God Level Demon


Chapter 25 - Pursuit!

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Chapter 25 – Pursuit!

Five minutes after Xia Ping had left, three figures quickly approached from a dark alley. The leader was a tall, middle-aged man dressed in black. His body bulged with muscle and he gave off a powerful aura that displayed his deep cultivation base.

”Boss, quickly take a look. He’s dead.” A hawk-nosed man’s eyes contracted when he saw the corpse on the ground, his face filled with shock.


The black-clothes middle-aged man’s face sank. “What the h.e.l.l happened?! According to his strength, even if he was gravely injured by us, he still shouldn’t have died so easily!”

“There’s a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on his chest. It’s likely that his heart was pierced through by a hand.” The hawk-nosed man flipped the corpse over. “Somebody else came by and killed him in this alley.”

He never would have thought that things would turn out like this, that a third party would appear.

“That package on his body! Where is it?!” the black-clothed middle-aged man quickly asked.

The hawk-nosed man checked the body over again before haplessly saying, “Not on him. It’s likely been taken away.”


His face instantly darkened. “Immediately inform all of our people to completely seal off the immediate vicinity within fifty kilometres and chase down every suspicious figure found! Once the target is discovered, I grant all of you permission to kill on sight! That package must be recovered at all costs! Otherwise, it will be your heads that replaces it!” he roared.

He was burning with fury at the moment, his body giving off a terrifying killing intent. The aura radiating off of him was so strong that cracks started to appear on the cement below him.

“Yes, boss!” his two subordinates obeyed.


The area where the Black Bear Corporation was located was in a dilapidated part of Blackmoon City. Here unfinished and abandoned buildings lay sprawled out, tightly packed against each other to form a convoluted maze of paths and alleys. Debris lay scattered about, the ground riddled with holes. It was complete and utter chaos.

According to rumours, during the Great Cataclysm, this area was attacked by a horde of monstrous beasts. Everybody living there was evacuated and ever since, this place had been left in shattered ruins.

Even after those monstrous beasts were expelled, this area still didn’t flourish. Instead, it became a gathering place for figures of the underworld, causing it to become even more chaotic and complicated.

What made it even worse was that the surface area there was huge, spanning almost two hundred kilometres. Which made it practically a labyrinth. Without a map, it was almost impossible to navigate.

Now, after having ran for almost half an hour, Xia Ping covered a distance of twenty kilometres to arrive in front of an abandoned building. Seeing how it was temporarily safe, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

“s.h.i.t, I’m really down on my luck this time to get caught up in this c.r.a.p.” Xia Ping felt really helpless at the moment. “After killing somebody near the Black Bear Corporation, now how will I be able to buy the Golden Medication? Do I really have to buy from another company?”

He was very clear that after having killed that middle-aged stranger and looting that mysterious package, he was now the enemy of the Black Bear Corporation.

All he needed to do was get close to the corporation’s building and his fate would be sealed. Even if n.o.body had seen his appearance at the time, he still didn’t dare take the risk.

But seriously, what did that mysterious middle-aged man steal to anger an underworld faction like the Black Bear Corporation so much that they were willing to dispatch so many top experts to hunt him down?

Xia Ping’s eyes flashed. He immediately wanted to open that package and take a look at just what was so important about it.

And just at that moment, a voice abruptly called out from a small alleyway in front of the abandoned building, “Oh! I just heard footsteps coming from that building. Let’s go and check it out.”


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Xia Ping’s instincts immediately started ringing out in alarm. Looking around, he quickly hid himself in the corner, concealing himself from their line of sight. Listening carefully, he could hear hurried footsteps approaching in his direction.

No other choice then! Since he had been discovered, then he would kill his way out!


In an instant, as those three men were three metres away from the corner, Xia Ping pounced! Almost like a cheetah, his body filled with explosive power, he punched out!

Leopard Fist – Cheetah Combo!

This fist was fast, precise, and vicious. It tore through the air and caused the wind to howl as it’s mighty force blasted by.

As for those three, they didn’t think that their enemy would be so fast! With just three metres between them, they didn’t have any chance to block at all!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Instantly, three strikes connected with their targets, it’s frightening force ruthlessly smashing into the three men’s chests! Almost immediately, two of the men’s chests were pierced through, their bones shattering as their hearts exploded!


There was still one person who was hanging onto life. After taking that attack, he quickly pull out a sharp knife and viciously stabbed towards Xia Ping’s abdomen!

“Die already!”

Xia Ping didn’t give him any opportunity at all. In a flash, he quickly appeared in front of the man and grabbed his neck. Crack. His neck was forcibly twisted apart!

All three men were killed on the spot.

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