God Level Demon


Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

G.o.d Level Demon Chapter 54

However, Xia Ping was unfazed after being attacked for an hour . Instead, all the people who attacked Xia Ping collapsed as if they had been drained by their girlfriends seven or eight times . They had no strength at all .

Bang bang bang! ! !

One by one the disciples fell to the ground, panting loudly and sweating profusely .

Even if some disciples with stronger endurance were still attacking Xia Ping, it could be seen that their fists were already weak like babies .

"What's wrong? Didn't you say that you are the elites of Wuwei Martial Arts Hall? After just an hour of fighting, you have no energy left?"

Xia Ping was very upset . He was enjoying it just now . The strength of his body had been increasing bit by bit . This incomparable pleasure was too comfortable . It felt more refreshing than a ma.s.sage .

But now, these people had no strength and stopped hitting him . Their weak attacks had no effect .

Hearing this, the people in the Wuwei Martial Arts Hall were suffocated to the extreme, but they were indeed lacking strength .

They were also extremely helpless . This kid was just a monster . Hundreds of them took turns to beat him up . But it had absolutely no effect . They couldn't even make him take a step back .

After fighting for an hour, their opponent was still alive and well but they had collapsed . They were completely dispirited . No wonder even big brother Yao Zhong was not the kid's opponent .

"They unexpectedly aren't even provoked? It seems that these people really have no energy left . "

Xia Ping stroked his chin and looked at the Wuwei martial arts disciples who were lying on the ground like a puddle of mud . No matter how unwilling he was, he had to end it for that day .

"Forget it, I will let you go today and come back tomorrow . "

He dropped these words, turned around and left .

"What? Come tomorrow? Won't we have plenty of time to rest up then?" A Wuwei martial arts hall disciple was happy to see Xia Ping leave .

But when he heard these words, his face was completely green . This G.o.d of plague will come again tomorrow . Wouldn't he be subjected to more mental plus physical abuse by this kid?!

Not only was his face green, even the faces of other disciples in the hall were green .

However, no matter how reluctant they were, Xia Ping arrived at the gate of Wuwei Martial Arts Hall on time the next morning and yelled to provoke these people into beating him up .

If these people didn't beat him, he would beat them . He said so arrogantly .

The disciples of Wuwei martial arts hall were also powerful experts . How could they take this lying down? So they rushed up one by one to a.s.sist Xia Ping in his cultivation .

For three days in a row, Xia Ping made Wuwei Martial Arts Hall his home and abused the disciples every day .

"Have some more strength . Yes, you! The two-meter-tall big guy . You have so much muscle . Why do you punch like a baby? Did you come here without eating?"

"And you, kid, are a strong man at the sixth layer . Why is your punches so weak? Did you do something with your girlfriend last night? You are so presumptuous at a young age . I think you will be impotent when you get older . "

"What are you laughing at? It's the same for the three of you . Did you say that you are top students in your school? I don't know what low level school you are in to be at the top with your level of strength . "

Standing in place, Xia Ping shouted and constantly mentally tortured these students . They had long turned blue and white with anger; almost to the point of vomiting blood .

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If it were three days ago, they would still have a little desire to fight back . But now they were all used to being abused by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d .

"We are actually very weak . Please don't bully us . "

"If you come again, I will just lie down on the ground and not move . "

The disciples of Wuwei Martial Arts Hall made a clamor and threw tantrums .

"Other martial art halls?"

Xia Ping had to seriously consider the feasibility of this matter . After these three days of abuse, the enthusiasm of these disciples had indeed reduced a lot . Their weak unenthusiastic attacks almost didn't affect him .

If this continued, his cultivation plan might have to be interrupted .

He was indeed a little bored after abusing them for three days .

"Well, that's it for today . I will go to another martial arts hall tomorrow . "

Xia Ping decided and left .

"Finally! This G.o.d of plague has left to harm other martial arts halls . "

"d.a.m.n, we must celebrate!"

"Great, it's been full of dark clouds for the past three days . I almost wanted to quit from Wuwei Martial Arts Hall . The sky has finally cleared . "

The disciples of Wuwei Martial Arts Hall cried out with joy . They all hugged each other and wept ecstatic tears after they finally managed to drive Xia Ping away .

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