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Chapter 59 - Heaven and Earth Mountain Sundering Kick

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Chapter 59 - Heaven and Earth Mountain Sundering Kick

59 – Heaven and Earth Mountain Sundering Kick

Ding, ding, ding, ding~~~

When Chu Rong accepted the bet, Xia Ping heard a series of system notifications: “+1 hate point, +1 hate point...”

After the provocation just now, who knows how many people want to beat him up. It’s only natural for his hate points to soar.

“Sure enough, picking up girls is the best way to increase hate.” Xia Ping stroked his chin, “What cane be more hateful than when even though you detest me, but I still pick up your G.o.ddess.”

He looked around and found that all the people in the surroundings want to rip his head off, to throw him into oncoming traffic.

But, regardless how angry the surrounding people are, Xia Ping and Chu Rong quickly signed a contract.

“Let’s go to the Chu Clan martial arts hall.” Chu Rong turned around and walked towards the Chu Clan martial arts hall.

Whoosh, whoosh!

A group of people soon came to an open s.p.a.ce of the Chu Clan martial arts hall, which is the training grounds. The people parted it once, leaving an empty s.p.a.ce in the middle. This is the place where the martial contest will take place.

Xia Ping and Chu Rong are standing in the middle, 10 meters apart, facing each other. Holding their breath, the people around them want to see who wins this match.

Of course, they want Xia Ping to lose. If he is beaten black and blue, that’s even better.

“Start the match.”

The referee, a disciple of the Chu Clan martial arts hall, stepped forward and announced the start of the match.


The voice has just fallen, when Chu Rong set out. After suppressing her anger for who knows how long, she finally has a chance to vent. She took action in a spectacular manner.

Chu Clan martial arts hall unique technique — the Heaven and Earth Mountain Sundering Kick, the first form, Reversing the Heaven and Earth!

“Amazing.” Everyone exclaimed in admiration. As a legendary genius, Chu Rong is even stronger than Yao Zhong. When she unleashed the kick, the air exploded, setting off a strong wind.

They could hardly see Chu Rong’s movements. They just felt that a figure streaked by, spun nine times in the air, and unleashed tremendous force, as if a meteor hit the ground and heaven and earth were turned upside down.

Along with a “whoosh”, she kicked at his chest with a devastating force.

“It’s said that when this kicking unique technique, the Heaven and Earth Mountain Sundering Kick, is used by Grandmaster martial arts experts, it possesses the power to split the earth and smash mountains and rivers with a kick.” Someone exclaimed, “Once upon a time, there was a Grandmaster martial arts expert who dealt with countless monstrous beasts. With one kick, tens of thousands of powerful monstrous beasts met a violent end in an instant and a rift dozen plus kilometers long appeared in the earth.”

“There is such a rumor indeed. Although Senior Disciple Sister Chu is a 7th layer Martial Apprentice, but she has cultivated this martial skill to its essence. Even if she faces an ordinary 8th layer Martial Apprentice, the other party may not be her opponent.”

“What’s more, this kicking technique possesses great penetrating force. No body protection art can resist it.”

“Acting like he’s unconcerned, this fellow is toast.”

Discussions rose as the spectators watched Xia Ping stand still with his hands behind his back and look calm and composed, as if he doesn’t intend to make any evasive movements.


Chu Rong ruthlessly kicked Xia Ping in the chest. Then, currents of air shook, and even ripples visible to the naked eye arose in the air and spread in all directions.

Caught off guard, two or three spectating disciples were sent flying by the aftermath, screaming. They fell on the ground five or six meters away. Shocked, the spectators couldn’t believe their eyes.

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“That’s it?” Still standing in the same place, Xia Ping looked at Chu Rong indifferently and sighed secretly. This girl’s strength is the real deal. Judging solely from this kick, it’s might is twice that of Yao Zhong’s attacks.

However, the Beiming Body Protection Art is a top-shelf art that trashy body protection arts cannot compare to. It can neutralize all forces and even make use of them.

“How could this be?”

Chu Rong widened her beautiful eyes, unable to believe her eyes. This kick that is the condensation of her life’s accomplishments, this pinnacle kick can even send 8th layer Martial Apprentices flying and defeat them.

But the fellow standing here is still. He was able to resist her pinnacle kick. So far, she wasn’t even able to make this b.a.s.t.a.r.d move a step.

“I don’t believe that you’re really this powerful. Receive my final kick, which is also my strongest attack. Although I haven’t mastered it thoroughly yet, but it’s enough to deal with you.”

Chu Rong took a deep breath, a blast sounded, a hole appeared on the earth at her feet, and countless cracks extended.

Heaven and Earth Mountain Sundering Kick, the third form — Cleave the Nine Provinces!

In the blink of an eyes, nine kick afterimages appeared in the air. But these nine kick afterimages merged into one. Nine different kinds of forces, such as winding force, soft force, sticky force, hard force, and others, blended together and burst out with a fearsome might.

Such a blow is enough to shatter the earth and cleave the Nine Provinces [2].

It is said that in ancient times, there have been peerless experts who could split the mainland and divide the Nine Provinces with a kick, which earned them the admiration of countless martial arts experts.

“Senior Disciple Sister Chu is too strong!”

Even the Chu Clan martial arts hall’s disciples have never seen Chu Rong perform such an attack. This is basically the rudiment of the martial arts Grandmaster. This one strike can match the fighting strength of a 9th layer Martial Apprentice.

[1] – Henglian (横练) is a way of training and literally means ‘training through brute strength’. Henglian refers to a method which uses ‘smashing of one’s body onto a hard object’ in order to train their body parts

[2] – Nine Provinces is a term used in ancient times that symbolically represents China

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