God Level Demon


Chapter 6 - No Suspense at All

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Chapter 6 – No Suspense at All

Yang Wei forcefully calmed down his agitated emotions. He felt that if he spoke any further with this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, his body really would explode from fury, thus he had to take care of things quickly.

“You don’t need to worry about that. Do you accept the bet or not?” Yang Wei asked, looking at Xia Ping, pressing him for an answer.

Gao Wan also added fuel to the fire, “Right! Aren’t you full of confidence? Then there’s nothing to be scared of!”

Xia Ping rubbed his chin. “Accepting this bet isn’t a problem. I’m just worried that you two will-”

Yang Wei immediately interrupted Xia Ping’s words, “There’s nothing to worry about. The two of us absolutely won’t have any problems with it. We can sign an agreement right now, that way n.o.body can disavow it later on.”

He fiddled a bit with his microchip watch. With a “beep” a white virtual screen was projected into the air. On it, a series of legal terms and conditions were clearly listed.

Xia Ping knew just how different Yanhuang Star’s laws were from Earth’s. Gambling here was permitted under the law and all those who dared to violate the contract would be appropriately punished.

In more serious cases, even being arrested and sent to jail was a possibility. As for a lighter punishment, it would at the very least result in a loss of credibility. At that point, entering society became difficult at every step. No bank would trust you enough to grant you a loan while everybody else would try to stay a respectful distance from you. You would pretty much be ostracized.

Of course if a bet went overboard, such as a bet with human life involved, then it wouldn’t be permitted by the law. As for running around naked through the school or the like, that was a minor matter and would naturally be allowed.

”Bring out your student chip and we can sign the contract right now,” Gao Wan urged.

Xia Ping’s student chip was installed in his cell phone. All of his information since birth was recorded there. His bank account, his student records, the condition of his body, everything. It was pretty much the ident.i.ty card of Yanhuang Star.

As his cell phone touched up against Yang Wei and Gao Wan’s student chips, a contract immediately popped up. Once he entered his pa.s.sword and clicked “accept”, the contract would be established. At that point, n.o.body could disavow it.

“All right, the contract is established.”

Gao Wan and Yang Wei looked at each other, both of their faces revealing a crafty “gotcha” smile and silently laughed. Now, we only need to wait for a bit and then watch this kid make a spectacle of himself

At that point, not only would he be violently beaten up by Xiong Batian, he would still need to run laps around the school grounds naked. He would become an object of ridicule for the entire school! And if they were lucky enough, he might even be treated as a pervert by the police and be arrested.

“Humph, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d constantly scoffs that we don’t have what it takes in that area. And because of how often he keeps on making fun of us about it, our reputation is pretty much in tatters,” Yang Wei said through gritted teeth, “Now, I want to see if he’s just as awesome there as he keeps implying.”

Gao Wan was also in the same frame of mind. He was even planning on recording this shameless Xia Ping’s embarra.s.sing situation and uploading it onto the web. Then this kid can be famous throughout the world rather then just at school.

“This, this!” Jiang Yuru was already infuriated beyond belief at the moment. Seeing Xia Ping sign that contract with those two, she almost went insane. How could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be so dumb as to agree to that kind of bet?! Wasn’t he just asking to lose?!

“Yuru, you don’t need to worry. I think this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is doing this deliberately,” Liang Xiaoxue a.s.serted.

Jiang Yuru paused, “Deliberately?”

What, was Xia Ping hatching some kind of plot?

”Right. On the web, I found that some perverted guys had a special type of fetish. I think it was called “exhibitionism” or something.” Liang Xiaoxue scornfully looked at Xia Ping, “It’s likely that Xia Ping also has this type of fetish. He probably didn’t have any opportunity to satisfy his perverse desires at all before, so now when Yang Wei and Gao Wan gives him such a great opportunity, he eagerly accepts only with a show of reluctance. On the surface, he’s not very happy about it, but inside, he’s probably ecstatic.”

Jiang Yuru had a dumbfounded expression as she listened to Liang Xiaoxue’s theory. What she said was really reasonable. She couldn’t find anyway to deny it at all. Could it be that Xia Ping really was a big pervert who was just hiding it all along?!

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Taking a look, one could see a young student wearing white walking over. No matter how one looked, he just seemed ordinary. However, there was one thing that wasn’t ordinary about him: his eyes. They were just too calm. Even now, when he was in front of so many people, he didn’t show any signs of panic at all.

Behind him was a large group of students, all of them from cla.s.s sixteen who had followed Xia Ping after cla.s.s to join in on the fun here at the Soaring Dragon Platform.

“You’ve come.”

Xiong Batian opened his eyes, a trace of surprise flashing across them as he watched Xia Ping walk onto the Soaring Dragon Platform. “I really did think that you would run away at the last moment. Who knew that you would actually have the guts to come over? Just based on that alone, I can show some mercy and only break five of your ribs.” He held up five fingers to make his point.

“There’s no need.”

Xia Ping waved him off. “You can come at me with all you got. It’s already pretty good if you can break a strand of my hair. If you show mercy, then it’s likely that you won’t even last a single move.”


Xiong Batian snorted, scowling at Xia Ping in displeasure. Somebody at the mere third layer of Martial Disciple actually dared to say such words? Who did he think he was?

Once the battle started, this guy will learn what’s called “despair”. Xiong Batian decided that he absolutely won’t show mercy this time around. He would teach this kid a lesson, otherwise this b.a.s.t.a.r.d probably won’t even know what “respect the strong” meant!

Hearing Xia Ping’s words, all of the students off to the side were speechless. He was already on the Soaring Dragon Platform, yet still talked so big. Once he was violently beaten up though, then it was likely that he wouldn’t be able to say such things anymore.

Watching from far away, both Gao Wan and Yang Wei sneered. They were waiting for Xia Ping to be violently beaten up by Xiong Batian. At that point, not only would this kid lose the battle, he would also be humiliated and arrested by the police as a pervert.

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