God Level Demon


Chapter 67 – 10,000 Li Tracking

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Chapter 67 – 10,000 Li Tracking

Skywater City, First People’s Hospital.

When Xia Ping came to the hospital, he saw his father sitting outside the ER. As if the sky had fallen, his face is deathly pale and his whole body is shaking.

“Dad, how’s mom?” Xia Ping asked immediately.

When Xia Chuanliu saw his son approaching, he spoke in a heavy tone: “Your mom is out of danger. Due to the timely rescue, her life is not in danger. As you know, science is rather developed now. As long as you didn’t die on the spot, you can be saved.”

“But due to the collision, your mom’s legs were fractured, and it’s comminuted fracture, to boot.”

“The treatment for her legs will cost at least 700,000!”

Xia Ping realized why his father’s expression is so solemn. Although they are a family of three and their usual expenditure isn’t large, but it’s impossible for them to take out 700,000 credits at one time.

With the apartment loan still hovering over their heads, there’s no way this family can come up with 700,000 credits.

Moreover, it was a hit-and-run. It’s impossible for them to be compensated for the accident in a short time.

“There’s no other way.”

Xia Chuanliu gritted his teeth: “We can only sell our apartment. Fortunately, the housing market in Skywater City is fairly booming. Real estate is appreciating quite fast and is easy to sell. We should be able to sell it for 1.3 million.”

“Even after we pay off the loan, there should be a million left.”

“Things are gonna be a little tough for a while. We’ll only be able to rent.”

He didn’t expect such a thing to happen. It’s simply a disaster.

“Dad, don’t worry. We don’t need to sell the apartment.” Xia Ping said in a deep voice, “I’ll take care of the bill.”


Xia Chuanliu was stunned: “You will take care of it?” He wondered if there is something wrong with his ears. His son wants to pay 700,000 federal credits by himself?!

“Yes, I will take care of it.”

Xia Ping nodded: “I just earned some money, 1 million credits to be precise. This is more than enough to cover the medical expenses.”

He took out his mobile phone and projected a page showing the amount in his bank account.

Xia Chuanliu was taken aback when he saw the number: “Son, do you really have a million? Where on earth did you get it? Did you rob some place?!”

He flipped out. He has worked for ten to twenty years and lived frugally, yet to date, he hasn’t saved up 1 million credits.

His son, however, who is still a high school student, has surprisingly saved up 1 million credits. How is that possible.

“I previously wrote a novel and made a lot of money.”

Xia Ping explained where the money came from, and then said, “Besides, what place would I rob? I’d be shot dead before crossing the doorsill.”

“I reckon that there isn’t much cash even in banks.”

Xia Chuanliu nodded. In this era, digital currency is quite popular. Although there is still physical money, but it’s circulation has greatly diminished.

Even inside banks, there won’t be a large amount of cash deposit, not to mention the strict security within the banks. The security guards are all equipped with guns. Who would dare to break in under such circ.u.mstances?

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Thinking till here, he could only accept this explanation. He felt a little gratified. Although he himself is useless, but his son is accomplished.

After a short moment, as if the whole world had become unusual, his nose registered countless scents in the air.

Men, women, stones, potions, clothes, shoes, and so on, all kinds of complex scents mixed together and intertwined into a world of scents.

This world of scents is extremely distinct in Xia Ping’s mind.


A dozen plus minutes later, Xia Ping left the First People’s Hospital and came to the scene of the accident — a street with a blue car and a cart.

The blue car has an indentation, while the cart is split in pieces. From this, it can be imagined how severe the impact was.

The scene has been sealed off by tape. Since it is a crime scene, the police needs to investigate this place. For the moment, even the car and cart still remain at the scene.

But after a while, these things will be cleared away so as to avoid congestion.

“Hum, an unlicensed vehicle?”

Xia Ping’s eyes flashed coldly. Upon seeing that the blue car has no license plate, he realized that the other party deliberately drove this car to knock down his mother.

Even if it was really an accident, the police can’t track down the owner of the vehicle through the car. The perpetrator has likely long since come up with all kinds of escape routes and formulated a strict plan.

If that is the case, then the party has likely intended to escape all along.

“You want to run?! I’ll catch you for sure.”

Xia Ping clenched his fists, sniffed with his nose, and sensed the scents coming from the car. He locked on the owner’s scent, and then his figure fluttered and disappeared from the crime scene.

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