God Level Demon


Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

"That's an amazing palm slap . "

A student was shocked and said: "I think Tao Yun has already cultivated this martial skill to the realm of perfection . His palm contains the ultimate gentle and flowing power . Its destructive power is also extremely terrifying . His palm can most likely shatter even rocks into innumerable pieces . It's no wonder his strength is comparable to Zhou Taian . "

"Isn't it so?" Another tall student was shocked, and said with a serious tone, "Although Tao Yun looks very weak, he is also a powerhouse in the sixth layer . This strength is not what ordinary students can achieve . Comparatively Xia Ping is too arrogant . He must suffer!"

"If the two sides fought, Xia Ping still had hopes of winning . But he just had to take it head on with his body . Even a powerhouse at the Seventh Layer would be seriously injured on the spot and need emergency treated . "

"This Xia Ping will finally have to go to the hospital to lie down for a few months . "

"It's great . Someone can finally teach this bully and avenge Big Brother Zhou . "

"This is because G.o.d has opened his eyes and made that kid's head muddled . "

Many students were overjoyed, staring fiercely at Xia Ping above the ring .

However, in reality Xia Ping didn't feel anything at all . When Tao Yun's slap landed on his body, he was immediately protected by a qi shield .

This unique True Qi shield kept vibrating, crazily weakening the power from Tao Yun's palm and transmitted it to every corner of Xia Ping's body; forming a strange vibration that tempered his body .

All the power was absorbed by Xia Ping like a Kunpeng absorbing water . Not only was this power unable to cause any harm to him, it also greatly increased the power in his body .

"It's amazing . Is this the Beiming Body Protection Technique? Too powerful!" Xia Ping's eyes gleamed . Even if he knew from the system that this technique was extremely powerful, he didn't know the full extent of its capability .

But when he really saw the true power of this skill, he was taken aback .

After all, the power of Tao Yun's palm was not trivial . It was the pinnacle blow of a powerhouse in the sixth layer . Ordinary students wouldn't dare to take this palm head on .

But now even if he was standing still and motionless, he could easily resist this move . One could imagine how strange this Beiming Body Protection Technique was .

"You . . how are you unharmed?!"

Tao Yun was stunned and looked at Xia Ping standing in front of him . He couldn't believe what he saw at all . Even a powerhouse at the Seventh Layer would be seriously injured when facing his palm .

But what is going on with this kid? He actually resisted all his blows with only his body and even came out scot free . The weirded thing was that he showed an expression of euphoria, as if he enjoyed being slapped .

"Come on! Is your strength only at this level?" Xia Ping stood motionless with his hands held behind his back and looked at Tao Yun contemptuously .

He also wanted to see the power of Beiming Body Protection Technique again . Just a single palm slap was not enough .

"d.a.m.n it!"

Tao Yun's face was flushed and he was feeling irritated . If he couldn't even beat a person who stood still and let him attack wantonly, wouldn't it mean that his ten years of martial arts training was wasted?!

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A powerful aura immediately surged from his body . With a steady gait he used different moves of the Cloud Palm . Moon Hiding Behind Cloud, Cloud and Rain, and Mountain and Sea . He used all of them in a row .

Xia Ping was extremely satisfied . He felt a crisp sensation in his body as it let out a constantly flowing stream of hot energy . The amount of this energy was still growing . The opponent's attack was like a hammer striking and forging hot iron . Not only did it not hurt him, but it was also helping in removing impurities from his body .

"How is this possible? How can you not even flinch?! . "

Tao Yun attacked with several palms in quick succession using all the true qi in his whole body . He was even a bit exhausted after all these constant attacks . He had thought that even if the opponent was an immortal, he would have been seriously injured .

He first regretted a little bit, thinking if he was a bit too heavy handed . But after he finished attacking, he found that this kid was still standing on the spot alive as if nothing happened . He hadn't even moved a single step .

"Is this it? Your palm is as weak as a little girl throwing a tantum . This doesn't even make me feel an itch" Xia Ping stood with his hand held behind his, still looking at Tao Yun indifferently .

Hearing this, Tao Yun's heart collapsed . His face flushed . He had attacked with his full strength . But in front of this guy, he was as weak as a little girl? How could this be possible?!

"Why are you still standing there? Continue . I haven't enjoyed enough yet . Continue ma.s.saging me . " Xia Ping urged . This was a rare opportunity to test the power of the Beiming Body Protection Technique . He didn't want to waste it with idle chatter .

After being slapped a few times like this, he could quickly digest the energy of the golden potions in his body . In just a few days his dantian would be full of true qi and he could break through the sixth meridian and reach the realm of the sixth layer of martial apprentice .

"No! My palm is not for your ma.s.sage . I . . . I'm not a girl!" Hearing this, Tao Yun burst into tears as he finally couldn't bear it anymore .

"You . . . you bully!"

Leaving this sentence, he escaped from the ring while crying loudly with tears and snot streaming down his face .

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