun together.”

“I hope you won’t have any accidents during your time on Savage Beast Island.”

With that, he turned around and left.

The students of Zhengde High School looked at Xia Ping with pity. To say such a thing to Han Shan’s face, this guy is really reckless, suicidal, in fact.

The people who offended Han Shan last time ended up miserable. They saw it. However, this isn’t related to them in any way. They’re just bystanders.


The group of students from Zhengde High School turned around and left the area of 95 High School quickly.

“Xia Ping, you’re in trouble.”

Hong Yu spoke with a solemn expression: “I heard of Han Shan’s reputation. According to it, he is a bad egg. He is vengeful and cruel. And you have offended him. When we reach Savage Beast Island, he might target you.”

The other students have looks of schadenfreude on their faces. This guy, who doesn’t seem to know who he can and can’t offend, actually offended someone from Zhengde High School. There’s no way he’ll have a good end.

Han Shan is an 8th layer Martial Apprentice powerhouse and is regarded as the No. 1 expert of Zhengde High School. Additionally, other students from Zhengde High School are also really strong, either 6th layer or 7th layer powerhouses. They are stronger than students from other high school.

Han Shan alone is difficult to deal with. But if the other students are thrown into the mix, Xia Ping is toast. He will probably have to face many disasters on Savage Beast Island and may even forfeit his life.

Serves him right, though. It’s his own fault for looking for trouble.

“Target me? Let him come.” Xia Ping said indifferently. Even Chen Dong and Zhou Ding, who were 9th layer Martial Apprentice powerhouse, were killed by him. A mere 8th layer Martial Apprentice is nothing.

He wants to plot against me on Savage Beast Island? He should check how capable and strong I am first. If he really provokes me, then I’ll teach him a lesson and let him know who’s courting death!

Everyone was speechless. They knew this scoundrel was arrogant, but they didn’t expect it to be to this degree. He doesn’t care about even Han Shan.

However, some believe that Xia Ping is just being stubborn and is putting on a brave front. When they get to Savage Beast Island, this guy will learn how high the sky is.

“However, there are several people on their side. If they surround you, then no matter how awesome you are, you will be out of luck. I think you should need to be vigilant.” Hong Yu suggested kindly.

Xia Ping waved his hand dismissively: “It’s just a useless bunch. You can take care of them with ease. Besides, even if I’m not their match, don’t I still have my wife? I’ll have her step in and quickly reveal that they’re a bunch of trash.”

He stated his plan and revealed that he has a card up his sleeve, that everything is under control.

“This!” Hong Yu has a dumbfounded look on his face, not knowing what to say.

Holy s.h.i.t, this guy is so shameless and thick-skinned. The corners of the mouth of a bunch of people twitched. They all underestimated this b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s shamelessness.

If he can’t beat someone, he’ll actually have his women go up — that must be eating soft rice [1] to the limit.

But that’s a little white face [2]. The scoundrel Xia Ping exudes the shamelessness of a little white face. But why do women like little white faces.

And real men like them are looked down on. The heavens are really unfair. The students felt grief and indignation.

“Xia Ping!” Jiang Yaru turned red from anger. At first, she was somewhat sorry that things developed to this extent. But she never expected that this guy would come up with such an idea.

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If he can’t beat them, he’ll actually have her take the stage. He’ll throw her out as a scapegoat. Why doesn’t G.o.d smite a shameless guy like him?

“I think that guy probably did it on purpose in order to force Han Shan’s hand.”

“If Han Shan took action, the teachers would probably have expelled him from the airship. That guy had sinister intentions.”

“Despicable. Shameless. Unexpectedly, that guy is really crafty. These lowlifes are full of evil tricks.”

“So what if he knows some tricks? Once they are seen through, he’s not worth mentioning. When we reach Savage Beast Island, we’ll make him pay.”

“This is a trial by fire. Although we can’t kill him, but it’s fine to break some bones and cripple him. Even if the teachers learn of this, there’s nothing they can do to us.”

“Five days, that’s a lot long time.”

The students from Zhengde High School commented one after another, a fierce look in their eyes. They plan to retaliate. There has never been a case when someone dared to provoke people from Zhengde High School and could continue to be safe and sound.

They are confident. After all, a mere seventh layer Martial Apprentice is nothing. Han Shan alone is enough to deal with him.

Not to mention they still have three or four 7th layer Martial Apprentice powerhouses, each of which is as strong as the other party. If they join forces, they can beat that scoundrel to a pulp.

“Humph. Once we reach Savage Beast Island, we’ll play around with him. Let’s see what gives him the courage to be so arrogant in front of us.” Han Shan clenched his fist, a cold gleam in his eyes.

If he doesn’t take care of that d.a.m.n Xia Ping, he won’t be Han Shan.

[1] – “eating soft rice” means to live off women

[2] – “little white face” is a pejorative term for attractive young men

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