God Level Demon


Chapter 46

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Chapter 46


The surrounding audience looked at Gao Sheng who was being quickly carried away by the medical staff with pity. After suffering such a blow, his heart had collapsed as he couldn’t even make his opponent flinch after hitting Xia Ping so many times.

On the other hand with just a single punch from Xia Ping, he flew out screaming and was seriously injured to the point of unconsciousness. Was there a more cruel ending in the world? This Xia Ping was indeed a demon.

“d.a.m.n it! Can no one punish this bully?”

“Look at this b.a.s.t.a.r.ds c.o.c.ky expression! How hateful!”

“What kind of Martial Skill did this kid practice? Why is he okay no matter how many times he is. .h.i.t?”

“This is not reasonable. If such a sc.u.mbag can also enter the semi-finals, is there any justice in the world?!”

A group of spectators wailed. Their hearts were aggrieved and their depression was almost as if Xia Ping murdered their parents. They watched the b.a.s.t.a.r.d enter step by step into the top four, but were helpless to stop him.

Xia Ping’s cla.s.smates were already numb. Even if this kid won the championship, they would not be surprised.

“What kind of body protection technique is this? How can it be so strangely powerful?” Qiuxue, the head teacher, blinked, revealing a trace of doubt.

Even with her superior vision, she couldn’t see what martial skill Xia Ping was practicing.

But this kind of thing could not be questioned. After all, the school was a place for teaching and learning knowledge There was no mandatory requirements for students about which skills they could practice. This was the freedom of the students and no one had the right to interrogate.

Soon, the semi-finals began.

Jiang Yaru easily defeated her opponent by virtue of her strong strength and entered the semifinals.

The other two who entered the semi-finals were also regulars in the top ten of the school. They were a man and a woman, named Hong Yu and Zhu Erqin.

Xia Ping’s opponent was Hong Yu, and Zhu Erqin’s opponent was Jiang Yaru.


As soon as a bell rang, both matches started at the same time.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Hong Yu just came up the ring and said to the referee: “I admit defeat.”


Everyone was shocked and looked at Hong Yu dumbfounded. They didn’t expect Hong Yu to make such a decision and admit defeat in the semifinals. Was he crazy?

However, Hong Yu also had his own ideas. After watching the previous matches of Xia Ping, he knew that he was not Xia Ping’s opponent at all. If he still fought, he would end up like Zhou Taian and Gao Sheng. He would be seriously injured and bedridden for at least a month.

Since he couldn’t beat his opponent, he might as well surrender directly. After all, the remaining few months before the college entrance examination were very important. There was no need to get injured here.

The referee was also a little surprised: “Do you really admit defeat?”

“Yes, I surrender.” Hong Yu left the ring happily. The referee had no choice but to announce the result.

Xia Ping won without a fight and entered the finals smoothly.

Jiang Yaru also quickly defeated her opponent, Zhu Erqin. She threw Zhu Erqin into the ground with one punch and left her without any strength to counterattack.

“No way! This kid really made it to the finals?!”

“d.a.m.n, isn’t this guy sure to win? Who doesn’t know that this guy is a little white face, and has something going on with Jiang Yaru.”

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“Isn’t it? When the time comes, this guy will flatter and say something sweet. Then Jiang Yaru would surrender automatically. Wouldn’t he become champion in just a few minutes?”

“Come on, let me see how much you have grown.” Jiang Yaru put on a posture, exuding the powerful aura of a martial apprentice seventh layer. Her aura felt like a heavy mountain bearing down.

This was the real look of the genius girl who dominated the entire school. Once she started, she was better than anyone.

“I surrender.”

Suddenly, Xia Ping turned and said to the referee.

“Give up?!”

Jiang Yaru was dumbfounded. What the h.e.l.l was going on? What happened to the look of a martial arts powerhouse just now. The expression that he would never lose. And now he actually gave up. What a joke!

The referee was also a little confused and at a loss.

“Xia Ping, don’t joke and fight me seriously.” Jiang Yaru said angrily, “I know you are very strong. It is impossible for you to give up so easily. Do you look down on me Jiang Yaru?”

She glared at Xia Ping. Her body exuded terrible anger like a fierce tiger.

Hearing this, Xia Ping touched the back of his head, showing a very worried look and said: “My wife, don’t be angry. We can talk about duels later. But you have to be careful not to move the fetus too much.”

“Of course, if you want to hit me, just hit me. I have a thick skin and can bear it. I’ve been beaten by you many times before and I’m already used to it.”

He patted his chest, emphasizing his strong appearance.

Jiang Yaru was stunned. Her head was muddy, and she was in a state of being unable to think. She didn’t understand what Xia Ping was saying: “Fetus? What are you talking about?”

Her eyes were full of doubts.

Jiang Yaru didn’t understand. But the students around did. Even the teachers were in an uproar. Everyone was trembling and they all looked at Jiang Yaru dumbfoundedly.

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