God Level Demon


Chapter 77 - Competing over a Man

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Chapter 77 – Competing over a Man

Sensing the murderous glares aimed at him, Xia Ping remained unmoved. He is sitting in place and happily drinking a beverage, not affected by the people around him.

Due to this, however, everyone became even more angry, secretly vowing to straighten this scoundrel up sooner or later.

“Jiang Yaru!”

Suddenly, a melodious voice sounded, and then a lithe figure slowly walked up to Jiang Yaru and looked at her.

“It’s 88th High School’s Chu Rong.” A student with sharp eyes immediately found out who the person who came to find trouble with Jiang Yaru is and couldn’t help shouting.

“It’s actually Chu Rong?”

A square-faced student looked at the girl in admiration and uttered, “As expected of 88th High School’s school beauty. Her figure and appearance are simply top-notch. She’s reportedly an Internet celebrity.”

“If I could take such a girl as my wife, I wouldn’t mind if I only had 10 years left to live.”

A group looked over, and their eyes brightened, excited.

“Dream on. The number of people who wish to date her can form a regiment. Besides, she already belongs to someone.” A tall student said loudly, “And that someone is Xia Ping.”

The square-faced boy was stupefied: “Impossible. With the way he looks, how can this guy can date a school beauty? I don’t believe it. How can such a thing be possible? Could it be that Chu Rong is blind?”

He collapsed, unable to accept reality. It seems like he got punched in the stomach.

“It’s true. I heard about this, as well. Furthermore, she’s not simply a girlfriend, but that shameless Xia Ping’s lover, roughly the eighth at that.”

“To be a lover is already excessive, yet she’s only the eighth, to boot? Is this imperial concubine selection?!”

“That’s not all. It seems that 95th High School’s school beauty, Jiang Yaru, is his girlfriend and is pregnant.”

“I’ll be d.a.m.ned, this beast is openly playing around with two girls. Is he still human? Why hasn’t he been hacked to death by the school beauties yet? I now have the urge to kill him.”

“It’s not as simple as playing around with two girls, but playing around with a dozen plus girls. Only the names of the two school beauties are known. The rest are yet to be revealed.”

“Beast. I knew this guy is no good egg, but I didn’t expect him to be this shameless. He’s basically sc.u.m, a shame to all men.”

The group of students yelled, their lungs nearly exploding from anger. Some even are on the verge of emitting smoked from their ears.

“But why did Chu Rong suddenly go to find Jiang Yaru? This situations is reminiscent of two queen bees tearing each other to pieces upon meeting.” A gossipy girl said as she pushed her black framed gla.s.ses.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised. That’s right, the scoundrel’s two-timing has been exposed. No woman could stand such a thing. Maybe Chu Rong is looking for someone to vent her anger.

And what’s worse, there is nowhere to escape aboard the airship. If a fight doesn’t break out now, then when will it break out? Obviously, Xia Ping is done for. The angry girls will tear him to shreds in a while.

“The heavens have eyes.”

A student looked upwards and sighed: “The time finally has come for this bully to be punished. Everyone, let’s go have a look. This is the end of two-timing, the end a sc.u.m.”

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d will definitely be hacked to death by the girls.”

Everyone was watching Xia Ping’s situation with schadenfreude.

At this time, Jiang Yaru, sitting in her seat, noticed Chu Rong arrive. She raised her head and uttered with some surprise: “Chu Rong?!”

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“Jiang Yaru, long time no see.”

Everyone was disappointed. Under such circ.u.mstances, how come the two didn’t start a fight. How strange.

“What the h.e.l.l happened? The two queen bees have already seen each other. So why didn’t they fight? Why did they agree on a bet instead?” Someone asked, puzzled, “What’s the point of winning something like that?”

The gla.s.ses of a boy shone, and he said, “No, there is a point. You guys don’t understand. This isn’t an ordinary compet.i.tion.”

“What? What’s going on? Explain it clearly.” The group of gossipy students asked.

The student wearing gla.s.ses showed an expression of disappointment due to the other students failing to meet his expectations and said, “We have reached this juncture, yet you still don’t understand? It’s obvious that the two school beauties are at odds because they are competing over a man.”

Competing over a man?!

The group of students were confused. How did he come to such a conclusion.

“As expected of school beauties, they’re elegant even when competing over a man. If it were ordinary girls, they would have already started a fight in public, pulling hair, ruining clothes, and so on.”

The student continued ruefully: “But they are cut from a different cloth. They have restraint. Therefore, they’re going to take advantage of the special training to have a final showdown.”

“The one who loses has to leave Xia Ping’s side. Isn’t this a compet.i.tion over a man?”

Everyone suddenly saw the light. No wonder they thought that something’s fishy. They didn’t expect there to be such profound meaning behind it. Fortunately, there’s someone with a high IQ here who can see through it all.

“It can’t be. I don’t believe it. That d.a.m.n Xia Ping, what’s so special about him? Why would beautiful girls compete over him? Why won’t they compete over me?”

A student collapsed, both aggrieved and indignant.

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