God Level Demon


Chapter 66– Destruction of Evidence!

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Chapter 66– Destruction of Evidence!


The man in blue dropped from a great height, hugged his leg, and fell to the ground. He screamed in pain like a pig being slaughtered and rolled on the ground.

The pain coming from his left leg is really severe, to the point that he broke out in a cold sweat from his forehead and trembled. In this state, half of his fighting strength is gone.

“Do you still want to escape?”

Xia Ping came to in front of the man in blue and looked at him indifferently.

“How is that possible?”

The man in blue looked at Xia Ping in disbelief: “If you have this much strength, why didn’t you kill me at the start instead of following me to this alley?”

“It’s simple, I did it on purpose. I just wanted to see who was behind this plot. As such, I let you escape and followed you here.”

Xia Ping spoke flatly.

When the man in blue was running away, he realized that the other party wasn’t giving his best, but purposefully led him to this place. Consequently, he played the other party at his own game.

Sure enough, the man in blue was fooled and brought out the people behind him.

“You let me escape?”

The man in blue showed a look of regret, and a chill welled up in his heart. What a dreadful, ruthless, cruel, and strong youngster, what a formidable character.

If he had known that this boy is such a dreadful character, he would never have gone to provoke him. Unfortunately, it’s too late now.


Xia Ping looked at the man in blue: “Who told you to attack me?” Such gangsters aren’t something ordinary people can send.

If he doesn’t go to the bottom of this, he won’t be able to rest and eat in peace. Who knows if such characters won’t appear one after another.

“I won’t tell you anything. Just kill me.” The man in blue gritted his teeth and looked at Xia Ping with hatred, “Before long, you will suffer the same end as me, you know?”

He doesn’t want to tell Xia Ping anything.

“I see, so you’re unexpectedly an unyielding character. It’s a pity that you’ve such display at the wrong time.” Xia Ping said coldly, “However, do you think that I can’t do anything about it?”

With a rustle, he took out a red pill.

This is the a low-level Truth Pill he just exchanged from the system and it’s priced at 100 hate points. If you take this pill, no matter how tight-lipped you are, you won’t be able to tell a lie.

“What, what is this?” The man in blue revealed a frightened look in his eyes. He doesn’t know what this strange thing is. However, before he could resist, Xia Ping grabbed him by the mouth and forcibly fed the pill to him.

Gurk gurk~

The man in blue soon swallowed the pill and quickly digested it.

“What did you feed me, was it poison?” The man in blue stared hatefully at Xia Ping, “It’s useless. As I said before, even if you threaten me with death, I won’t say anything.”

Xia Ping asked, “Speak, who sent you?”

“I’m not too clear about it, since I’m just a lackey, an errand boy. Only big brother Chen Dong knows this.” The man in blue poke instinctively. Immediately after, a look of panic appeared on his face, “How is this possible? Why did I blurt it out? What the h.e.l.l is going on?”

“So you’re a small potato who doesn’t know anything, yet you’re still keeping your mouth shut. I’m really disappointed.” Xia Ping was disappointed. “What do you actually know?”

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The man in blue was angered by what he heard: “Shut up. For your information, I have an important role, okay? It’s not like I don’t know anything. At least I know that Chen Dong and them wanted to deal not only with you, but also your mother.”

Seeing this scene, the man in blue shivered and looked at Xia Ping with horror: “I, I told you everything I know. Spare my life and let me go.”

“You already know that I’m just a lackey. I’m innocent.”


Xia Ping slapped the man in blue with the back of his hand, and a force exceeding 1,000 catties erupted and broke the top of the other party’s head. The other party died on the spot, bleeding from his facial orifices.

“No one is innocent. The moment you dare mess with my family, you have to die!”

He looked at the dead man in blue indifferently, without the slightest pity. If such a viper is released, it will only bite him back. It’s best to get rid of it.

“Exchange Decomposing Water!”

Xia Ping willed and exchanged 100 hate points for a bottle of Decomposing Water. He dropped the liquid on the dead bodies on the ground one by one.


When the corpses on the ground came into contact with the Decomposing Water, just like melting ice, they quickly turned into wisps of cyan smoke together with the blood and disappeared from this world.

Except Xia Ping, no one knows that these people have died. Even their bodies disappeared from this world.

In a city as big as Skywater City, it’s not uncommon for a few people to go missing at times.

“No matter who is behind this, to dare hurt my family, they won’t be able to escape.” With a cold glint in his eyes, Xia Ping left the dark alley and headed towards First People’s Hospital.

He wants to know how his mom is doing.

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