God Level Demon


Chapter 76 - Acquaintances Everywhere

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Chapter 76 – Acquaintances Everywhere

Xia Ping looked over. In fact, when he first arrived at the sports field, he found a slick, silver airship docked in the middle of the sports field.

The airship looks like an ordinary ship. However, it employs a zero gravity system that allows it to land and take off at any time. It is very fast, several times faster than an ordinary airplane.

The school must have rented it in order to send the students to the Savage Beast Island.

“Let’s go.”

The homeroom teacher Qiu Xue uttered.


Hearing this, the students of 95th High School nodded, followed the teachers, and boarded the airship.

When they went in, they found that the interior of the airship is vast and beautifully decorated. It looks a bit like a luxurious restaurant and is filled with seats.

Furthermore, there are many drinks and snacks placed in front of the seats. On the walls, there are LCD screens, which can be used to observe the outside, watch TV and movies, and more.

Moreover, the airship’s dining area is divided into ten areas, each belonging to a school. The areas are well planned and clearly defined.

As for 95th High School’s area, it is located in the east corner. There are words written on the chairs here, indicating that they belong to 95th High School.

“Awesome, what a luxurious airship. It’s my first time taking such an airship.” A student said excitedly.

Other students nodded, since they rarely have an opportunity to take an airship. The ticket of such an airship isn’t cheap. It’s not something that ordinary students can afford.

At this time, there are already many students sitting in their seats. They are the top students of other high schools. 95 High School’s students are the last batch.

Xia Ping glanced at the surrounding people and discovered that he’s familiar with many of them. It seems that many of these students were present during his hall challenges.

Thereupon, he stepped forward and greeted enthusiastically: “h.e.l.lo, everyone. Haven’t seen you in a while. Aren’t you Wuwei Martial Hall’s students? I’m sorry for last time. I failed to control my strength and ended up sending most of you to the hospital. How are you now? Are you better?”

When they heard this, several Wuwei Martial Hall’s students turned a bit green in the face, clearly having recognized this G.o.d of pestilence. They secretly curses their back luck. Why did they have to meet the G.o.d of pestilence here.

They turned their faces and pretended not to know the other party.

Not minding it, Xia Ping continued to greet people: “Aren’t you people from Flying Hog Martial Hall? I didn’t expect you to attend the special training. What a coincidence. Do you want to train together later. I challenged many martial halls, yet you guys are the most resilient. If I wasn’t in a hurry, I would have stayed in your martial hall for a few days.”

Stay your uncle!

A group of Flying Hog Martial Hall’s students fumed. They recalled the time this b.a.s.t.a.r.d came to challenge their martial hall and disdainfully claimed that they’re not strong enough. They flew into a rage out of humiliation. Consequently, they were beaten half to death like sandbags.

They would love to rush up to the scoundrel and spit him in the face.

If this b.a.s.t.a.r.d comes to stay in their martial hall, they will definitely put laxative in his food and vent for seven days and nights.

“Oh, aren’t you Savage Tiger Martial Hall’s students? So you’ve already recovered, congratulations.”

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“Oh, the people from Rhinoceros Martial Hall are here as well. What a coincidence. For us to gather here, it feels like fate brought us together. Next time when there’s time, let’s go to a bar and have a gla.s.s of milk.”


Xia Ping spread his arms and shrugged his shoulders, not voicing any objections. Because he heard the system’s prompts. He evidently has achieved his goal of gaining a lot of hate points.

Therefore, he went to take his seat.


Under Qiu Xue’s arrangement, the other students also took their seat.

“d.a.m.n it, I didn’t expect that G.o.d pestilence Xia Ping to come.”

“No wonder I had a nightmare last night. Unexpectedly, there was a reason.”

“It’s over, Xia Ping saw us. Won’t the special training be a disaster?”

“He can’t be offended. Could it be that he can’t be avoided, either? Savage Beast Island is so big, so it’s not like we’ll necessarily meet him, right?”

“Humph, I think everyone thinks too highly of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. There are many powerhouses this time. Besides, he’s only one person. If he continues to run rampant, someone will put him straight.”

“Right, one person may not be his opponent, but what about ten?”

Many students gnashed their teeth and glared at Xia Ping angrily. Obviously, they are really angry with him.

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