God Level Demon


Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

G.o.d Level Demon Chapter 45

The quarterfinals .

Xia Ping stood in the arena and his opponent was Gao Sheng, a powerhouse in the Sixth Layer . He was in the school's top ten and had a great reputation .

The spectating students held their breath and watched the fight about to happen between these two .

"Xia Ping!"

Gao Sheng stared at Xia Ping and squeezed his fists: "I don't know how you defeated Zhou Taian or what vile means you used, but don't think that you can defeat me so easily . "

"I, Gao Sheng, practiced the Intermediate Martial Skill Tyrant Tiger Fist . My punch has unmatched strength incomparable to those of your previous opponents . If you dare underestimate me, you'll pay a heavy price . I can send you flying with a single punch . "

His face had a hideous expression and the muscles all over his body bulged as if made of steel . His whole body exuded a st.u.r.dy smell, like a tiger coming out of the jungle .

In fact, he wasn't bragging without reason either . With the Tyrant Tiger Fist he practiced, his attack power was second to none in the school . He was powerful and domineering . Even Xiong Batian had to bow his head in front of him .

Even if Xia Ping defeated Zhou Taian, Gao Sheng still had absolute self-confidence and believed that he would not lose .

"Tyrant Tiger Fist?"

Xia Ping's eyes lit up . This was just perfect . The stronger the attack, the better the effect of Beiming Body Protection Technique . If the attack power was too weak, wouldn't it have no effect on him at all?

What Xia Ping wanted was a strong opponent .

He raised his eyebrows showing a look of contempt and said, "Is that so? Before Zhou Taian also said that he was the number one in school . But he was beaten by only one punch . "

"Tyrant Tiger fist is indeed powerful . But it doesn't matter if the person using it is useless . There are some people practicing Tyrant Tiger Fist who can only make a cute Kitten Fist . I don't know if you are like them?"

Hearing this, Gao Sheng's lungs exploded . This b.a.s.t.a.r.d's mouth could poison someone to death . His majestic Tyrant Tiger Fist was suddenly made into Cute Kitten Fist after speaking with this guy .

How could he cultivate a martial skill whose specialty is its cuteness?! This was the greatest humiliation to him .

"Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish . "

When the referee announced the start of the match, Gao Sheng jumped out like a tiger . He clenched his fists and tightened his muscles, exuding explosive power .

The qi exploded out of his body, seeming to contain a huge amount of power . He punched out with a fist . But Xia Ping did not evade and let the opponent's fist hit him .

"What? This kid didn't evade! Does he want to commit suicide?!" Gao Sheng was taken aback . But it was too late to take his power back .


His vigorous fist hit Xia Ping's chest firmly . It was like a roaring tiger, shaking the mountains and forests . Even the entire arena was shaking .

"It's a pity . I thought this kid would be a good opponent as he defeated Zhou Taian . " Gao Sheng sighed as looked up to the sky, "I didn't expect his head to be so muddled . He just stood still and didn't defend himself . This time he would have to be bedridden at the hospital for at least four or five months before he can recover . The college entrance examination would have long since pa.s.sed by then . "

"Why did you stop?"

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Standing in place, Xia Ping was using Beiming Body Protection Technique . He felt the vibration from a huge and powerful force . The energy in his body was quickly refined . He was enjoying the pleasure of increasing his strength, but suddenly Gao Sheng seemed to have stopped .

Soon, he discovered that with the continuous attacks from Gao Sheng, the effect on him seemed to be getting weaker and weaker . In the end, Gao Sheng's punches stopped improving Xia Ping's strength .

After all those attacks, Xia Ping's body had become accustomed to his opponent's attacks and all the residual energy from the golden potions had been refined . He needed to take more of these potions if he wanted to continue improving his strength by absorbing energy .

"It seems that's all for today . " Xia Ping knew that even if he continued absorbing Gao Sheng's attacks, he would not continue improving his cultivation .

Meanwhile, Gao Sheng was panting and had collapsed to the ground . He looked at Xia Ping with desperation: "Impossible! I released two or three hundred punches . Why did nothing happen to you? Are you still human?!"

"I already said that the only good thing about your fist is its cuteness . " Xia Ping stood with his hands folded as he showed the demeanor of a powerful master .

"But since you punched me so many times . It'll be too impolite if I don't reciprocate a bit . "


As soon as his voice fell, Xia Ping punched out with his fist as his bones rattled and his muscles tensed up . He sprinted to Gao Sheng, twisted his waist and pa.s.sed his tremendous strength from bottom to top as the air vibrated .

His fist stricked fiercely at Gao Sheng's chest like a meteor hitting the ground with unmatched power .


Gao Sheng immediately let out a scream . Three of his ribs were broken instantly and the powerful force severely damaged his lungs .

He immediately flew out for 20 to 30 meters without any resistance . Finally, he slammed into the ring with his neck crooked as he fainted on the spot .

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