God Level Demon


Chapter 63 – Mary Hospital

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Chapter 63 - Mary Hospital

At this time, Skywater City, Mary Hospital. It is one the best hospitals in Skywater City and is well-equipped and well-staffed. However, its only drawback is its high prices. Poor people don’t come here.

In a private room of the hospital, the sound of a vase breaking rose and mixed with an angry scream.

“Xia Ping!”

The person lying on the bed here is Zhou Tai’an. From the distorted expression on his face and tightly clenched fists, in can be surmised that he is really angry.

Normally, it would have taken him one month to recover. But thanks to Mary Hospital’s excellent equipment, he nearly recovered after one weak of treatment and spending millions of credits.

But just as he was in a good mood, he saw news about Xia Ping on the Internet. He could no longer suppress the anger that acc.u.mulated in the course of a week.

“I could only lie in the bed and receive treatment for an entire week like a mummy. But you, Xia Ping, had a very comfortable time and even thrived.

Zhou Tai’an has a gloomy expression on his face: “You challenged martial halls, advanced to the 7th layer, and even gobbled up the prettiest girl of the 88th High school and an Internet idol.”

“If things go on like this, won’t that b.a.s.t.a.r.d be able to walk all over me? Will I be able to get my revenge?!”

He is extremely unreconciled and envious. At the time, in order to advance to a 6th layer Martial Apprentice, he had to invest who knows how much effort and resources.

But this guy, who seems to have no bottlenecks in his cultivation, has broken through repeatedly, and now more so has promoted to the 7th layer Martial Apprentice realm. Now, not only his fighting strength, but also his cultivation base is higher than Zhou Tai’an’s.

He can’t accept this!


Suddenly, the door opened, and a middle-aged man in a black suit walked in. The middle-aged man has an overbearing air about him. There are four or five bodyguards in black following behind him.

He is Zhou Tai’an’s father, Zhou Ding, and the owner of the Zhou Clan restaurant. He has a net worth of hundreds of millions of credits and over a thousand employees. Reportedly, he has connections with underworld organizations.

Even his cultivation base is impressive. He reached the 9th layer Martial Apprentice realm.

When he saw the broken vase on the ground, Zhou Ding frowned and stared at his son: “Did you lose your temper just now? Didn’t the doctor tell you to be careful not to get angry, or else it would adversely affect your recovery.”

“Yes, dad, I lost my temper. But I can’t accept it.”

Zhou Tai’an gritted his teeth: “Xia Ping is a n.o.body with a mediocre background, a pauper. Previously, he was just a 3rd layer Martial Apprentice realm waste.”

“I, Zhou Tai’an, work hard every day, never slack off, and even have a lot of resources. In what aspect am I lacking?”

“But I lost.”

“In the arena, he beat me black and blue and made me into the school’s laughing stock! You think I can accept it?!”

He clenched his fist and trembled.

Looking at his son, Zhou Ding couldn’t help sighing. Since he was little, his son has always been aloof and had a big ego. He never suffered any setbacks.

But all of a sudden, he suffered such a huge setback, denting his ego. It is not surprising that he can’t accept it.

“Shut up!”

Zhou Ding yelled angrily: “You are my, Zhou Ding’s, son. What’s with this pathetic display? He’s just the son of a civil servant. If you don’t want to see him again, then I’ll make him disappear.”

His tone was filled with matchless dignity.


Zhou Tai’an was stunned and looked at his father.

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“Let me tell you one thing. Martial cultivation base isn’t everything, but power is.”

“But if they do that, so what? When they recover, I’ll send people over to break their legs again.”

“At that time, we’ll see if they still can come up with the money.”

“If they can’t, they’ll have to kneel all their life.”

When Zhou Tai’an heard this, he couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine. With his father’s method, Xia Ping’s family will surely be doomed to ruin.

Even though Xia Ping is a genius, but without his legs intact, he is merely trash, that’s all. By then, he won’t be able to compare to me.

Upon thinking of this, Zhou Tai’an couldn’t help but feel relaxed. Who told you to be so full of yourself and to humiliate me in the arena. This time I have to ruin you.

Even your family won’t be spared.

“Chen Dong.”

Zhou Ding looked at a man in black behind him and instructed, “I’ll leave this to you. Remember to do a good job. Don’t make any mistakes, understood?”

“Yes, boss. We are familiar with this kind of thing.”

The man in black smiled ferociously and showed his white teeth, as if a shark. For characters of the underworld like them, doing this kind of thing is normal.


Zhou Ding nodded. For a person with authority, a sentence is enough to deal with a small fry.

Do it himself?

That would be a loss of face!

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