God Level Demon


Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

“Oh my G.o.d! That rumor was really true. Jiang Yaru had been impregnated by this shameless man.” A male student sighed up to the sky with tears streaming down his face as if he had received a major blow, and collapsed to the ground.

“What a beast! He has no humanity anymore. He made high school girls pregnant at such a young age. Is he still human? Everyone, could he possibly be a human!?”

A tall student was so sad and indignant that he couldn’t wait to rush forward and beat Xia Ping violently. In fact, there were many people who had the same idea. It was only a short while before someone started shouting.

“This is irrational. What is so good about this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Xia Ping?”

“Even if you randomly pick someone from the crowd, they’d be a hundred times better than Xia Ping.”

“With his family background and looks, how can he compare to us!”

A group of students were very angry. The air smelled of turmoil.

“I see. Now I understand why top powerhouses like Tao Yun and Gao Sheng were not Xia Ping’s opponents. It’s because no matter how they fight against Xia Ping, he is indifferent. His body is as tough as a steel plate, and it seems like nothing can even scratch him.” A student wearing gla.s.ses suddenly realized that he seemed to have solved a shocking question.

Someone immediately asked: “What’s the matter? Say it quickly.”

“Have you not heard what Xia Ping was saying just now?”

The student wearing gla.s.ses reasoned mysteriously, saying: “Jiang Yaru is pregnant. And pregnant women tend to have a moody temper. It is even more terrifying than when a woman is on her period. So she beat Xia Ping at every turn whenever her mood soured.”

“Think about it, what kind of character is Jiang Yaru? The proud daughter of heaven and a powerhouse at the seventh layer. She can be called the number one in the school. No one can beat her. Simply put, she is the humanoid female version of a Tyrannosaurus. In front of her, one can only be beaten.”

“Xia Ping is often beaten by this kind of character. As long as he doesn’t die, even a tofu can be tempered into steel. Xia Ping became so strong only because of resisting her beatings.”

It suddenly dawned on everyone as they finally understood why Xia Ping was so tough. This kid was originally a useless piece of wood. He was so inconspicuous in school that anyone could step on him.

However, after hooking up with Jiang Yaru, he was beaten violently at every turn. So he drastically improved his skills in taking beatings. After all, if you wanted to survive the beating of a humanoid female tyrannosaurus, you couldn’t stay weak.

“Big brother, listening to you say that, it suddenly feels very reasonable. I can vividly imagine what happened.”

“d.a.m.n it, this kid’s life is so good. He gets to be beaten up by the school flower and is able to train his martial arts to the point of entering the finals. So tyrannical!”

“It’s a little bit unbelievable. I’m not afraid of everyone’s jokes. To be honest, I’m often beaten up by my girlfriend who weighs more than 300 kilograms, but it didn’t work. I went to the hospital several times. Sometimes I stay unconscious for a long period.”

“Can your girlfriend be compared with the school flower Jiang Yaru? When someone like her beats her boyfriend, it is the kind of life and death battle that can completely stimulate the body’s potential. It is on a completely different level.”

“I’m still very interested in the experience of the previous elder brother. How did you hook up with that girlfriend? You still haven’t broken up after all this. Are you being threatened?”

Many students talked a lot about why Xia Ping became so tough. Three feet of ice does not form in a single day. Xia Ping had probably undergone many years of brutal training to show such skill.

His cla.s.smates were also gathered in a circle and discussing this theory. Although the rumor that Jiang Yaru was pregnant came from their side, it was after all just a rumor that had not been confirmed.

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But now this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xia Ping actually admitted it. Was that really true?!

She stomped her feet with anger. Just wait. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d would be caught by her sooner or later. She vowed to give that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Xia Ping, a good lesson. Otherwise her surname would not be Jiang.

At this time, Xia Ping came to the toilet. He indeed had to pee and just took advantage of this opportunity to hide. Otherwise if other students saw him, they would gang up on him to beat him.


A voice came from the system: “Congratulations to the host for arousing anger and attracting a lot of hatred. So far, the host has obtained a total of 3,700 hate points. I hope the host continues his efforts.”

Three thousand seven hundred hate points?!

Hearing this number, Xia Ping’s eyes lit up. Originally, all the hate points he had saved up was basically consumed in exchanging for the Beiming Body Protection Technique.

But because of the duels, a large number of students were angered and he gained more than 3,000 hate points at once. This was simply a b.u.mper harvest.

The only downside was that he was now a public enemy of the school and his reputation was worse than s.h.i.t. He would most probably be thrown rotten eggs at when he walked on the road.

“If there is a gain, there must be a loss. There is no free lunch in the world.” Xia Ping was very open-minded and didn’t continue being upset about this kind of thing. “Forget it, it’s evening now. Let’s go home for dinner.”

After a day of compet.i.tion, it was now five or six in the afternoon and he was grunting with hunger.

Xia Ping finished responding to nature’s call in the toilet and was about to leave the school. But when he walked to the school gate, he was immediately surrounded by a dozen young men in white pract.i.tioner clothes.

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