God Level Demon


Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

G.o.d Level Demon Chapter 57

In the evening of the next day, Chu Clan martial arts hall .

At this time, the martial arts hall was surrounded by a dense crowd . All of them were students who came to spectate .

"What's the matter? I never imagined that there would be so many onlookers? Is that Xia Ping's reputation really so big?" a person asked curiously .

His companion looked at the man contemptuously and said, "Don't you have any idea how powerful this Chu Clan martial arts hall is? Most of the audience is not here for Xia Ping, but for the Chu clan martial arts hall . "

"Is this Chu Clan martial arts hall so awesome and popular?" That person couldn't believe it .

His companion said: "They are indeed very powerful . But most people are here for elder sister Chu Rong who is very popular . She is a famous female star on the Internet . She is both beautiful and powerful . "

"She has long become a celebrity and has many fans . Once she starts a live broadcast about a martial arts compet.i.tion, millions of viewers will immediately come to watch and give countless gifts . "

"It could be said that Chu Rong is a living advertis.e.m.e.nt for the Chu Clan martial arts hall . Many disciples joined the Chu Clan martial arts hall solely for her . "

His eyes also showed admiration . Obviously he was also one of her fans .

"It turns out that the people who came here are all fanboys . No wonder they are so fanatical . " The person suddenly realized as he looked around . He was indeed different from most of the onlookers here .

His companion sneered: "Anyway, it's fine if Xia Ping doesn't come . But if he does, he will instantly become public enemy number one . I am afraid that he wouldn't even be able to escape by then . "

"Even if he wins, he would be attacked in an alley and beaten up . "

He showed a vicious look .

"Look! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Ping really came!" Someone exclaimed .

Whoosh whoosh! ! !

Everyone looked over . A bus stopped at the platform, and a figure slowly walked out from it . It was Xia Ping who everyone was talking about .

They had all seen photos of Xia Ping on the Internet . They would recognize him even if he turned to ashes .

"Well, why are so many people here to welcome me?" Xia Ping was also a little surprised . He came to the Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall to challenge them . But he did not expect to see so many people gathered in front of the hall as if to welcome and provide a grand reception to a bigshot .

"Welcome your sister!"

A bulky man of two meters tall stood up with a grim face as he squeezed his big fist . He stared at Xia Ping ferociously and said: "I advise you to go back immediately . You are not allowed to challenge the Chu Clan Martial arts hall . Otherwise, I won't be polite with you . It's a trivial thing to break three of your ribs . "

"Yes, you can't provoke the Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall . "

"If you dare hurt even a single hair of Miss Chu, I will kill you . "

Immediately three men walked out . They were around 1 . 9 meters tall and looked like an iron tower . They were all powerhouses at the Sixth Layer .

Everyone sneered . If this kid tried to enter the Martial Arts Hall today, he would be beaten to the ground by an angry crowd at the door .


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Xia Ping just uttered a single word and punched out . It was like a tiger pouncing and as fast as lightning . In an instant, he released three punches into the air, and each punch exploded out with thousands of kilograms of shocking vigorous force .

They witnessed the four powerhouses being blown away by this kid with a single punch . One of them had his lungs severely wounded and his bones were broken . There was no way for them to fight back . They seemed weaker than a chicken compared to Xia Ping . Who would dare to stop him?!

Although Xia Ping only came here to challenge the hall, it didn't mean that he had no temper . If he didn't take action to teach these people a lesson, he would constantly be annoyed .

Suddenly, there was pin drop silence as no one dared to say anything at all .

Although Xia Ping was only one person, he was like an ancient beast crushing many people . They didn't even dare take a deep breath in this tense atmosphere .


At this moment, an angry shout came from the entrance of the martial arts hall . A group of disciples wearing white exercise clothes walked out . The head of the group was a woman, and it was Chu Rong .

The audience around them all gazed back at her with shining eyes . She was indeed a stunning beauty . That kind of brave and heroic demeanor was enough to make any man stunned .

"Are you here to challenge the hall or to cause trouble?" Chu Rong stared at Xia Ping angrily . Seeing this kind of domineering behavior, her impression of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d became worse and worse .

He was just a shameless person who made trouble with his strength . He was not even handsome . She didn't know why Jiang Yaru fell in love with such a man . Was she blind?!

"I am not causing trouble . Just swatting some flies who don't know their place . They don't have the qualifications for me to cause them any trouble . "


The crowd was in an uproar . How arrogant was this b.a.s.t.a.r.d?! . Although it had long been rumored that he didn't place anyone in his eyes, they did not expect him to be so arrogant .

Even martial artists at the sixth and seventh layer were regarded by him as flies . So who was his opponent? Was it someone at the Martial Warrior realm?!

The disciples of the Chu clan martial arts hall were even more angry . They were mad at Xia Ping's arrogant att.i.tude . They had never seen someone like him . It seemed as if every word and every sentence of his were meant to infuriate them .

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