God Level Demon


Chapter 8 - Sooner or Later, Somebody will Mop the Floor with Him

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Chapter 8 – Sooner or Later, Somebody will Mop the Floor with Him

Even after Xiong Batian was taken to the school’s medical ward by the teacher, the surrounding students still hadn’t recovered from their shock and astonishment.

“Are you kidding me? Is this really real? Xiong Batian was actually beaten by that kid? Not only that, he was practically wasted by two punches and then carried out like a dead dog? How is this still a third layer Martial Disciple?”

“Didn’t you hear what the teacher said? That kid has already ascended to the fourth layer of Martial Disciple.”

“Bulls.h.i.t. Xiong Batian is an expert at the fifth layer of Martial Disciple. No matter how you look at it, Xiong Batian should still be stronger.”

“Normally, that’s true, but this kid’s martial arts skill is too terrifying. His steps and punches are way too powerful. It was as if he was a fierce tiger descending from the mountains. Even though I stood below the platform, I felt like I would be devoured at any moment.”

“According to what the teacher said, that is because his mastery of the martial skill has already reached the realm of complete perfection. At that point, not only does the martial skill become extremely powerful, using it to battle across ranks also becomes easier. That’s why he could beat Xiong Batian so easily.”

“Wanting to master a martial skill to the point of complete perfection is too difficult. I haven’t even heard of a single student who can do that at school. How the heck did this guy suddenly become so strong?”

“Don’t know. Maybe it’s just because this kid has been low-key all along. Or maybe he was just pretending to be a pig to catch a tiger.”

All of the students were discussing this matter. They were still shocked beyond belief. Before, all of them had thought that Xia Ping would lose for sure. Now? Xiong Batian was the one who was easily defeated and carried out like a dead dog.

It wasn’t just these ordinary students who had a difficult time believing it, even the students of cla.s.s sixteen had a difficult time believing this matter, and they were Xia Ping’s cla.s.smates.

From what they understood, this kid was just an ordinary student without any presence in cla.s.s. How did he just suddenly become so fierce? He was almost like a monster.

“This, this!”

Jiang Yaru was also flabbergasted. She had originally been prepared for Xia Ping to be sent to the hospital, but who knew that he would actually win and send Xiong Batian to the hospital instead?

When the heck did this fellow break through to the fourth layer of Martial Disciple? At what time did his mastery of the Five Form Fist reach the realm of complete perfection? She seemed to have no understanding of Xia Ping at all now.

“How could this be?” Liang Xiaoxue was even more shocked. Xia Ping’s display on stage completely scared her. He was just an ordinary guy with nothing to him. How could he just suddenly become so strong?

Even if she was the one standing up there in Xia Ping’s position, it was likely that she wouldn’t be a match for Xiong Batian at all. Then didn’t that mean that this guy had already surpa.s.sed her? Her face sunk. A person that she looked down on abruptly surpa.s.sing her. Not just as simple as surpa.s.sing her, he completely exceeded her. That type of feeling was really uncomfortable, as if she had just been slapped hard in the face.

“s.h.i.t! This is bad. We’re absolutely finished.”

Seeing Xiong Batian being kicked off the stage like garbage, both Gao Wan and Yang Wei’s faces greened. They were just itching to slap themselves. How could they have made such a bet with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Wasn’t that just looking for death?

Now things were just great. Xia Ping defeated Xiong Batian, their contract took effect. Soon after, they would have to run three laps around the school naked. They could pretty much just imagine what things would be like then. Tomorrow, they would become “famous” throughout the whole school, mocked and jeered at by everybody.

If they were unlucky enough, they would be discovered by the police and arrested for being a pervert. At that point they would be spending the next few weeks in jail.

“Yang Wei! Gao Wan!”

Xia Ping stood on the stage and looked down over them. “I’ve won the duel. According to the contract we agreed on before, you two can start stripping now,” he drawled.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Immediately, all of the students turned their gazes onto Yang Wei and Gao Wan, their expressions curious.

“Xia Ping, w-we’re all cla.s.smates. The contract from before was only a joke. Can we annul it? After all, if we really act according to it, it really won’t be a good influence,” Gao Wan stuttered.

Xia Ping remained calm. “The two of you might have treated it as a joke, but I haven’t. If you two refuse to execute the contract, then I’ll treat it as a breaching the contract.”

Yang Wei and Gao Wan’s faces fell. If Xia Ping really did take them to court for breach of contract, then both of their official credibility would experience a substantial decrease. At that point, it would be extremely difficult to get into a good university.

After all, the best universities were picky about who they accepted. Especially towards those students with bad credibility, they were never admitted at all. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d wanted to destroy their futures!

”Xia Ping! You’re going too far!” Yang Wei shouted indignantly.

Xia Ping sneered, “So what if I’m going too far? If you’ve got the guts, come and bite me.”

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If he had lost and was in their position, and begged for mercy, would those two let him off? He didn’t even have to think to know that they wouldn’t.

“Does he think that he’s invincible now after beating Xiong Batian?”

“A buffoon going wild after being intoxicated by his success. Sooner or later, somebody will mop the floor with him.”

Many of the students muttered jeers at him. They were all so riled up that they were puffing steam from their noses.

Towards these jeers, not only was Xia Ping not angry, instead he was rather happy. That was because he was hearing the System’s voice go, “Hatred Point+1, Hatred Point+1…”

It was obvious that his words from just a moment generated a decent amount of Hatred Points for him. Profit!

However, the amount of Hatred Points was still a little too small. It seemed like he had to fan the flames even more to get a better result. Xia Ping rubbed his chin and turned his attention to Yang Wei and Gao Wan. “What’re the two of you waiting for? Quickly go execute the contract! I’m still looking forward to watching! As for trying to disavow it, don’t even think about it. As for you pieces of s.h.i.t who only know how to fire off your mouths, if you’ve got the guts, then go run naked alongside them. If you don’t, then shut up and go sulk somewhere else.”

He used another map-wide taunt on all the students with a scornful expression.


Yang Wei and Gao Wan almost went insane with rage. They were just itching to bite this guy to death. Yet, with the restrictions of the contract, there was nothing they could do. Unless, they really didn’t want their futures anymore.

“This d.a.m.ned Xia Ping is way too arrogant!”

“Why is he so infuriating?! This really is a buffoon drunk on his own success!”

“Is there n.o.body who can punish this bully? He’s too despicable!”

“The disgrace of this school! Why is it that I feel that Xiong Batian, the school’s baddest bully, is better then this b.a.s.t.a.r.d by a hundred times over?”

All of the students noses flared in anger as they glared furiously at Xia Ping.

“Mhm, not bad. I should do this more often for better effect.” Xia Ping felt really smug right now. He could hear as his Hatred Points went up with a “ding, ding, ding”, and promptly proceeded to ignore all of those gazes around him filled with “killing intent”.

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