God Level Demon


Chapter 3 - Soaring Dragon Platform

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Chapter 3 – Soaring Dragon Platform

“Oh, it’s Yang Wei. This really is a coincidence. Are you here to eat as well?” Xia Ping asked, greeting Yang Wei.

“This isn’t a coincidence. I’m here to specificity look for you,” Yang Wei said through clenched teeth.

”Specifically here to look for me? Why were you looking for me?” Xia Ping asked, blinking his pure eyes innocently.

Why were you looking for me?!

Seeing how this guy acted as if nothing had happened, Yang Wei’s nose almost bulged out from anger. “Stop acting dumb! Don’t think that I’ve forgotten what happened earlier today in cla.s.s!” Yang Wei roared.

He scowled hard at Xia Ping, simply itching to just swallow this guy whole. It was all because of that nickname that this shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d had given him which resulted in him getting all those strange looks from his cla.s.smates when he got back to cla.s.s.

That feeling was absolutely horrid, as if he had become some precious animal. Just by hearing those whispers around him, he could pretty much imagine how they were mocking him.

Due to that, he hated Xia Ping even more. He wouldn’t feel right at all If he didn’t violently beat this b.a.s.t.a.r.d up at least once.

“What happened in cla.s.s today?” As if he had just remembered something, a look of realization dawned on his face, “Oh, so it’s like that. You’re planning on giving me an apology, right? Actually, there’s no need to be so polite, I don’t blame you for it at all.”

He waved a hand, giving off a very magnanimous air.

Yang Wei was so furious that steam almost seemed to be blowing out of his nose, “Stop deluding yourself! Who the f.u.c.k is here to apologize?!”

This guy mocked him and gave him such a ridiculous nickname, causing him no end of humiliation and to become an object of ridicule by his cla.s.smates, yet this b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually thought that HE was here to give HIM an apology?! He hadn’t even asked him for an apology yet! No matter how arrogant this kid was, it had to have a limit, right?!

“If you’re not here to apologize, then why are you here anyways? Could it be you want to invite me out for dinner?” Xia Ping blinked.

Bulls.h.i.t! Who the h.e.l.l wanted to invite such a shameless person such as you out for dinner? Even if he had to give all his meals to a dog, he still wouldn’t invite this b.a.s.t.a.r.d out for dinner! Yang Wei was already so enraged that he couldn’t even speak properly. He had no idea how to communicate with such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

“Shut it!”

Just at this moment, a two meter tall young man as st.u.r.dy as a bear came over. He was like a miniature mountain, giving off a menacing pressure.

Staring at Xia Ping, he sneered, “You think that deliberately going off topic will cover up your past mistakes? Although your grades aren’t that good, but you really did manage to learn how to use your mouth. Could it be that your mom and dad didn’t teach you any manners? Giving somebody else a nickname, humiliating your cla.s.smate in cla.s.s. Is this what your parents taught you?!”

His words were extremely malicious.

“In my eighteen years, my mom and dad only taught me one thing, and that is an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth!” Xia Ping narrowed his eyes, his gaze boring into this two meter tall muscle head.

The muscle head clenched his fists, cracking his knuckles, and smiled viciously with teeth bared, “Interesting, you dare to give an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth? You’ve got guts. If you have the strength to back those words up, that is. The way we martial artists resolve our conflicts is simple, and that is: to fight! The strong reign supreme! Come with me to the Soaring Dragon Platform to battle. As long as you can beat me, then our grievances will be finished. We also won’t keep looking for trouble with you. What do you think?”

A battle?!

Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. Due to how developed martial arts were in this world, every student learned it at some point. With how hot-tempered and rash most students were at this age, fights usually erupted between them rather easily, resulting in constant and serious conflicts across the school grounds.

To resolve this situation, the school designed the Soaring Dragon Platform, letting those students with conflicts openly and cleanly duke it out there to vent their hot-tempers. Of course, there were also some students who used the Soaring Dragon Platform to spar against one another.

Due to this, private battles were gravely forbidden on the school grounds. If discovered, no matter what the student’s status was, they would be immediately expelled from the school.

It was for this very reason that this muscle head didn’t dare to publicly look for trouble with Xia Ping here. He could only invite him onto the Soaring Dragon Platform and duke it out there.

As for the situation of these people looking for trouble with Xia Ping, it was quickly discovered by the surrounding students, all of them turning to look over.

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“Quickly, look! Somebody wants to fight on the Soaring Dragon Platform! There’s going to be a good show to watch.”

Xiong Batian was so furious that steam puffed out from his nose as his eyes reddened. n.o.body had ever dared to call him a big idiot. None. If somebody really did dare, then he would have long since have sent them to the emergency room for treatment.”

However, this kid actually dared. He simply didn’t know life from death!

“Going onto the Soaring Dragon Platform with you isn’t a big deal, but the victim is Yang Wei. Will he agree to this?” Xia Ping asked mildly.

Yang Wei immediately responded, “I agree. As long as you agree to Big Brother Xiong, then this matter is settled. We absolutely won’t keep looking for trouble with you.”

To him, he simply couldn’t ask for more! Somebody absolutely had to teach this shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d a lesson on the Soaring Dragon Platform. The more miserable he was, the happier Yang Wei would be. At that point, he would be completely satisfied.

Although he wouldn’t be able to personally get revenge, but this was already enough for him.

“Alright then, I agree to this. When would the best time be?” Xia Ping asked. He didn’t really care much about this situation. After all, if he wanted benefits from the Grand Hatred System, then he would need Hatred Points.

And the only way to get these Hatred Points were from his enemies. So obviously, the more opportunities like this where he could make a lot of enemies the better it was. That way, he could earn even more Hatred Points.

“Very good.”

Xiong Batian stared at Xia Ping, “Then let’s arrange it for four thirty this afternoon, half an hour after school is finished. I hope that you don’t try to run at that time. Otherwise I’ll become very angry and you won’t like it when I’m angry.”

Having finished speaking, he gave Xia Ping one last warning look before leading Yang Wei and his group out of the cafeteria.

Translator Notes:

Xiong Batian: Xiong Batian, 熊霸天. Literally “bear dominating the heavens”. His theme has a heavy obsession with bears.

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