God Level Demon


Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Zhou Taian's fist exploded with terrifying power, creating a sonic boom and shaking the air vigorously, as if Mount Tai was pressing down . This punch was much stronger than the one by Xiong Batian .

Even the students under the ring could feel the weight of this punch . There was nowhere to hide .

"It's amazing . This is Brother Zhou's Five Mountains Fist . With such a punch, even a buffalo would be beaten into meat sauce . " A student admired . "Xiong Batian has quite some power . But compared with Big Brother Zhou, he is not even worth a fart . "

"This kid is finished . This punch alone is enough to shock his soul and scare him so that he can't move his body . " Someone shook his head and looked at Xia Ping with pity .

"He still wants to fight Big Brother Zhou . He really doesn't know how to write the character for death . "

"After this time he would probably never dare to learn martial arts again . "

"This is the gap between a genius and an ordinary person . "

Many students sneered at Xia Ping . No one thought that Xia Ping had any hope of victory . The only ending was to be sent to the hospital and the only uncertainty was how long it would take for him to get out .

"Zhou Taian, you really let me down . You don't know what martial arts is . " Xia Ping sighed, his mental power spread over a radius of 20 meters and he understood Zhou Taian's every move .

Although Zhou Taian's attack seemed perfect and terrifying to other people, under his mental power detection, there were so many flaws; like an inexperienced child .

Actually, he didn't blame Zhou Taian . It's that Xia Ping was now much stronger than before . After Black Moon City and his rampage there, his strength had grown rapidly . The mental power possessed by him could not be compared to ordinary students .


Dragon Fist of Five Form Fist - Shenlong goes to sea! (Shenlong = Divine Dragon)

Xia Ping squeezed his fist and slammed it . In an instant, it seemed that the entire s.p.a.ce resounded with the roar of a dragon, and the airflow seemed to condense into a prototype of a dragon, exuding supreme majesty and shocking many souls .

The students around the ring felt their blood speeding up . They were trembling and their hearts were beating fiercely . The air produced ripples visible to the naked eye . They were stunned by this roar from the void .

"What is this?!"

Zhou Taian's expression changed drastically . He only felt that Xia Ping's fist was terrifying, and Xia Ping's punch happened to attack the flaw in his Five Mountains Fist, leaving him with almost no defense .

Even the power of this fist was extremely terrifying like a roaring dragon, condescending and stunning the heavens and all the races . It was simply so powerful that it was as if there was no one qualified to be its enemy .

With a bang, Zhou Taian couldn't resist it at all, and his chest was. .h.i.t by this punch . The punch was like a meteorite, bursting out with a flood of immense strength .


Zhou Taian couldn't help but let out a scream and spit out a mouthful of blood . Three or four of his ribs were broken as his body was blasted out like a ping pong ball . But when Zhou Taian's body was flying in the air, Xia Ping jumped up .

He turned into a white crane, generating strong jumping power, and with a fierce kick, stepped on Zhou Taian's chest with a huge burst of force .

With a bang, Zhou Taian's body was smashed from a high alt.i.tude into the t.i.tanium alloy metal ring, making a human-shaped pit on the floor .

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Immediately, the entire arena produced huge vibrations, and many people were directly shaken out of their chairs . The t.i.tanium alloy ring also cracked one after another, and even split into two halves, making a clicking sound .

Xia Ping stood with his hands folded: "Taking a master in the martial warrior realm, practicing to the sixth layer, going out of the city to kill monsters, seeing blood and having some combat experience, you think you are very strong?"

"How complacent! You, Zhou Taian, are nothing but a frog at the bottom of a well . "

"This world is bigger than you think . "

Hearing Xia Ping's condescending words, Zhou Taian was mad . These words were what he had said to Xia Ping before . He didn't expect that he would be slapped by his own words . He was just beating himself in the face and humiliate himself completely .

If he could easily defeat Xia Ping, then this would be nothing . But now he was beaten black and blue by Xia Ping, who he despised . Didn't it mean that everything he did was useless, he was simply a waste and what he said was just s.h.i.t?!+

If so, what right does he have to teach Xia Ping, and what right does he have to despise Xia Ping!

"Xia Ping, die for me!"

Zhou Taian's face was distorted, and the true energy inside his body boiled like crazy . With a bang, he rushed over like a desperate tiger .

Even if he sacrificed his life, he would tear Xia Ping to pieces .

"This is a bit ugly . Just get out . "

Xia Ping shot out quickly like lightning . He slapped Zhou Taian fiercely on the face . His slap contained terrifying power and made the air tremble .

With a bang, Zhou Taian's body rotated five or six times in the air, three of his front teeth flew out, mixed with blood, and his face quickly became red and swollen .

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