God Level Demon


Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

The next day, an unexpected visitor came to the Tiger Martial Arts Hall which was originally extremely peaceful . This man kicked the door with one foot and shouted arrogantly: "I have come to challenge the hall . All of you come at me . "

He stood directly in the middle of the door with a pompous expression . This person was obviously Xia Ping .

"Go to h.e.l.l! Who has the courage to challenge the Tiger Martial Arts Hall?!"

"Teach that kid a lesson . "

"Don't be too heavy handed . Just beat him half to death . "

All the students in the Tiger Martial Arts Hall were furious . They rushed out to beat up Xia Ping for finding trouble with the Hall recklessly .

But even after beating him for half an hour, Xia Ping didn't retaliate and he was standing still in the same place . He was as steady as mount Tai and had a very relaxed expression .

"Are you only capable of this? I looked at the online rankings . You seem to be ranked a bit higher than Wuwei Martial Arts Hall . But now it seems to be just a rumor . I wouldn't have even bothered to come here if I knew how weak you guys are . " Xia Ping showed a look of regret .

He knew that Wuwei and Tiger Martial Art Halls were near the same position in the rankings . So they were often compared to each other . Therefore, the disciples of these two halls often clashed and had resentment towards the other side .

Although they were not life and death enemies, they wouldn't normally interact with each other . If they had a disagreement about something, they would fight each other . Now they were provoked by Xia Ping .

"a.s.shole, you actually compare Wuwei Martial Arts Hall with us!"

"They just have a fake reputation . Don't be too arrogant, kid . We'll let you see how powerful our Tiger Martial Arts Hall is . It is not comparable to the trash of a Wuwei Martial Arts Hall . "

"The people in Wuwei Martial Arts Hall only know some half-a.s.sed techniques . How can they compare to us . A single punch from us can destroy them . "

"Is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d from Wuwei Martial Arts Hall? If so, then you are seeking your own death . "

"Everyone let's go cripple this guy . I will pay for all the medical expenses . "

Sure enough, the students of the Tiger Martial Arts Hall were completely provoked by Xia Ping's words . They could lose to anyone but Wuwei Martial Arts Hall .

Bang bang bang! ! !

They punched and kicked Xia Ping, displaying their Tiger Boxing Technique . Every punch was powerful enough to crush a large rock

"Not bad . It's really not bad at all for young people . Young people are usually more active . Some old timers among you are cutting corners when they punch . "

Xia Ping was very satisfied . He ran the Beiming Body Protection Technique and transformed the energy from these fists into strength and constantly tempered his body . The energy in his body was quickly refined .

Just one day was worth the usual month of cultivation .

Half an hour later, all the students of the Tiger Martial Arts Hall who previously seemed lively were all tired and paralyzed on the ground . They had no strength at all and they sweated profusely after collapsing . Their faces were pale as if they were completely drained by their girlfriends .

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"d.a.m.n, is this kid a monster?!"

"Of course I heard . I was at the scene at the time . That person was extremely hateful . With his great strength, he didn't put them in his eyes at all . He was so arrogant that he didn't even take action . Everyone's attacks had no effect on him . Instead, they all lost their strength from exhaustion . It is said that some people who wanted to cut corners and didn't attack with all their strength were caught by the demon . They were beaten and had fractured bones all over their bodies . They wouldn't recover before three months . I was terrified by that scene and slipped away . "

"He is so arrogant that he stands still and lets them attack? What is his background?"

"I personally investigated him and finally found out that his name is Xia Ping . He is a student from Tianshuicheng 95th High School . He seems to have won second place in the school fighting compet.i.tion and he also has a beautiful girlfriend who is the school flower . "

"He is strong and also has a girlfriend . How can such natural winners in life not be struck by lightning?!"

"According to rumors, he is very despicable and lecherous . He has more than a dozen girlfriends, eight of whom are pregnant . "

"Sure enough, these winners in life tend to be despicable beasts . This kind of things can't be covered up . Hurry up and call the police to arrest him . Check his details . He would surely have to suffer through labor camp for three years . "

"Someone has checked it a long time ago, but it is very clean and there are no records of illegal crimes . He used to be low-key and was s a good citizen . I think that he has a powerful background and those things have already been settled and swept under the rugs . "

"d.a.m.n it, can no one teach this bully a lesson? Everyone in martial arts halls are in danger . They are dreading the day the devil comes to challenge their hall and abuse them . "

"Don't worry, someone will clean him up soon . I heard that he plans to go to Chu martial arts hall tomorrow . It is the largest martial arts hall in this place . The strong are like the cloud there . He will definitely be beat up very badly . "

"I will go check it out tomorrow and take pictures of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d for everyone to watch . This kind of beast should be made famous so that everyone can criticize him . "

The group of people on the Internet had vicious discussions . Among them, there were many martial arts hall disciples who were mistreated by Xia Ping . They all spread rumors and slandered maliciously .

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