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Chapter 28 - Mental Energy!

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Chapter 28 – Mental Energy!

“Too strong! My strength now is far stronger than Xiong Batian from back then.”

Xia Ping casually picked up a hard stone from the ground. With just a bit of force, the stone cracked and shattered. Using a bit more forced, it completely crumbled into rubble and slid through his grip.

He could feel just how strong his body was now. After being refined by the [Pure Yang Everlife Incantation] and boosted by the Golden Medication, a golden glow seemed to cover his body. Almost as if it was made from gold.

It could be said that the Martial Disciple rank was the body refinement rank. The stronger the body was during this rank, the more benefits and potential one reaped in the future!

“I’ve finally reached the fifth layer. Now, even in school, I’ll be able to stand out from the rest.” Xia Ping clenched his fist. Crack! It was as if his very grip caused the air to explode.

Before, Xiong Batian was but only a Martial Disciple at the fifth layer and yet he could dominate the entire school. As for somebody like Zhou Taian who was at the sixth layer, he was a talent who ranked in the top ten.

According to Xia Ping’s current strength, he could blow apart a fourth layer Martial Disciple with a single punch, easily defeat a fifth layer Martial Disciple in combat, and be able to hold the upper hand against a sixth layer Martial Disciple.

Amongst those underworld gang members, sixth layer Martial Disciples were rather scarce, thus if he played his cards right, then he could shake them off and head back to Skywater City.

“Still, it’s a little too risky. After all, those gang members have laser guns. If I’m strafed by a group of them, then I’ll be in extreme danger.” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed as he remained cool and calm. Even after his strength increased, he didn’t let pride and arrogance get the better of him.

“Right, I also obtained a secret manual called the [Rendition of Heaven and Earth]. If I learn this secret art as well, then perhaps I can become even stronger.” Thinking up to here, he immediately opened the secret manual and started to carefully read it over.

”Using a special breathing method to enter a special state of mind and then shattering the GV20 acupoint to produce mental energy. Interesting. I wonder if I can do it?”

Xia Ping immediately closed his eyes and started to control his breathing according to the secret manual. Three long breaths and one short one. As his chest rose and fell in accordance, a faint and strange fluctuation started to appear around him.

In just only a single short minute, he discovered that his entire world had changed. It was as if he had entered a special state of mind where his mind became one with heaven and earth.

As he entered that state, the power of his soul started to mobilize and form into a large whirlpool. The air around him started to crackle and boom as it managed to even influence the outside world.

When this soul power reached its peak, it quickly caused a small crack to appear at the deepest part of his GV20 acupoint. And with the appearance of that crack, slight slivers of grey fog started to slip through. Almost immediately, Xia Ping felt a new and mysterious form of energy be born in the depths of his body.

“So this is the mental energy from the rumours?!” Xia Ping closed his eyes. Slowly, that energy started to slowly spread outwards from his position. As it did, he felt as if his entire world had brightened.

Twenty metres around him, no matter whether it was the soil and dust on the ground, an ant crawling through the debris, the mosquito flying through the air, or the trajectory of the droplet of water far away, he could sense it all so clearly. Almost as if he had an omniscient view of it all.

“Truly unbelievable! So this is mental energy? I can’t believe I really succeeded!” Xia Ping was ecstatic, Originally, he only wanted to give it a try but he never would have expected to actually succeed on the first attempt.

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He could sense just how useful mental energy was. Even if he closed his eyes, he would still be extremely clear of his surroundings. Within the area that his mental energy covered, he was like a G.o.d, omnipotent and omniscient. Of course, that was only a false sensation, but this still couldn’t detract from just how powerful mental energy really was.


Very quickly, eight people approached the warehouse. Seven of them were hulking brutes dressed in black while the leader was a tender-faced young man wearing white.

“You’re certain that somebody is hiding here? I hope that you’re aware of the consequences if you dare make a fool of me,” the white-clothed youth barked, looking at a shorter member of their group. His face was filled with arrogance.

“Of course I’m certain, Young Master Zheng,” the short black-clothed man quickly replied. “I’ve kept watch on this place throughout the entire night and have constantly heard strange noises coming from inside. There’s absolutely somebody hiding here.”

“Coupled that with the fact that n.o.body should be here in the first place, I have my doubts that the person hiding here is the one our Black Bear Corporation has been pursuing all along. Should my words have any untruths to them, then let me be struck with lightning,” he said, fervently swearing an oath to the heavens.

“Very good. If we really do find the perpetrator, then you’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts.” The white-clothed youth understood how to treat his subordinates. This was just the carrot and stick approach.

Almost immediately, the short black-clothed man became incomparably excited, “Thank you, thank you, Young Master Zheng—”

However, before he could finish, a stone flew out from the warehouse without any warning. With incredible speed, it tore through the air like the bullet from a sniper rifle.

Bam. The stone I instantly pierced through that short black-clothed man’s head.

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