God Level Demon


Chapter 5 - Can't Accept it!

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Chapter 5 – Can’t Accept it!

It was almost time for the afternoon cla.s.s, so Xia Ping came down from the rooftop and headed for cla.s.s. When he was approaching the cla.s.sroom though, two people suddenly appeared and blocked his way.

He took a look and immediately saw that it was two girls who were blocking his way. One of them appeared cute and adorable, standing at one and a half meters tall. With all of her clothes being brand name articles, she had quite a regal air about her. It was very clear that she had a superior background.

Xia Ping recognized this girl. Her name was Liang Xiaoxue, one of his cla.s.smates in cla.s.s. She was truly a wealthy beauty with a haughty att.i.tude, never having any of her cla.s.smates in her eyes. Before, she had pretty much no interactions with him.

As for the other girl, she had a coldly elegant type of absolute beauty. Her clothes consisted of a white shirt with a large bust size, cowgirl shorts that set off her slender legs, and a pair of white sneakers that finished off her ensemble.

Xia Ping also recognized her as well. She was the cla.s.s leader and cla.s.s flower of cla.s.s sixteen, Jiang Yaru[1], who enjoyed great popularity throughout the entire school. With excellent grades and a high martial arts talent, she was pretty on the level of a G.o.ddess and had countless pursuers.

At the same time, she was Xia Ping’s neighbour, having recognized him since he was he was little. Pretty much a childhood friend.

“Xia Ping, is it true that you are planning on going onto the Soaring Dragon Platform with Xiong Batian?” Jiang Yuru asked, gazing at Xia Ping.

Xia Ping nodded, “It’s true.”

“How could you agree to go onto the Soaring Dragon Platform with Xiong Batian?” Jiang Yaru asked, looking at Xia Ping with a solemn face. “Don’t you know that Xiong Batian isn’t a good person to mess with? His cultivation is at the fifth layer of Martial Disciple. Aside from being naturally born with superhuman strength, it’s also rumoured that he’s practiced a mid-tier martial skill, Darting Lightning Bear Swipe. His combat capabilities are off the charts and can probably match even those of a sixth layer Martial Disciple’s. You’re only at the third layer of Martial Disciple. If you go up onto the Soaring Dragon Platform, then aren’t you just looking to be ravaged by him? Quickly go surrender and abandon this dumb duel!”

You don’t understand,” Xia Ping replied calmly.

Jiang Yuru scowled at Xia Ping, before retorting, “What don’t I understand? It’s obviously you acting on your impulses after being provoked to so stupidly accept such a dumb duel. You clearly know that you aren’t Xiong Batian’s match and that you’ll only get beaten up if you go onto the Soaring Dragon Platform, yet you still accepted. What, is it just so that you can spite him? Even if you won’t die on the Soaring Dragon Platform, if you’re seriously injured by Xiong Batian, then you’ll still need to be sent to the hospital for urgent care. The doctor’s fee for that isn’t cheap. At that point, aren’t you just increasing the financial burden for your mother and father?!”

She knew of Xia Ping’s circ.u.mstances. His family was only an ordinary one. Just this one trip to the emergency room and it would be enough to severely impact their financial situation.

“Men are like that. They obviously know that they don’t have the capability and aren’t somebody else’s match, yet they still go around flaunting their superiority. That isn’t handsome, that’s just dumb,” Liang Xiaoxue said, looking down at Xia Ping with disdain. This kid clearly didn’t have anything to him, yet still put on such an act. She really hated men like that. Honestly, she was curious as to why her best friend even cared about this kid.

“You don’t need to worry so much. I naturally know how I should handle this affair.” Xia Ping shook his hand, gesturing for Jiang Yuru not to worry, before walking past her and entering the cla.s.sroom.

How could Jiang Yuru know that he wasn’t the same as before? Obtaining the Pure Yang Everlife Incantation, promotion to the fourth layer of Martial Disciple, the practice of the Five Form Fist, all of this greatly increased his strength. Right now, he was strong enough to crush Xiong Batian.

Yet, there was no need to tell other people of this. After all, even if he did tell them, they probably still wouldn’t believe him. Since that was the case, then he would use reality to prove everything.

“Xia Ping!” Jiang Yuru glowered at Xia Ping’s back, yet she couldn’t stop him. Right now, she was really furious.

Liang Xiaoxue coldly humphed, “Yuru, why do you even care about this man? You’re wasting you’re time. Wait until he suffers a bit. Once he is seriously injured by Xiong Batian and sent to the hospital for urgent care, then he’ll know just how wrong he was.”

“But if he’s seriously injured, how should I tell Aunt Huang?” Jiang Yuru asked in frustration.

Liang Xiaoxue waved it off, “It doesn’t matter how you tell her or not. You’ve already done your best to talk him. It’s just that he won’t listen. What, if he tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building, we’re supposed to stop him too?!”

“Forget it. With things as they are now, there’s nothing else I can do,” Jiang Yuru sighed in resignation. Both of them had already agreed to go onto the Soaring Dragon Platform and news of this matter had also been spread throughout the entire school. Even if they wanted to stop now, it was already too late.

”It’s fine, it’s fine. Cla.s.s has almost started, you know. This is somebody else’s situation anyways, you don’t need to keep worrying about it here. Let’s go in already,” Liang Xiaoxue soothed before pulling Jiang Yuru into the cla.s.sroom.

And at this time, Xia Ping had already entered the cla.s.sroom.

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Swish, swish, swish!

Gao Wan almost leapt up. “As a person, you should know your limits and never overestimate yourself. Want to enter Yanhuang University and win over Xiong Batian? Who do you think you are? You’re only an average third layer Martial Disciple student who would have difficulty getting into a third-rate university much less Yanhuang University! Stop daydreaming and wake up to reality! A salted fish can never manage to flip over!”

“What does it matter to you whether or not I can enter Yanhuang University or win over Xiong Batian? You’re like a dog trying to chase a rat, uselessly wasting your time,” Xia Ping retorted, waving him off. He was too lazy to even bother with these people anymore.

Seeing Xia Ping still act so c.o.c.ky, Gao Wan practically exploded from anger. This guy was so infuriating! Calling him a dog? Really?!

His eyes narrowed as a sinister smile flashed across his face. “Since you’re so confident, why don’t we make a bet?” he needled.

“A bet?” Xia Ping repeated, turning to look at him.

“Correct. If you lose, you’ll have to do three laps around the school. Naked. Likewise, if we lose, we’ll also do three laps around the school naked. Do you have the guts to bet with us?!” Gao Wan challenged.

“Is that really okay? I remember both of your bodies missing something, so if you guys strip naked, then won’t other people mistake the two of you for girls?” Xia Ping asked, looking doubtfully at Yang Wei and Gao Wan. He really was worried.

I’m missing your sister!

Who the f.u.c.k’s body was missing something? Neither of us were really impotent, nor was that thing really so small that other people couldn’t see it. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had to stop going around and spreading all those strange rumours.

Both Yang Wei and Gao Wan were infuriated half to death as their noses flared. This guy’s mouth was just asking for a beating! Every time it opened, it spewed bulls.h.i.t and more bulls.h.i.t. The problem was, they couldn’t do anything if their cla.s.smates actually did believe him.

Translator Notes:

Jiang Yaru: Her name is p.r.o.nounced ya-ru, not yar-ru. In Chinese, it’s 江雅茹. Jiang is the surname and means “river”. Ya stands for “elegance” and “beauty”. As for ru, it usually means “to eat”, but in this case, when used as a name, it doesn’t have any particular meaning. I had considered going for Jiang Yuru to make it easier for English viewers, but decided against it in the end.

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