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Chapter 62 - A Massive Amount of Hate Points

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Chapter 62 - A Ma.s.sive Amount of Hate Points

62 – A Ma.s.sive Amount of Hate Points

The next morning, Xia Ping stretched himself and got up from bed.

All of a sudden, a mechanical voice came from the system: “Congratulations. So far, the host has gained a total of 7,436 hate points.”


Xia Ping was surprised: “What’s going on? Weren’t there just three or four thousand hate points yesterday? How did I gain two or three thousand additional hate points by just sleeping?”

“It seems that a lot of people cursed the host on the Internet last night, attracting a ma.s.sive amount of hatred.” The system guessed, “It may be because the host kidnapped a girl yesterday.”

Kidnapped a girl?

The corners of Xia Ping’s mouth twitched. He just took Chu Rong back out of kindness, so as not to let her be seen naked. But to say that he kidnapped her, that’s too much.

“Forget it. Anyway, I got two or three thousand hate points. What a windfall. Maybe it’s not a bad thing.” Xia Ping touched his chin and smiled.

Moreover, after a week of cultivation, the Gold Potion he brought back from the Dark Moon City has basically been used up. If he wants to promote quickly once more, he still needs to obtain a large amount of resources.

But he is quite satisfied with his cultivation progress. In just over a week, he went from the 6th layer to the 7th layer. Even among the countless students of the Skywater City, he ranks among the best.

“It’s too fast. I have to consolidate my martial foundation, so as to avoid it becoming unstable. That would be troublesome.” Xia Ping thought, “Let’s request a leave of absence and practice cultivation at home today.”

He decided to take a temporary leave and enter closed door cultivation for one day.


And at this time, the Skywater City, 95th High School, 3rd year, 16th cla.s.s.

Jiang Yaru came to school as usual. But for some reason, from the entrance of the school to the cla.s.sroom, many people pointed at her like she was a rare animal and whispered.

This made her feel strange and puzzled.

When Jiang Yaru came to her seat and sat down, five or six girls from her cla.s.s surrounded her at once. Other students from her cla.s.s gazed her way with looks of glee on their faces.

“Yaru, it’s over. You were cheated on, did you know?”

“To do such a thing, that Xia Ping is just a beast.”

“Yaru, don’t be sad. Guys like that need to be kicked to the curb. It’s no big deal.”

“That’s right. Even if you’re pregnant, it doesn’t matter. Just abort it. If you stay with a guy like that, you’ll ruin your life. Don’t go into a wolf’s den.”

The girls clamored as if the sky had fallen.

Cheated on?

Jiang Yaru blinked her beautiful eyes, a confused look on her face: “What are you talking about? I can’t understand anything.”

“Yaru, you haven’t gone on the Internet, have you? You don’t know what happened last night, right?” A tall girl asked in surprise.

Jiang Yaru nodded: “I was practicing cultivation until late last night and didn’t have any chance to go on the Internet. When I was tired, I went to directly bed, and then came to school right after waking up.”

“How diligent.”

The girls are full of admiration towards her. Talent is one thing, but if the person is also more hardworking than you, then there’s no comparison.

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“Yaru, I think that because you’re so diligent, you were careless and gave that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Ping the chance to be unfaithful. You should have kept an eye on him at all times.” A fat girl was upset, “Once you see any signs, you should kick him in the b.a.l.l.s. Never give him a chance to cheat on you.”


Jiang Yaru, who didn’t expect that Xia Ping could defeat Chu Rong, was shocked. Has that a.s.shole already become this strong? No, that’s not the problem. Did Chu Rong really rent a room with that guy?

She was dumbfounded.

“No way, is that really true?” Jiang Yaru can’t believe it.

The tall girl shouted, “At the time, dozens of people from the Chu Clan martial hall were present.”

“Men can be trusted when pigs fly.”

“To tell the truth, I always thought it was a rumor that that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was playing around with a lot of girls. I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“Chu Rong was definitely gobbled up by him.”

“When I went to the teacher’s office just now, I heard that the guy asked for leave. Reportedly, he’s not coming today. There seems to be a problem with his body.”

“Problem my a.s.s. As a 7th layer Martial Apprentice, he’s as fit as a fiddle. He must have gone at it with Chu Rong the whole night last night. Consequently, he is unwilling to get out of bed early today.”

“That wretched Xia Ping got his hands on a beautiful girl like Yaru, yet he’s unfaithful to her. How shameless. Heavens and men feel both indignant.”

The girls chattered.

“This, this!”

Jiang Yaru was left speechless. Although her friends are angry for her. But in fact, the is no relation between her and that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. She has no reason to be angry.

But for some reason, she feels a little upset. Could it be that she, Jiang Yaru, can’t compare with Chu Rong?

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