God Level Demon


Chapter 29 - I Don't Care Who Your Dad Is!

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Chapter 29 – I Don’t Care Who Your Dad Is!


Feat coursed through them as they witnessed what happened right before their very eyes. Yet, there was nothing they could do as the short man was killed. Now, his head had exploded in a mess of white and red gore, pierced through by the stone as if it was a watermelon.

No matter how weak that short man was, he at least had a fourth layer Martial Disciple cultivation base. However, despite this, he was still killed so easily without being able to put up any resistance at all.

“DAMMIT! DODGE! NOW!” One of the black-clothed men roared, his voice hoa.r.s.e. He could instinctively feel his hairs standing on its ends and could immediately guess that they were already locked on by an unknown expert.

But it was already too late!


In an instant, five stones flew out from the warehouse. Like the bullet from a sniper’s riffle, they were silent as they tore through the air, so fast that they couldn’t even be detected.

Before four of the black-clothed men could even react, their chests had already been pierced through, their hearts instantly exploding from the frightening force and leaving behind only a large gaping hole as copious amounts of blood started to gush out.

“Take cover! Quickly take cover!”

“If we don’t take cover now, we’re dead! Somebody’s in that warehouse!”

The remaining five men all shouted in fear. They never would have thought that the villain hiding in the warehouse would be so terrifying to the point where even ordinary stones could be turned into deadly weapons.

Their reaction was also normal!

After all, when Xia Ping advanced to the fifth layer of Martial Disciple, he received a ma.s.sive boost to his strength of more than one thousand and five hundred kilograms! According to that amount of force, no matter how small the object was, it would be turned into a lethal weapon, much less stones that were hard and tough.

In reality though, this wasn’t all that special. It was rumoured that when a martial artist’s strength exceeded five thousand kilograms, they would be able to shatter the earth at will. At that point, a normal leaf could become a flying dagger used to kill while a droplet of water could be used as a cannonball with a might that could rend a city in two. That was the true power of the martial path.


The white-clothed youth and his men quickly dodged as their faces darkened. They could only take cover in the surroundings and hope that it would hide them from their enemy’s attack.

However, how could they’ve known that Xia Ping had already practiced the [Rendition of Heaven and Earth]? That he had already produced mental energy? He was even aware of the blowing gra.s.s within twenty metres, much less something as large as a human. They couldn’t hide from him at all.


Another five stones came soaring through the air, heading towards several different directions. Their might was such that the air howled and even sparked as they ripped past.

With a bam, two stones pierced through a concrete wall and struck two of the men head-on. They didn’t have any time to react at all before their heads crushed into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp on the spot.

As for the other three men? They tried hiding behind a large metal bucket, but the stones only took an instant to pierce through the steel and strike their bodies.


The three men all screamed tragically as the stones crashed into their bodies and blasted them back. They flew for at least ten metres before they finally dropped down.

However, by the time they fell to the ground, they were all dead with their eyes rolled up and an expression of fear on their faces. With how much damage the stones caused to their inner organs, they couldn’t be saved. Not even by today’s technological standards.

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Another stone flew forth, soaring towards that white-clothed youth. It carried a harsh, cold killing intent as it flew by like a shooting star. If nothing was done, it would kill that man on the spot.


No matter what, he was still a talent, his blade art already honed to the point of perfection. In an instant, just at that point of life or death, he managed to break through his previous limits and slashed out nine times within a second. Each of his slashes carried a frightening force behind it.

Bam! All nine stones were shattered into rumble by his strokes.

However, before Zheng Hua could feel happy about his accomplishment, he instantly felt another deadly threat coming his way. As he sensed it, a large dark shadow leapt out from the warehouse like a fierce tiger, its aura bursting about it in a frenzied fervour.

With a swoosh, it abruptly appeared in front of him.

Yet Zheng Hua had just finished dealing with those nine stones which had required all of his strength. Now, before he could recover, another lethal attack was headed straight for him. This time unfortunately, all he could do was watch.

“NO! You can’t kill me! My father is Zheng Cheng, a director of the Black Bear Corporation! If you kill me, then you absolutely won’t be able to leave Blackmoon City alive! Don’t you know you’ll also die as well?!” Zheng Hua cried out in fear.


As the fist struck forth, there was a sound rumbling through the air like that of a fierce tiger’s roar. With astonishing might, it almost caused the air to coagulate as it directly landed on Zheng Hua’s chest head first.

With a bam, Zheng Hua was like a sheet of trash paper as he was sent flying. After soaring through the air for almost ten metres, he finally crashed into the walls of the warehouse. On his chest, there was a gaping b.l.o.o.d.y hole, his heart nowhere to be seen as it had already been destroyed.

He still remained wide-eyed though, almost as if he couldn’t accept the fact that he was dead.

“In a battle to the death, who the h.e.l.l has time to care about who your father is? Since you dare to come after me, then I’ll kill you like the rest!” Xia Ping stated casually, indifferently looking at the young man that he had just killed.

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