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Chapter 73 - Big News

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Chapter 73 – Big News

The next morning.


Xia Ping sat up on the bed and exhaled a white breath, which almost turned substantial, resembling white silk. His muscles vibrated. A layer of dark filth has covered his skin, exuding an unpleasant smell.

“As expected of Body Tempering Pills, the effect is great.”

He opened his eyes, which showed a shocking gleam. He detected that his body is unprecedentedly relaxed. After taking two or three Body Tempering Pills last night, he operated a cultivation method and practiced cultivation all night.

Consequently, the effects of the Body Tempering Pills were exhausted this morning. He felt that a lot of his body’s impurities have been eliminated, his body seems to be twice as relaxed, and his strength has increased somewhat.

Even the true qi circulating inside him grew a little, inching towards the pinnacle 7th layer Martial Apprentice.

“If I consume these Body Tempering Pills for a period of time, I may soon be able to break through to the 8th layer Martial Apprentice.” Xia Ping squeezed his fist and felt the formidable power in his body.

Originally, after he finished consuming the Gold Potions, he was contemplating ways to get his hands on some pills or potions. But unexpectedly, he found 20 to 30 Body Tempering Pills at the Zhou Clan’s villa. It’s like you were just drowsy, when someone handed you a pillow.

Moreover, the effect of Body Tempering Pills is quite strong. They have a well deserved reputation. In just one night, he sensed that his const.i.tution has become stronger than before.

“However, the secreted impurities are really smelly. It looks like I have to take a shower before going to school.” Xia Ping got up immediately. He took a nice shower in the bathroom, and then came out refreshed.


An hour later, Xia Ping came to school and went to his seat.

“A major incident, a major incident happened, you know?”

Xia Ping just took a seat, when a cla.s.smate shouted: “Last night, there was an explosion in Zhou Tai’an’s home. The whole villa was destroyed.”

“At that time, Zhou Tai’an and his father, Zhou Ding, were inside the villa. They didn’t manage to escape. They were blasted to smithereens. The police couldn’t find their bodies.”


The news shocked the other cla.s.smates in the cla.s.sroom. Even though Zhou Tai’an lost to Xia Ping in the martial arts compet.i.tion, but that didn’t damage his reputation as a big shot of 95th High School.

After all, Zhou Tai’an has been a school celebrity for three years. It’s impossible for him to disappear without making waves.

“No way. Is this really true?” Another cla.s.smate expressed their doubt. “I heard that Zhou Tai’an lives in Zhengde Community. Such a high-end gated community if filled with villas, each of which is worth tens of millions of federal credits.”

“Even the security of the houses there is excellent. Once there’s a problem, someone will immediately go to investigate and put an end to all security issues.”

“Something like gas explosion is a thing from hundreds of years ago.”

Many cla.s.smates nodded, feeling that this couldn’t have happened.

“Yeah, right.”

The first cla.s.smate uttered disdainfully, “This isn’t something I made up. It was reported in the news and has become today’s headline in Skywater City. If you don’t believe me, see for yourselves. ”

Some students immediately turned to their mobile phones and clicked on news sites.

“My G.o.d, it’s true.” A tall cla.s.smate suddenly exclaimed, “It did indeed appear in the news. Furthermore, there are pictures of the explosion scene. It’s just ruins. It’s terrible.”

Many other students also saw the reports on the internet, shocked.

“He-he, my old man is a policeman. The incident happened last night. It’s been gong around for a while now. Besides, I know something that isn’t public knowledge.” A fat student uttered mysteriously.

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Many cla.s.smates asked at once, “Go on, don’t leave us in suspense.”

Many students talked about and lamented Zhou Tai’an’s death, but they didn’t feel much grief. For them, Zhou Tai’an was just a stranger.

Even though he died, they just treat it as news. The world will continue to operate without him.

As the perpetrator, Xia Ping was nonplussed. His face was as usual and had no changes.

“Xia Ping.”

At this time, Jiang Yaru walked over from afar and came to Xia Ping.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Ping raised his eyebrows, thinking that Jiang Yaru came looking for trouble. After all, he spread a lot of rumors before, which probably made her quite angry.

However, Jiang Yaru not only doesn’t look angry, but her expression is even quite calm. She said, “The teacher is looking for us. Let’s go to the office together.”

Her beautiful eyes contain complex emotions, as if she has something to say to Xia Ping.

“The teacher is looking for us?” Xia Ping blinked, puzzled.

Jiang Yaru uttered in a deep voice, “It should be regarding the school’s trial by fire.”

The school’s trial by fire?

Xia Ping was even more confused. He never heard of such a thing.

“In short, we have to go to the teacher’s office. The teacher will give you an explanation.” Jiang Yaru said. She took Xia Ping’s hand and pulled him out of his seat.

Next, the two left the cla.s.sroom and walked towards the teacher’s office.

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