God Level Demon


Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

G.o.d Level Demon Chapter 56

At this time, Chu Clan martial arts hall .

A group of disciples wearing white practice clothes were gathering in this place . Everyone was silent and no one was looking at another . The atmosphere was dignified as if they would be facing a big enemy .

"Senior Sister Chu Rong is here!" Suddenly, a disciple shouted .

Whoosh whoosh! ! !

All the disciples at the scene looked over and saw a tall and hot girl walk in through the door . She was 1 . 68 meters tall and wore loose white exercise clothes .

But this still couldn't conceal her extremely seductive figure . She had an exquisite waist and bulging bosom . Her thin waist could be held with only one hand . She was definitely a stunner .

When she came in, all the male disciples couldn't help but widen their eyes; showing admiration as if all the brilliance of the world had been taken away by her alone .

Da Da Da! ! !

The girl didn't care at all, as if she had been accustomed to this kind of gaze . She walked step by step to the front position and sat down cross-legged . She looked at the disciples in the Chu family's martial arts hall with an indifferently gaze that contained majesty .

The disciples all around bowed their heads and did not dare look directly because this girl was not only beautiful, but also powerful . She was the daughter of the master of Chu Clan martial arts hall . She was the number one master here, a powerhouse at the Seventh Layer!

In other words, none of them here was her opponent .

"I heard that someone wants to come to my Chu Clan Hall to exchange some pointers?"

Chu Rong asked .

"Yes, that kid is a student from Tianshui City 95th High School, named Xia Ping . "

"He challenged seven or eight martial arts halls in a row . Their disciples were beaten badly . "

"Although he is only a martial artist in the sixth layer, he seems to have practiced a formidable defensive skill . No matter how many times he was attacked, he was completely fine .

"That guy is extremely arrogant . When he challenges a hall, he doesn't take the initiative to attack . He allows his opponents to attack and completely humiliates those martial arts students . "

"It is rumored that after being challenged by that kid, many martial arts students collapsed and were so shocked that they could not get out of bed for three days . They almost wanted to give up martial arts . "

"He should be coming to our Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall tomorrow to humiliate us . "

Many students began to speak as their faces showed unwillingness . But according to the kid's previous record, the odds of them defeating him was abysmal .

It was impossible to escape .

They were martial arts schools . If they met and chose to avoid fighting, the hall would lose all credibility and their reputation would be dragged through the mud . Could they possibly still hang around in Tianshui City in the future?!

If they did that kind of thing, they would be laughed at wherever they went .

"Tianshui City 95th High School? Their people actually dared to come to my Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall to look for trouble . Does he have a death wish?!" Chu Rong couldn't help clenching her fists as her beautiful eyes showed a trace of anger .

The disciples around also knew why Chu Rong was so angry . Because most of them were students from Tianshui City 88th High School, who were sworn enemies of 95th High School .

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Because of their long-standing grievances, the students of the two schools were in a compet.i.tive relationship and disliked each other . They usually spit on each other whenever they encounter someone from the other school on the road .

She would never admit this kind of victory!

"Jiang Yaru!"

Chu Rong gritted her teeth and her beautiful eyes showed a blazing flame: "Since you have been deceived by a sc.u.mbag and can't see anything, let me wake you up completely . "

"He will be defeated by me, so that you can see his true face . That kind of man is not worthy of a woman like you . "

A student hesitated and said: "But Sister Chu, although Xia Ping is a bit of a sc.u.mbag, his strength is absolutely solid . It is said that even the big brother Yao Zhong of Wuwei martial arts hall couldn't break his defensive martial skill . He was beaten and now he is hiding in the hospital and doesn't dare to come out . "

"What defensive martial skill?!"

Chu Rong snorted coldly: "My Chu Clan's martial skill, Heaven and Earth Mountain Splitting Leg, specializes in extreme penetrating power . "

"There used to be a guy who practiced the Iron Shirts defensive marital skill who wanted to challenge me . I kicked him three times and sent him flying a dozen meters away . He had five or six broken ribs . Could it be that this Xia Ping can endure more than ten or twenty of these kicks? How could a high school kid possibly be that strong?"

She was extremely confident of herself . No one was her opponent . Even the genius Jiang Yaru could only match herself, but could not defeat her .

"That's right . How powerful is the Heaven and Earth Mountain Splitting Leg? Even a monster with a strong defensive power would have his internal organs shredded . That kid is naturally not Sister Chu Rong's opponent . "

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d's martial skill can not compare to ours . "

"If he dares to come over, he will be given a memorable lesson . "

The disciples of the Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall shouted one by one in the face of a common enemy .

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