God Level Demon


Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

But no matter how angry these students were, Xia Ping's opponents in the third and fourth rounds were only at the fifth layer . They were easily beaten by Xia Ping without being able to resist for even a second .

In this way, Xia Ping directly entered the top sixteen .


At this time, a system prompt came: "Congratulations to the host for attracting a lot of hatred . This time you have obtained 453 hate points . I hope the host will continue to work hard . "

Xia Ping's eyes flashed: "453 hate points? Including what I had preciously saved up, can't I now exchange for the first layer of Beiming Body Protection Technique?"

"Yes, do you want to exchange it now?" the system asked .

Xia Ping nodded: "Exchange it . " He also wanted to see how amazing this technique was .


Suddenly, there was a warm current flowing throughout his body, and there seemed to be a loud voice in his mind: "There is a fish in the North Ming, and its name is Kun . Kun is so big, I don't know how many kilometers it is . It turns into a bird . Its name is Peng . The back of the Peng spans thousands of miles and its wings are like clouds hanging down from the sky . . . "

A sentence of exercise formula flowed into his mind . Countless mysterious and profound insights merged into his body, and he immediately seemed to instinctively master the cultivation method of this Beiming Body Protection Technique .

"This is Beiming Body Protection Technique?" Xia Ping's eyes flashed . He felt that when he was using this mysterious technique, the true qi in his body was surging, and a thin layer of true qi appeared on the surface of his body . Like flowing water it covered every corner of his body, exuding strange and wonderful waves .

With just this layer of flowing shield, he felt that his defense had become extremely powerful . It seemed that even if a laser gun hit his body, he would only be a little bit weakened .

If this skill reached an extremely high level, he estimated that he would be unscathed even when bombed by a missile .

"However, I won't know the power of this technique without trying it . " Xia Ping stroked his chin, "The next match will be between the top sixteen . Why not try this technique then?"

After half an hour, the venue was organized . Only sixteen huge arenas remained, and the others were moved away . Now after a morning full of duels, the school's top 16 had been decided .

Xia Ping was standing on the ring, and his opponents were not like the previous small fries . Those who could enter the top sixteen had the strength to back it up .

This time his opponent was Tao Yun, a martial artist of the Sixth layer . He had practiced an intermediate martial skill, and was no less powerful than Zhou Taian .

"Tao Yun, I heard that your strength is no less than Zhou Taian?" Xia Ping asked Tao Yun .

Tao Yun was a little flattered . Because whenever this guy got on the ring, he never talked to his opponentx as he always decimated them with a single fierce punch . But now Xia Ping actually talked to him, and even called his name?!

He didn't know why, but he felt like a little deer b.u.mping into a fierce predator . He suddenly shouted in a panic: "What's wrong? I am indeed as strong as Zhou Taian . Do you have any problems?!"

Speaking towards the end, he looked a little weak and seemed lacking in confidence .

There was just no other way . He blamed Xia Ping for being too cruel . Even a strong man like Zhou Taian was beaten into a dead dog . He could not afford to be an enemy of this kid .

He heard that Zhou Taian had been sent to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment . He had thirteen of his ribs broken and had his lungs injured . He would be bedridden for at least a month .

He had considerable self-confidence due to his own strength and thought that he would not lose out to Zhou Tai'an . But facing this unreasonable Xia Ping, he could not muster any courage .

Xia Ping was also a little speechless when he saw Tao Yun's sullen face . It looked like he was a big bad wolf bullying a little white rabbit . He waved his hand and said, "Don't be afraid . I won't bully you . It's just that defeating my opponent with only one punch is really too boring, and I just can't get interested . "

"So, I'll just stand here and won't lift a finger . Come and beat me . As long as you can knock me out of the ring, you win . "

He said with a sincere expression .

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Tao Yun looked at Xia Ping with a bit of suspicion, thinking if this was a trap .

Xia Ping said impatiently: "Will you fight or not? If you don't fight, I will beat you and break five of your ribs . " He stared at Tao Yun fiercely .


Tao Yun was half-dead in fright and his face was pale . He nodded repeatedly: "I'll start now . "

At this time, the referee announced the start of the match .

Tao Yun immediately rushed up and slapped with his palm . He displayed the first move of the intermediate skill Cloud Palm . It was as smooth as flowing water and moving clouds . The whole air surged with terrible power .

However, Xia Ping stood motionless with his hands behind him .

"He really won't retaliate and just let me attack?"

Upon seeing this, Tao Yun was overjoyed .

If this was the case, then he definitely had a chance of winning this match . After all, he was a powerhouse in the sixth layer . How could he not win a fight against a person who was only in the fifth layer?!

Since the other party underestimated him, he deserved to be taught a lesson .


His palm slap fiercely bombarded Xia Ping's body . The power of the Cloud Palm exploded as it made a drumming sound . The entire ring seemed to be shaken by the power of the palm .

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