God Level Demon


Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

G.o.d Level Demon Chapter 44


Seeing Tao Yun wailing and fleeing from the ring as if he had completely broken down, Xia Ping was speechless . Although this guy seemed to be a little weak willed, he was still a powerhouse in the Sixth Layer . Such a shameful sight was just unbearable to look at .

He turned his head to look at the referee next to him: "Referee, what should I do with this?"

It was the first time the referee next to him encountered this kind of thing . In previous matches some were seriously injured, some were beaten off the ring, and some who thought they lost admitted defeat .

However, he had never seen someone being scared to the point of crying and running away from the ring . You really learn new things everyday .

"Well, Tao Yun left the ring so it'll be treated as an automatic surrender . Xia Ping won . " The referee was also a veteran . He rolled his eyes and immediately conjured up an explanation and announced the result

But this result caused an uproar among the surrounding audience .

"Devil! This Xia Ping is definitely a devil!"

"Even Tao Yun was frightened to the point crying . This guy's heart is too dark . "

"This must be deliberate . In order to completely humiliate his opponent, he deliberately refused to make a move and allowed the opponent to attack . But it was useless to fight . Is there a more desperate fact than this?"

"If I was standing on the ring, I would have also collapsed and started crying . This approach is too cruel . "

"In order to satiate his sadism, this guy wasn't satisfied in just defeating his opponents with a single punch . Now he even wants to completely crush his opponent's heart, trampling his opponent's dignity to nothing . If he is not a demon, then no one is! "

"No wonder he was able to capture the school flower and step on a dozen more boats outside school, even making several high school girls pregnant . With such methods, any girl would be captured . "

"But I haven't heard of this kid before, he seems to be very low-key . "

"Huh, haven't you heard a saying? Rabbits don't eat gra.s.s on the edge of their nests . This kid must know that he can't blow things up in his own lair . So he only causes mayhem outside the school and has been acting low-key . But he couldn't stand the temptation of the school flower, Jiang Yaru . After finally not being able to resist, he stretched his demonic clutches at the school flower . He didn’t expect this single matter to also expose all the bad things he had done in the past"

Many students under the ring were extremely angry . They all regarded Xia Ping as the public enemy of the whole school . All of them wished to beat the arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d on the ring till his mother couldn't recognize him .

Hearing the discussion around him, Xia Ping was speechless . He just wanted to experiment with the Beiming Body Protection Technique . How did he become a demon who liked to trample on the dignity of others?

Moreover, they say he stepped on more than a dozen boats, made several high school girls pregnant, and collected countless flowers?! Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d came up with this rumor? Why didn't he know that he had done such things? [TL Note: "To stand with each foot in a different boat" can mean having two lovers at the same time . So to stepping on a dozen would be having a dozen lovers . ]

However, Xia Ping constantly heard the system prompts notifying him of an increase in hate points . So he didn't bother explaining it . It didn't seem to be a bad thing for him anyway .

At most, his reputation would be a bit stained .


After half an hour, the top eight list finally came out which included Xia Ping and Jiang Yaru .

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Jiang Yaru was also a real martial arts genius . She was the number one master of 95th High School as she had reached the the Seventh Layer of Martial Apprentice Realm .

Among them, Gao Wan and Yang Wei looked bitter . They were the ones who were frightened the most . From the very beginning of Xia Ping's match with Zhou Taian, the two had been expecting Xia Ping to be beaten up .

But after every match, their hearts sank lower and lower . When Xia Ping reached the quarterfinals, the two of them finally realized that they seemed to be no longer at the same level as Xia Ping .

If this continued, could this guy really be admitted to Yanhuang University? Both Gao Wan and Yang Wei couldn't help thinking like this in their hearts .

But the more they thought about it, the more desperate they became . It seemed that if this went on, there was no hope for their revenge . The gap between them would become larger and larger . There would be no way for them to catch up .

Before it was Xia Ping who looked up to them , but now they were looking up to Xia Ping .

Xiong Batian also received the news . His face was very gloomy and the surrounding atmosphere was depressing . The students around him did not dare approach him for fear of being used for venting his anger . He didn't even make it to the quarterfinals; he was eliminated by others when he reached the sixteenth round . But Xia Ping defeated even Zhou Taian and entered the quarterfinals .

Xiong Batian was speechless when Zhou Taian was defeated . At that time, he just turned around and left, not even watching the rest of Xia Ping's matches .

"Entered the quarterfinals?!"

Qiuxue, the head teacher, was also very surprised . Her impression of Xia Ping was just ordinary and he seemed to have no impressive characteristics . The only impression she had was when she was advising her students regarding their future and Xia Ping uttered wild words about going to Yanhuang University .

But it didn't take long for this student to be able to enter the top eight of the school which was simply incredible .

"Could it be that he was low-key before and did not show his true level? Now because of Jiang Yaru's affairs, he finally revealed his ability . "

Qiuxue, the head teacher, couldn't help thinking like this .

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